Best 10 Colleges in Cardiff, UK

With the right college among the Best 10 Colleges in Cardiff, you can land that job of your dream or remain self-employed after studies

Just to go the data way this time, Cardiff is one of the major cities in Europe and the United Kingdom with the highest employment rates. In a recent publication by, titled ‘Employment and Unemployment (Oct 2019-Sep 2020), the employment rate in the Welsh capital stood at 83.1 percent and 13.4 percent of self-employed.

To cut to the chase, this means there is enough job to go round for its teeming population.

Don’t get carried away by the data yet, the reason we needed to quickly take a look at the employment rate in Cardiff is a clear pointer that with the right education and skillset from a college, the potential for landing a well-paying job is endless.

To explore this huge potential, check out the Best 10 Colleges in Cardiff that offers value-adding certifications and an industry-driven skill-set that attracts the interest of any employer. Our ranking this time is a top-down approach.

Best 10 Colleges in Cardiff

10. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Formerly part of the University of Wales, the Llandaff Campus, Western Ave, Cardiff CF5 2YB, the United Kingdom located institution continues to shape lives with quality college education since 1865. The school did not start operation as a university but has since evolved to be one.

Cardiff Metropolitan University offers a wide range of undergraduate ​degree ​courses acc​ross five academic schools.​ Cardiff Metropolitan University has made it to the top of our Best 10 Colleges in Cardiff for its consistencies and metropolitan nature that houses a wide range of students. The school admits students from all ages.

9. Cardiff University

Researched-focused Cardiff University continues to excel in education and innovation with building strong international relationships whilst demonstrating a patriotic commitment to Wales as a private university located in the capital. So if you want to share in the deep welsh history, you may want to give the prestigious school a thought.

Founded in 1983 and merged within the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology in 1988, CU has about 300 courses to choose from. You can take a peep through its website for more fascinating facts about the school.

8.Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

If the only reason you want a college is to improve on your musical talents then Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama located in North Rd, Cardiff CF10 3ER, United Kingdom should be your destination. Its course cut across; Music, Opera, Acting, Musical Theatre, Stage Management, and Technical Theatre, Children, Young People, and community among others.

The reason this institution is sitting at the third spot of our Best 10 Colleges in Cardiff is for its giant strides in shaping musical talents. The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama pride itself as the hub that provides specialist practical and performance-based training in music and drama, enabling students to enter and influence the world of music, theatre, and related professions.

7. Westbourne School

Labeled ‘excellent’ in all five inspection categories by national school inspectorate, Estyn in 2018, and positioned as the #1 School across UK League Tables for consistent results in the past years.

Westbourne ranks high for being independent, co-educational boarding and day school delivering excellence in education for students within the college-age margin. Don’t forget, that Westbourne also ranks as one of the best private schools in Wales.

6. Cardiff and Vale College

Located at City Centre Campus, Dumballs Road, Cardiff, CF10 5FE, Cardiff and Vale College boasts as one of the largest colleges in the UK, delivering high-quality education and training in the Welsh capital of Cardiff.

The top college has a record of 30,000 learners each year across full-time and part-time college courses, university qualifications, and apprenticeship programmes, along with dedicated training provision for employers. A unique proposition of the colleges is their programme flexibility that houses part-time learning.

5. Cardiff Business School

With Cardiff Business School, you cut to the chase by pursuing your business administrative career. The Aberconway Building, Colum Dr, Cardiff CF10 3EU, the United Kingdom located institution is the business school of Cardiff University established to stand on its own 1987. You should know that it was opened by Elizabeth II.

Cardiff Business School has a record of currently housing over 3,000 students a year, 700 of whom are postgraduate students. Courses offered for undergraduate include; Accounting, Business Management, Economics. A point to consider is that undergraduates can apply for funding through the ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Partnership based in Cardiff University each year in Business, Management, and Economics.

4. Cardiff Academy

Cardiff Academy is housed in an elegant Edwardian building situated at Harlech Court, Bute Terrace, Cardiff CF10 2FE, United Kingdom. The record has it that since the commencement of operations in 1999, students from the academy that doubles a college have consistently achieved placements at some of the most prestigious universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.

In recent times, the A-Level offering institution has a record that culminated in students achieving 96% A*-A grades, placing it amongst the top UK independent schools.

3. St. John’s College, Cardiff

Just as in another article, we reiterate our submission that St. John’s College, Cardiff is a leading independent day school for boys and girls within the age range of college from 18 years old. The institution is a member of the society of heads and accredited by the independent schools’ councils, ISC.

Application to St John’s College is made by completing an Application Form, often following a preliminary visit by parents of a prospective pupil.

2. Pitman Training Cardiff

If you are looking to get a college equivalent education at home, at work, or in an academic environment, then you have to check out Pitman Training Cardiff. The thriving institution is located at 2nd, Castle House, 1-7 Castle St, Cardiff CF10 1BS, United Kingdom.

1. University of Wales

King Edward VII Ave, Cardiff CF10 3NS, United Kingdom remains the location of the prestigious 1093 established University of Wales. The University of Wales has proven to be the hub of a long and proud history, playing an important role in the development of higher education in Wales.

The University welcomes applications in either Welsh or English. In 2017, the University of Wales and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David approved a deed of union which means the university will cease to be an accrediting body for other Universities in Wales and will bring to a close validated programmes offered at centres in the UK and overseas. The agelong university continues to thrive.

Before ending this…

To end this series of the Best 10 Colleges in Cardiff, it is important to point out that Cardiff as of 2017 was rated the best student city in the UK (QS Best Student Cities 2017). Going by the records, students who want to study in Cardiff, are making the right decision, this is why as a prospect, they need to pick from the Best 10 colleges in Cardiff.

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