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Grammar Schools in Auckland

One of the many advantages of enrolling your child in a Grammar School is its critical admission process of choosing its pupils based on academic proficiency. Students are required to sit for the 11 plus exam, which is mainly based on English and Maths and must achieve a certain score to be eligible.

This said process makes successfully getting into a Grammar school a great achievement on the part of the student.

Being aware of this fact, most parents are always particular about sending their child to this type of learning institution so they can measure the child’s ability and be sure of what kind of academic assistance he/she requires.

To save yourself the stress of conducting tedious research, we advise you to take your time to read and digest our valuable list of Grammar Schools in Auckland

The city of Auckland features some excellent learning institutions, including primary and secondary universities and colleges. Among the numerous options provided by this large community are some of the best Grammar schools in New Zealand.

1. Epsom Girls’ Grammar School

Appearing first on our list of Grammar Schools in Auckland is Epsom Girls’, a state secondary school that offers admission to qualified girls aged 9 to 13. It features excellent Boarding provisions and is regarded as one of the largest learning institutions in New Zealand.

Additional Details:

The single-sex school is located at Silver Road, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand, and its motto is “Per Angusta, Ad Augusta”, which translates to “Through difficulties to greatness”.

It is a prestigious school that strives to provide young and enthusiastic girls with an exemplar education to help them grow into independent, confident, resilient, and ambitious women who will make their school and parents proud wherever they may go.

It currently educates over 2,000 students in a warm and nurturing environment where students’ success is celebrated in many forms. 

Established in February 1917, Epsom girls’ has a long-standing history of producing brilliant and promising learners with outstanding academic attainment. It maintains a peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship with the local community and ensures to give back whatever it can.

Since its inception, the school has enjoyed a long line of enviable management by exceptional educators who ran the school fairly and strategically.

This is one of the many factors contributing to its development and making it a high-ranking school in New Zealand. The school’s main aim is to develop the girls in every way imaginable.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: + 64 9 630 5963

Fax: + 64 9 638 9143



Twitter: @EpsomGirls

Head Teacher: Mrs. Lorraine Pound

2. Mount Albert Grammar School

Often referred to as MAGS, Mount Albert is an outstanding co-educational state school located at 36 Alberton Avenue, Auckland, 1025, New Zealand, where it valiantly caters to the academic and emotional needs of over 3,000 promising boys and girls aged from 9 to 13.

It was initially founded as an underling of Auckland Grammar School before they eventually got separated. 

Additional Details:

The large Day and Boarding school was initially just for boys before it became educational in 2000. It has gotten numerous accolades in the sports department and is widely recognized for its strong and energetic team.

It strongly encourages students to participate in one sport to ensure a better rapport among the children. The school aims to improve the young ones’ academic, social, physical, and emotional skills to grow up as well-adjusted young adults.

It houses an array of fantastic facilities that make for a fun and exciting educational experience. It offers numerous co-curricular activities, including drama, music, art, etc.

The school was established in 1922 and has maintained its tradition of high academic standards. It strives to provide the students with all the support and resources required to realize their full potential. Its motto “Through Hardship to Glory” underpins the type of education provided for the children.

It seeks to challenge and inspire the young ones through a rich and stimulating curriculum that pushes them to go beyond their capabilities. The school’s competent staff team works tirelessly to maintain an inclusive environment where every child is given room to grow and be the best they can be.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 09-8462044

Fax: 09-8462042



Instagram: @mountalbertgrammar

Head Teacher: Mr Patrick Drumm

Grammar Schools in Auckland

3. Auckland Girls’ Grammar School (AGGS)

Located at Howe Street, Newton, Auckland, AGGS is a single-sex secondary school that specializes in the education and progression of bright and able girls. It seeks to serve the community by producing reliable and upstanding citizens who will strive relentlessly to contribute to the growth of their nation.

Additional Details:

This prestigious school works tirelessly to provide the very best of education for over 1,000 girls in a friendly and serene environment where every child is valued for who they are.

It admits students from various races, cultures, and faiths and strives to provide equal chances of success for everyone. It was established in 1888 and has experienced many positive changes ever since.

The school believes in teamwork and how it aids rapid development. It strongly recommends a solid home-school partnership that ensures parents actively participate in school activities.

Teachers aim to prepare the students for the academic journey ahead by using a dynamic curriculum that combines class lessons with a wide range of enrichment activities that helps to expand their scope of knowledge.
The school understands the importance of secondary education, and it strives ceaselessly to ensure that all students leave the institution fully prepared to thrive in the next phase of life. Students of this school are well-mannered, diligent, and enthusiastic about learning. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 09-3074180

Fax: 09-3099152


Website: /     

Twitter: @AGGSNZ

Head Teacher: Ngaire Ashmore

4. Mount Roskill Grammar School

Founded in 1953, another name worth mentioning on our list of Grammar Schools in Auckland is Mount Roskill Grammar School, which is a well-resourced learning institution with excellent facilities and highly trained staff whose sole aim is to provide students with an all-around education that helps to develop them in all areas. It is widely recognized for being a fantastic school with rich diversity.

Additional Details:

The school is located at Frost Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand. Some of its impressive facilities include the Science Block, the Maclean Centre, a Common room, a gym, modern classrooms, a library, etc.

It is dedicated to developing the children’s social, mental, and emotional well-being by equipping them with positive values such as persistence, resilience, and discipline. It maintains an inclusive environment where every student is highly motivated to achieve academic success.

It has high expectations for academic achievement, which challenges the children to buckle down and work harder.

The school ensures that all students leave fully prepared for whatever life may have in store for them. Parents often commend the noble efforts of the school’s competent team of staff, who work tirelessly to keep their children safe and happy.

Teachers strive to ensure that the students are involved in all areas of school life. They seek to raise the children as happy and lovable youngsters who will grow up as well-adjusted community members.

The percentage of scholarships received by students of this school is impressively high compared to other schools in New Zealand.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 096210050



Twitter: @MountRoskillGS

Head Teacher: Mr Greg Watson

5. Auckland Grammar School

Auckland Grammar School is an esteemed Day and Boarding school located at Mountain Road, Epsom, Auckland, 1023, New Zealand. It was established in 1868 and is famous for its outstanding academic and sporting achievement.

The majority of the students who leave this school often secure easy admission into top universities in New Zealand.

Additional Details:

The boys-only state secondary school caters to the academic needs of vibrant boys aged from 9 to 13, using a broad and balanced curriculum that includes subjects such as accounting, biology, business studies, chemistry, classical studies, economics, English, French, geography, graphics, history, history of art, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, and many more.

It offers students the chance to participate in numerous extracurricular activities such as tramping, caving, climbing, rafting, debating, chess, drama, tramping club, Tae Kwon Do, e.t.c. 

The school features fascinating state-of-the-art facilities that include a spacious seat assembly hall, a large gym, three sports pavilions, a swimming pool, IT laboratories, a fully stocked library, etc.

Teachers prioritize each student by providing them with adequate support and attention. They encourage the young ones to discover and explore their potential. Disadvantaged pupils are provided with additional assistance to help them catch up with the rest of the class. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 096235400



Twitter: @AucklandGrammar

Head Teacher: Mr Tim O’Connor

With this list of Grammar Schools in Auckland as a guide, we believe you should be able to select the perfect choice of a Grammar school for your child/ward.

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