Best 10 High Schools in Canterbury

Even with a medieval origin, Canterbury boasts of some of the finest high schools in town. Check out the Best 10 High Schools in Canterbury.

You can hardly talk about setting the stage for the rest of a child’s academic and professional future without talking about the importance of attending the right high school. In some instances, in a bit to avoid the stress of being selective, sending your child to any high school down the road may workout or fail outrightly.

Worthy of note is that a key consideration in enrolling your child or ward is to understand in-depth the child’s unique need but doing so effectively, you have to explore from an avalanche of options.

With different unique features considered, follow us as we make the task less daunting by streamlining the available option into the Best 10 High Schools in Canterbury

Best 10 High Schools in Canterbury

10. Canterbury Academy

Coming in at number 10 on our list of Best 10 High Schools in Canterbury is Canterbury Academy. The school maintains the belief that every child is unique and that school should be the place where children discover and build upon their talents. Aside from academics, the institution also believes that art, music, drama, sport, practical skills, being a good person, caring for, and working with others are all valuable as well.

According to Wikipedia, the school is a Specialist Sports College and 15% of its 108 pupils are selected on musical aptitude. Located on the London Road estate in the west of the city, Canterbury Academy offers admission for Middle School, Senior School, and Sixth form.  The school prides itself on four pillars of excellence, which include;  academic study, performing arts, sport, and practical learning.

9. The Orchard School

Following Canterbury Academy is The Orchard School which is located in the heart of East Molesey Village. The Orchard is a unique and inspiring learning environment for four to seven-year-old children. The Orchard School is a Foundation Special School that caters to 83 pupils who have behaviour and learning difficulties as identified by their Education Health and Care Plans (EHC Plans).

Their staff works extremely hard to tailor individual programmes designed to help each pupil develop the skills and behaviours necessary to cope with life in school and beyond school in society, college, and the workplace. At Orchard, all children receive high-quality teaching and learning through a personalised curriculum delivered by the most qualified and experienced teachers in the state.

8. CATS Canterbury

Being one of the few schools accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, an organisationthat assesses independent schools in the UK, CATS offers a range of qualifications, from GCSE to A level, and they are one of the few institutions in the UK to offer the International Baccalaureate. A comfortable, safe and secure environment for the students is a primary concern for this great center of learning.

Located near the city centre, CATS Canterbury boarding facilities are of the highest specification and are regularly inspected. They also have outstanding facilities such as common rooms, social spaces, computer study rooms, a café, and canteen. It is regarded as a home away from home. The school’s houseparents are available 24 hours a day to provide the support and nurturing your child needs to thrive.

CATS Canterbury offers a wide range of programmes, and also provides one-on-one guidance on applying to university. Also, your child will have access to a range of activities through the school’s “Key Professions Programme” to help them get a head start in a competitive career.

7. St. Nicholas School, Canterbury

7the on our list of Best 10 High Schools in Canterbury is St. Nicholas, a special school for pupils aged 4 – 19 with severe, profound, and complex learning needs such as SLCN – Speech, language, and Communication, ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder, SEMH – Social, Emotional and Mental Health, PD – Physical Disability, MLD – Moderate Learning Difficulty and SLD – Severe Learning Difficulty.

The staff are professional, enthusiastic and dedicated, and strive to provide all pupils with the best possible education. The school nurtures and educates your child to the sixth form in a comfortable, serene, and safe environment. St Nicholas is also the base for the outreach team of teachers who support children with special needs in mainstream schools.

6. St. Edmund’s School, Canterbury

St Edmund’s School, Canterbury is an independent day and boarding school located in Canterbury, Kent, England. Established in 1749, the main building houses classrooms, boarding facilities, dining hall, library, and administration offices. The mixed school enjoys a lovely reputation for its sport, art, music, and drama which are some of the integral parts of the learning experience.

The pupils are given close guidance in making their choices and are successful in securing admission at their first choice university including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, and Durham. The school inspires creativity through a lifelong love of learning and breeds great thinkers who have a burning desire to make a difference.

5. Bethany School

Next on our list of Best 10 High Schools in Canterbury is Bethany School which is located at Goudhurst, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 1LB, England. The school has extensive sporting facilities, including a state-of-the-art Fitness Suite, and a 25 metre, six-lane indoor swimming pool which was officially opened by Rebecca Adlington.

They also have a wide variety of clubs and activities for pupils and these are incorporated within the school day.

Bethany has historically put a strong emphasis on community and continues to do so. Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled from time to time to update the parents about progress with their child and to also get feedback and suggestions from the parents.

4. Kent College, Canterbury

Kent College is an outstanding day and boarding school that celebrates both its 130 years of history and tradition, and its marvelous, innovative approach to education. Part of the Methodist Schools group, Kent College is deeply rooted in the Methodist tradition that welcomes all pupils of every faith and none. 

The school has an untarnished history of welcoming boarding pupils from abroad, as well as from British families resident in the UK or working overseas.

Kent College teams make formidable competitors in any sport. Hockey is a particular strength, with national titles won every year. There is also a wide-ranging list of activities and clubs, on offer for all pupils, including a full Duke of Edinburgh programme, and the opportunity to work on the school Farm. Their competent staff helps pupils to build a strong work ethic and to develop the confidence to excel in their chosen fields.

3. Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Canterbury

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys is a school community of nearly 1400 students and staff set in the Kent countryside on the outskirts of the medieval city of Canterbury. The Institution prides itself on perfecting a genuine research-based philosophy of education that is unique in the country and it equips the students to succeed at university and beyond.

The school enjoys a high reputation locally and nationally as a school with an amazing academic record which is a result of inspirational teaching and top-quality pastoral care. Each year, the institution produces confident, self-assured, and impressive young men and women.

2. The Canterbury High School

At Canterbury High School, students’ success and achievement come first. The school provides a strong college preparatory curriculum with a foundation in core subjects and gives students the tools to learn about, prepare for, and experience the world beyond.

With dedicated teachers and a College Counseling team, success is a sure thing. The school has an ethos based firmly on raising the academic and personal achievement of all its students.

Classes are intentionally small; advanced placement, dual enrollment and Malone online courses are plentiful, and there is a proper focus on each student to impart upon them the necessary knowledge expected.

1. The King’s School, Canterbury

Holding the first position on our amazing list of Best 10 High Schools in Canterbury is a magnificent institution is Britain’s oldest public school; and is arguably the oldest continuously operating school in the world. According to Wikipedia, In 2019, 54% of pupils scored A*-A for their A-Levels examination, whereas 70% scored A*-A for their GCSEs.

The school is associated with Christian education because it was St. Augustine who established it in 597AD. King’s has been steadily improving its facilities and with its new girls’ boarding house, students will be able to stay overnight in school comfortably.

Students are encouraged to pick at least one creative subject (Art, Drama, Music or Design & Technology) and at least one humanity subject (Geography, Religious Studies or History) to widen their scope.

That concludes our list of Best 10 High Schools in Canterbury, hopefully, we have made it easier for you to pick a school for your child.

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