Best 5 Grammar Schools in Leicester

Grammar Schools in Leicester

Some of the best grammar schools in the United Kingdom are located in Leicester. The diverse selection of schools caters to students of various ages and abilities and a variety of financial situations.

Parents have a lot of options when it comes to picking the right School for their children because everyone has various talents in different areas.

Smaller class sizes, a more personalized learning environment, and top-tier teaching personnel are all advantages that independent schools provide that public schools cannot always match.

How do you find the best secondary School for your child? It’s a question that weighs heavily on the minds of many parents, and there is no easy answer. However, we’ve selected the best 5 grammar schools in Leicester to make your research easy.

One of the most crucial decisions a parent will make is whether or not to send their child to secondary SchoolSchool. It’s difficult to know where and how to begin or whom to trust, but with the appropriate information, it’s possible.

1. Leicester grammar school

Leicester Grammar School, founded in 1981, is the best in Leicester and one of the best-performing co-educational HMC private schools in the United Kingdom for students aged 11 to 18.

The SchoolSchool has grown in popularity and is now located in Great Glen, South Leicestershire. HM Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the purpose-built 75-acre facility with cutting-edge facilities in 2008.

The students routinely achieve good GCSE and A-Level scores while participating in a variety of co-curricular activities in a compassionate and caring atmosphere. Their tuition is relatively affordable, and they provide a variety of scholarships and bursaries.

Within a Christian framework, the Leicester Grammar School aspires to be an exciting centre for co-educational excellence in academic and personal growth. In order to achieve this goal, the SchoolSchool will:

  • Encourage academic brilliance and intellectual curiosity.
  • Provide a curriculum that is diverse, balanced, and stimulating.
  • Provide a diverse selection of co-curricular activities that support students’ physical, cultural, and personal growth.
  • Give students the confidence, consideration, and skills they need to live an ethical and satisfying life.
  • Create a joyful and mutually supportive community of learners and employees, where everyone is encouraged to do and be their best.
  • Be proactive in promoting a healthy lifestyle and caring for the mental and emotional well-being of students.

Address: London Road, Great Glen, Leicester LE8 9FL

Telephone: 0116 259 1900



2. Loughborough grammar school

Loughborough Grammar School is a versatile school for boys who enjoy being occupied and fulfilled. Academic accomplishment is always their primary focus, but they also provide an all-around first-rate education in which each kid can learn in his natural environment thanks to an exceptional range of chances.

The students will have unrivalled opportunities to develop their passions and abilities as they progress through the SchoolSchool, allowing them to better understand themselves and develop the emotional intelligence required to thrive.

Grammar Schools in Leicester

Visitors to the School frequently comment on how confident the lads are without appearing arrogant.

​To begin with, they understand how to teach boys. Our curriculum emphasizes experiential learning, in which the boys learn by doing.

However, because there are so many possibilities for learning outside of the classroom at the Grammar School, the distinction between academic and extracurricular is far from absolute.

Everywhere you turn, you’ll find a bustling school where boys have great regard for their peers’ many talents and learn as much outside the classroom as they do inside. Their implicit trademark is a pleasant combination of work and play.

Address: 3 Burton Walks, Loughborough LE11 2DU, United Kingdom

Telephone: 01509 233233

Fax: 01509 218436



3. Dixie grammar school

The Dixie has a completely different mentality than other schools in the area, and it takes a more comprehensive and balanced approach to achievement. Not everyone will get all As and A*s at GCSE, and success should not be assessed solely.

Everyone at the Dixie is encouraged to attain their best potential. They have a broader range of abilities than some schools, and they don’t ‘filter out’ or remove our lowest-performing pupils — they deal with youngsters from 3 to 18 and recognize that everyone develops at their own pace.

They recognize that all students struggle at different times. Local schools are increasingly creating barriers to the final year of A level studies to help inflate their figures, as you may have seen recently in the headlines.

The Dixie places a greater emphasis on the development of each student than it does on the School’s outward records. We know at the Dixie that active participation outside of the classroom, and the impact it has on confidence, can improve achievement inside the classroom.

There is something for everyone at the Dixie, whether they are passive or active, practical or intellectual, creative or scientific.

Every week, Senior School staff and students organize over 50 clubs and organizations, ranging from astronaut training to knitting, STEM club to Dixie Diggers.

Manners, employability and leadership skills, initiative, confidence without arrogance, loyalty, tenacity, resilience, honesty, and self-assurance are all valued at the same level as academic achievement.

Address: Market Bosworth Leicestershire CV13 0LE

Telephone: 01455 293024Fax:


Website: https://www.

4. St Crispin’s grammar school

The senior school curriculum’s goals are to provide all students with a broad, balanced, and differentiated range of courses and assignments; for students to enjoy their studies and to graduate with the highest possible grades and examination results.

Their departments are tailored to those who would benefit from an academic education in a small, hardworking, and less stressful family setting.

They accept smart and talented students, as well as dyslexic and fragile youngsters, who are all of the high character and willing to work hard in their academic studies. They may also establish self-esteem in small classrooms, which enhances learning.

St Crispin’s School is an example of ‘independent education at its best,’ with GCSE achievement substantially above the national average.

Parents now have influence over their children’s education and have access to the Headmaster when they need it. St Crispin’s School students were picked for their morals, ideals, and potential.

St Crispin’s School teachers have been picked for their exceptional subject knowledge, and they teach from EYFS to GCSE. Staff members have a broad range of topic expertise and the ability to encourage, support, and motivate students.

Address: 6 St Mary’s Road, Leicester LE2 1XA

Telephone: 01162 2707 648


Website: https://www.

5. Lewes old grammar school

Lewes Old Grammar School takes pride in being a community shaped by the goals and needs of each individual student.

Co-education, we feel, is the most natural approach for students to learn. Boys and girls form natural friendships and interact with consideration in lessons and extracurricular activities when they work together.

We believe that our students have the right to think for themselves and voice their opinions. The belief that each child is a person with valuable abilities is central to our mission. These traits could be academic, athletic, or creative, or they could be leadership, social responsibility, or organizational skills.

LOGS takes pride in the subject-matter competence of its employees. The variety of specialization across the curriculum, as well as the great tools accessible to them, will help both experienced and novice teachers who join our faculties.

We are devoted to the safety of children and young people at Lewes Old Grammar School. Applicants must agree to a child protection background check, which includes checks with previous employers and the Disclosure and Barring Service.

All applicants must fill out and submit our application form. CVs will not be accepted on their own.

Address: Leicester House, 174 High St, Lewes BN7 1YE. UK

Telephone: 01273 472634



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