Best Schools in Christchurch

Best Schools in Christchurch

New Zealand’s second-largest city when it comes to population, Christchurch has a vast array of schools to cater to the educational needs of its population exceeding 58,000 people. Schools in Christchurch include pre-school, primary, secondary, and universities.

We hope to make it easier for you to find schools for children and loved ones. So, let find out the Best Schools in Christchurch state, and privately owned institutions of learning in the beautiful city.

Best Schools in Christchurch

1.     Addington School

The school is situated in the suburbs of Addington, Christchurch. It caters to the students from year 1 to year 6. There are more than 200 students in the school.

It was established in October 1881 as a subsidiary of the overcrowded West Christchurch school. Formerly, the school was called West Christchurch Side School. The school began with 243 pupils in fine classes, with four teachers.

The name was changed to its present name in 1893 with over 300 students. In 1909, a fire destroyed most of the school buildings. So the pupils had to move to West Christchurch. Studies resumed on Addington grounds in 1910 after the government rebuilt the school, and reopened it.

2.     Breens Intermediate School

Another excellent institution is located in Christchurch of the Best Schools in Christchurch. Breens Intermediate School is situated in Bishopdale in Christchurch, New Zealand. There are over 200 students in the school between year 7 and year 8 school year.

The school began in 1976, and it is a state-owned institution. Also, the school is co-educational. The needs of students at met through a well-resourced, flexible, and specifically organized curriculum. International students are welcomed into the school.

Typically, indigenous students don’t have to pay tuition in state-owned institutions. Therefore, only international students pay school fees here.

3.     Christchurch South Intermediate School

The intermediate school caters to students in school year 7 and year 8 in Christchurch. It was established in 1939. Christchurch South Intermediate School is the second-oldest intermediate school in the city and the third-oldest in the country.  

You will find the school situated between the suburbs of Addington and Cashmere. The old school buildings built in 1939 were replaced by new ones in 2012. These modern buildings have modern classrooms.

The school is managed by Rosa Hastings the principal. The students’ population in the school is slightly above 500.

4.     Christ’s College, Christchurch

Established in 1850 by the Anglican Church, the school is an independent, boarding and day secondary school for boys. It is situated in the center of Christchurch.

In March 2021, the student population of the school was 688. It was founded by Reverend Henry Jacobs in Lyttelton to cater to early settlers in the city. The college is the oldest secondary school in the entire country. Students are educated from educational year 9 to year 13.

Before 1856, the school was located in St Michael’s parsonage in Oxford Terrance with 16 students. However, the school moved to its present location with 35 students, and three staff members. The school began to expand afterward, and the first set of stone buildings was built in 1863.

The school curriculum fees students a chance to write the NCEA Levels 1,2,3 and scholarship examination through NZQA. Next year, the school will replace the NCEA Level 1 with “Collage Diploma”, a two-year course from years 10-11.

The school places a strong emphasis on extra-curricular activities such as sports, drama, music, debating. Performing was are a large part of college life, and all boys are encouraged to participate in one part.

Sports is compulsory for all students. There is a long list of sports available to the boys. So they can choose from either summer and winter options each year.

Sports include football, rugby, which have been played in the school since the early days of its inception. There is an annual rugby match between the school and Christchurch Boys High School.

5.     Cobham Intermediate School

Here is another state intermediate school in the northwestern part of Christchurch. The school was formerly called Fendalton intermediate. This school promotes four main values – respectful, responsible, resilient, and positive.  It is the largest intermediate school in the South Island with a total student population of 726.

The school has a reputation as a prosperous, cultural, academic, and sporting institution. Many students from the school participate in the Lions Primary School Music Festival. The school also uses advanced technology to educate students innovatively.

6.     Fendalton Open-Air School

A popular primary school in Christchurch due to its open-air classrooms. The school began in 1875. It is a state-owned, co-educational institution of learning.

Open-air classes began in 1924. The style was based on a pilot program in England where it was discovered that fresh air and open spaces help children recover quicker from diseases. The present name of the school – Fendalton Open Air School was given to the school in 1963.

That same year saw the establishment of Cobham intermediate School, and the school took over from school year 7 and year 8, while the Fendalton Open-Air School became a year 1 to year 6 school. Presently, there are more than 400 students in the school.

7.     St Margaret’s College Christchurch

The school is a private girls’ school in Christchurch established by the Anglican Communion. Students are given dual academic pathways, either the NCEA or the International Baccalaureate. The school was established in 1910.

Bishop Julius of the Anglican Dioceses of Christchurch initiated the idea, and with the help of Kilburn Sisters from England, they built the school. The present school grounds was opened in 1947.

The school management renamed the boarding house Kilburn House in 1941. However, earthquakes damaged the structure in 2011, so it was closed. Repairs were carried by the school board, and the building was ready for use in 2012.

Other building projects within the school were carried out after the earthquake. St Margaret’s College has three schools – Junior School for year 1-6 students, Middle School (year 7 -10), and Senior School (year 11 – 13). Boarding facilities allow for students from years 7 -13.


We have come to the end of the post Best Schools in Christchurch. We believe that this list of Schools in Christchurch will assist you to select a school for your child in Christchurch.


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