Best 10 High Schools in Perth

The Best 10 High Schools in Perth cut across different ownership structures, some private while others are public or community but they share academic excellence in common.

Perth Modern School, Kent Street Senior High School, Melviille Senior High School, Churchlands Senior High School, Guildford Grammar School, Mount Lawley Senior High School, Leeming Senior High School, Kalamunda Senior High School, Wanneroo Secondary College, and Governor StirlingSenior High School ranks top of the mind when choosing the appropriate High school in Perth, Australia for your child.

Although some public, others community while few private, these carefully sorted schools over time, has proven to have all it takes when it comes to meeting key determinants as the perfect high school of destination for students.

These requirements include; a safe and happy learning environment that promotes both emotional and intellectual growth, ability to meet any special needs or interests of prospects that span across academics, sports, or otherwise. 

With the above mentioned in mind, kindly check-up the Best 10 High Schools in Perth.

Best 10 High Schools in Perth

10. Perth Modern School

First, on our list of Best 10 High Schools in Perth is a public co-educational high school located in Subiaco, an inner-city suburb of Perth, Western Australia. The school admits students based on their performance in the Academic Selective Entrance Test.

Their qualified, enthusiastic and competent staff dishes a wide range of subjects and activities designed to target the special needs of gifted students. It has very strong academic, music, cultural, leadership, and community service programs which help students achieve outstanding results on every level.

 At Perth, students experience a challenging, rewarding, and safe learning environment with opportunities for academic advancement. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential by improving individual talents and interests.

9. Kent Street Senior High School

Following closely is Kent Street. With the motto “Courage to Achieve”, It practices a culture of endeavour, achievement, and enterprise, and takes pride in being innovative, creative, and adventurous. It aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge required to achieve academic success through innovative teaching and mutual respect.

The school also aims to build resourceful, knowledgeable, and creative young people who have a commitment to life-long learning and contributing to a warm, excellent, harmonious community.

The school’s magnificent facilities include a swimming pool, gymnasium, fitness centre, performing arts centre, aviation centre, two school-owned airplanes, excellent library facilities, and expansive grounds to compete with most other schools in Perth. At Kent, parents are considered the most important partners in education.

8. Melviille Senior High School

Melville Senior High School is a dynamic multicultural school that provides students with a world-class education. It provides opportunities for intellectual, physical, and social development, with excellent teaching and strong pastoral care relationships.

The school has ready availability of public transport to make the commute as easy as possible for students coming from far and nearby.

Melville runs specialist programs in the areas of netball, aviation, graphical design, and media, and the government selected gifted and talented education.

The school also hosts an Intensive English Centre and international fee-paying student program, with 19% of students having a language background other than English, according to Wikipedia.

7. Churchlands Senior High School

Located in Churchlands, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, this great institution is an independent public co-educational high school with an enrolment of approximately 2,700 students from Year 7 to Year 12.

Over the years, students at this school have received numerous major awards including three Beazley Medals. It also operates a Gifted and Talented music program which has run for more than three decades.

The school offers several extracurricular activities such as debating, public speaking, chess, and community projects. It also offers a broad range of sporting programs including, football, netball, basketball, and swimming. With a gallant staff and a stimulating curriculum, academic success is a sure thing at Churchlands.

6. Guildford Grammar School

At the middle of our list of Best 10 High Schools in Perth is an independent Anglican co-educational primary and secondary, day and boarding school that is deeply rooted in the traditions of its community.

The school offers a range of academic options for students, and also gives awards such as academic colors, subject awards, and the dux award, which are given at an annual presentation night.

Guildford offers a comprehensive extracurricular program for students. These include; sports, music, the arts, and cadets. Their qualified and enthusiastic staff are committed to building a positive relationship with students to guarantee the best academic experience for them.

5. Mount Lawley Senior High School

Established in 1955, Mount Lawley Senior High has a vibrant and supportive parent community, and qualified staff dedicated to providing the students with high-quality education – both academically, and in the real world.

It is committed to making available learning programs that take care of all after-school destinations, including University, Technical, and Further Education and employment.

Students at Mount Lawley are provided with a broad and high-quality learning experience with a focus on academic excellence, personal growth and development, and an enriching social experience to help them reach their full potential.

The school has a focus on Languages and hosts a Gifted and Talented (GAT) Language program for students across the State, especially the metropolitan area.

4. Leeming Senior High School

With the motto “Harmony and Excellence”, Leeming Senior High is a distinguished learning center that operates several lower and upper school subject areas, including maths, science, modern history, economics, geography, English and electives, Wood and Metal Work, Information technology, Sports and others.

It offers two foreign languages: French and Japanese, including foreign exchange and excursion programmes.

The Public School is committed to offering students the best resources and environment possible to prepare them for a bright future. It believes in partnership with parents and students to provide a supporting and caring environment during the High School years.

It has a school community small enough to be able to optimally care for each student but large enough to cater to a very broad range of academic and non-academic needs.

3. Kalamunda Senior High School

Almost reaching the end of our list of Best 10 High Schools in Perth, we have Kalamunda Senior High, a long-established school with proud traditions.

With values such as ‘Community, Respect, Resilience, Love of Learning and Pride, the great school has been able to produce numerous graduates who have flourished in and taken on leadership roles in their respective fields – notably the arts, education, medicine, engineering, Olympic representation, entertainment, and the public service.

The diversity at Kalamunda is second to none as it offers admission to students of every race, tribe, religion, and ethnic background. Their senior school students are offered a wide range of courses that will eventually lead to a successful career path in their future. It offers a high-quality education in a positive, nurturing, and safe environment.

2. Wanneroo Secondary College

Wanneroo Secondary College is a dynamic school committed to the education of every student admitted. Their teachers are competent, experienced, and highly-skilled, and the students are friendly, inclusive, and always striving for excellence.

It offers a variety of pathways and programs to students to nurture their talents and engage them in schooling.

With an innovative curriculum that allows teachers to cater to all students’ talents and ambitions, constant improvement in literacy and numeracy standards is guaranteed. The academic success and general wellbeing of each student are constantly monitored by the school, providing students with basic social, emotional, and academic support and guidance.

1. Governor Stirling Senior High School

At the bottom of this list is a public co-educational high school located in Woodbridge, a north-eastern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. It offers three specialist programs; Artsmedia, Engineering, and Football.

It also offers an approved Gifted and Talented GATE extension program.  With a challenging curriculum, the school continues to raise the standard of education provided at Governor Stirling.

The school offers other non-specialist programs such as netball, dance, and music. The school has a cafe that operates for the benefit of students and staff. Various food items, drinks, and ice creams are available at affordable prices but manage to make a small profit which is usually used for the purchase of amenities to benefit all students.

Still not sure which school to pick? Carefully explore this list again and compare schools in these categories of Best 10 High Schools in Perth for better insights.

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