Best 10 Colleges In Perth

Since Perth houses some of Australia’s finest, let’s dive into the Best 10 Colleges in Perth

Perth has always got a beauty that can easily go unnoticed, from 19 beautiful beaches to fascinating breakfast brunches, and delicious coffees offered by ever-increasing new and trendy restaurants.

To add to this glamour, Perth has the largest inner-city park in the world, more sunshine than any other Australian capital, the only place in the world you can find Quokkas, first time of hearing of such animal? see what it looks like here

To excite you the more, if Western Australia was a country, Perth would be in the top ten biggest countries in the world as It’s also the only capital city where an airplane can land in the central business districtin the world.

Excited already? To add to your excitement, it will interest you to know that Perth also thrives when it comes to getting a college education.

See some of Perth’s record-breaking colleges in this series of Best 10 Colleges in Perth.

Best 10 Colleges In Perth

10. Stanley College

Of the many fascinating colleges in Perth, Stanley is highly regarded a gallant institution that educates students from all over the world. It believes that education is about a journey and experiences that will enrich personal development and academic achievement.

Students of this college will benefit greatly from the school’s integrated approach that will enable them to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen career.

Stanley College offers internationally recognised qualifications thatare equivalent to TAFE and university-level degree programs in Australia. The school has around 200 competent and highly qualified members of staff, passionate about their work and proactively engaging with students.

There are 18 different languages spoken among the team, which helps the staff connect with students from all over the world.

9. Global College Australasia:

Second on our list of Best 10 Colleges In Perth is a vibrant institution of learning that breeds and promotes diversity and respect by fulfilling the needs of the students who represent a broad range of interests, cultures, and abilities.

It strives to create a safe and warm learning environment that breeds the growth and development of every student. It also strives to support students in both academic and non-academic pathways to reach their goals.

At Global College, it is believed that a successful student must excel academically and also be proficient at working collaboratively with others in a caring and compassionate manner. The school has an employ a dedicated and professional team of trainers and staff who are ready to squeeze the best out of every student.

8. Sheridan Institute of Higher Education

Another college of excellence is the Sheridan Institute. An independent community of Christian scholars in the Perth CBD engaged in specialised teaching and research. It welcomes students from all faiths or none to complete their selected degrees in collaboration with the College faculty.

The institution is widely known to be one of the few ones accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), which is the federal regulatory body responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of Australia’s university sector.

The school devotes all of its resources to improving its students’ understanding of the body of knowledge and professional practice in their respective disciplines, and to equipping students with the research skills to advance that knowledge for the benefit of the wider community.

7. Endeavour College of Natural Health

At Endeavour College of Natural Health, the main goal is to focus on the future and success of natural health both in Australia and the world at large.

It is at the forefront of education in the natural health sector, it is known throughout the nation, it has six campuses and teaching clinics, and highly competent lecturers, tutors, and clinical supervisors. The school believes there has never been a better time to start studying and pursuing your passion for natural health.

In addition to gaining foundational knowledge of biological and social sciences, their one-year full-time and two years part-time course provides students the opportunity to get familiar with various areas of complementary medicine.

6. Engineering Institute of Technology

Sitting at number five on our list of Best 10 colleges in Perth is an institution whose main aim is to provide an outstanding practical engineering and technology education; from professional development courses to accredited Diplomas through to Doctorate of Engineering.

Their programs are designed by international engineering experts, ensuring that students graduate from the school with the best grades possible.

There are also online and on-campus programs that follow a dynamic highly supportive methodology with state-of-the-art technologies and highly qualified lecturers.

EIT offers Australian accredited engineering Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Graduate Certificates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Degrees, and also delivers non-accredited Professional certificates of Competency.

5. NIT Australia

The National Institute of Technology prides itself on providing real-world education and training that is completely relevant to the needs of the modern workplace.

They have designed their courses to prepare their students for the future, either to get employed or to further their studies. Their main aim is to improve the lives of every student by helping them achieve their career goals in business and technology.

Over the years, NIT has established itself as a popular training provider in Perth by achieving success in both internship provision and employment opportunities as well as successfully equipping and referring NIT graduates to higher education institutions to further their academic agenda.

4. Apeiro Institute

Of the few registered training organisation in Perth, Apiero is an institution that creates opportunities for students to improve their English Language proficiency to meet the standards set. Their main aim is to provide exceptional quality education supported by industry experts and experienced faculty.

Enrolling at APEIRO will not only give you an in-depth knowledge of the industry but will also help develop your skills and in turn become a highly qualified and competent professional.

They are located in the heart of Perth City with easy access to public transport, cafes, and shopping centers. They also have a team of professionals dedicated to sharing their knowledge and help the school produce highly qualified and successful students all year round.

3. Skills Australia Institute

Next on our list of Best 10 Colleges in Perth is Skills Australia Institute (SAI), an institution that delivers nationally recognized training and values the educational achievements and the journey of its students toward their respective paths.

They provide a range of nationally recognized qualifications in Business Management, Early Childhood Education, Marketing and Communication, and Automotive and Carpentry courses as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

SAI strives to provide quality training to help students get an edge over their peers in their chosen careers. Students are engaged in practical courses alongside theoretical ones so that they can have a fair idea of what the workplace looks like.

After graduation, students are given crucial information about employment trends and career aspects, so they can optimally utilize the information and get the best possible outcome.

2. Wesley College

Founded in 1923, Wesley is an independent, day and boarding school for boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 12.

It strives to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment where students can effectively learn and improve in their academics through a challenging curriculum that contains a wide range of topics designed to stimulate their minds and make them the best.

It also engages in various sports such as tennis, cricket, water polo, swimming, basketball, and rowing. The school is based primarily on its nineteen-hectare campus on Coode Street in South Perth which houses its Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools.

1. Trinity College

At the bottom of our list of Best 10 Colleges in Perth is an independent day school for boys. It strives to promote classic and modern education, culture, drama, music, service to others, sport, and vocation. It consists of an East Perth campus with a junior school for years 4 to 6, a middle school for years 7 to 8, and a senior school for years 9 to 12.

The school’s Math team won the Meritous Award which is the second-highest award category at the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge. It also competed at the Telstra National All-Schools Cross Country Championships held in Perth, and won the overall schools championships which led to the team getting selected to represent Australia.

That was quite an interesting and insightful list of the Best 10 Colleges in Perth. We hope you feel the same way.

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