Best High Schools in Dunedin

Best High Schools in Dunedin

New Zealand is one of the best countries when it comes to quality education. Although Dunedin is the only country without a private educational institution, there are excellent high schools in the city that provides quality education. So for those with children trying to enroll in high school, we have a carefully compiled list of Best High Schools in Dunedin .

The schools on this list are selected based on their performance in the external examination, quality of staff and equipment, and the dedication of their management to installing good conduct in students. If you are ready? Let find out together the Best High Schools in Dunedin.

1.    Columbia College

Columbia College is an integrated high school established by the Presbyterian Church in Roslyn, Dunedin. The school is an all-girls secondary school for school year 7 to year 13. However, there is a primary school section with boys and girls admitted into the school.

The school began in 1915 with female students as a private day and boarding school. Columbia College was established from two earlier girls’ schools in Dunedin – the Girton College and Braemar House.

The school set a standard for girl education at a time many people expected women to pay attention to music, physical training, and domestic science.

The school was integrated as a composite school under the legislation that established the Private Schools Integration Act that started in 1994. Connected to the school are boarding facilities catering to more than 100 students.

The students reside in one of two campuses buildings – Katherine Buchan House or Bishopscourt. The school facilities, and staff members as well as equipment make the students stand out among their peers.

Best High Schools in Dunedin

2.     King’s High School

Here is another state-owned boys’ secondary school in Dunedin which is the second on our list of Best High Schools in Dunedin . You can find the school in the southern end of the city close to the point of intersection between the suburbs of South Dunedin.  The school is next to Queen’s High School.

Most of the facilities in both schools are shared between them including the performing art center which began in 2006. King’s High School began in 1936. There are more than 850 students in the school living in four boarding houses.

The boarding houses are Stuart, Hanover, Tudor, Windsor. The school has a reputation for providing quality education. For example, in 2011 NCEA saw the school with record the highest pass rate with an average of 93.4%.

In 2017, the pass rate was higher at 96%. There are separate sports facilities, a catering suite, and a performing arts center. Students in the school have opportunities to become exceptional leaders in the future due to the training they receive.

There are many extracurricular activities in the school, and the opening of the multi-million performance arts center in 2006, brought more opportunities for students to compete with other schools such as Otago Boys’ High School, Shirley Boys’ High School.

3.     Otago Boys’ High School

Another outstanding secondary school in Dunedin. It is one of the oldest schools boys’ high schools in the country. The school was formerly called Dunedin High School.

It began in 1863 and moved to its present location in 1885. Robert Lawson designed the main building, and it is one of the oldest, Gothic-styled structures in New Zealand. Students can have a great view of the city, and its impressive landmarks because the school sits on high ground above central Dunedin.

The students’ population stands at 814, the boarding house has four houses – Aspinall, McIndoe, Park, Saxon. The school is divided into day and boarding facilities. Few high schools in Dunedin are better than this school.

4.     Queen’s High School

Here is another single-sex high school in Dunedin. It was established in 1955 as a sister – school to King’s High School, Dunedin. Presently, there are more than 300 students in the school.

The school is situated in one southern part of the city near the boundary between the suburbs of St Clair and Forbury. If you want a prestigious high school with a focus on providing quality education in a secure environment for your girl child? The school should be your first choice.

5.     Taieri College

The school used to be called The Taieri High School, and before 2003 was called Mosgiel District High School. Here, admission is open to both boys and girls. The school is state-owned and located in Mosgiel, Dunedin.

Schools in the Taieri Plains were merged with Mosgiel Intermediate School established in 1973 to become Taieri College in 2004. The merger was approved by New Zealand’s Ministry of Education.

Due to the merger, classrooms were established for the Intermediate students and a second technology block. The students’ population increased to more than 800 in the school’s first year and has risen to over 1000 in 2021.

The school has a reputation for providing excellent educational programs through the formulation of an outstanding curriculum.

6.     Kaikorai Valley College

Kaikorai Valley College is a vast co-educational high school located in Dunedin. Before 1996, the school was called Kaikorai Valley High School, which was established in 1958. But, the school later merged with Kenmure Intermediate School and changed its name to Kaikorai Valley College.

There are more than 500 boys and girls in the school in 2021. Also, it is one of the schools in Dunedin with more than 50 foreign students. The school facilities include a theatre and dance studio, science laboratories, and full-sized gyms among other things.

Due to the impressive outdoor experience, its provides, students have the chance to learn things such as water quality and flow, learning fly fishing, etc. Students have the chance to participate in extracurricular activities such as radio hosting since the school has its radio show.


Dunedin is a place to stay because of its impressive layout. Also, there are excellent high schools for students to enroll. These schools are both co-educational, and single-sex. Therefore, you can choose the school you want to enroll your child in for the upcoming academic session.

The schools listed here are among the best high schools in the city. So we hope your search for high schools in Dunedin will end after reading the article.


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