Best 10 High Schools in Belfast

High Schools in Belfast

Besides being the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is renowned for being the birthplace of the RMS Titanic, the world’s most famous ship, which was constructed in the early 1900s. It is also home to the tallest building in Ireland, standing at 85m with 27 floors.

It is regarded as the largest city in Northern Ireland, and it has sister cities in USA and China. Other than having a rich history that makes it a fascinating community, Belfast also features numerous learning institutions of various types at different levels.

It is a sophisticated city where you can raise your precious ones excellently and provide them with a well-balanced education that sets them up for life. 

The city of Belfast offers many opportunities for both local and international students looking to make something great of their life. Its learning institutions provide a rich education guided by a standard national curriculum.

Just like the city they occupy, these schools are also well-resourced, and their team of staff is highly dedicated and extensively experienced. 

Given that the number of outstanding high schools in this fantastic city is on the high side, we have taken it upon ourselves to collect the ones with the highest ratings and made a valuable list of Best 10 High Schools in Belfast

1. Belfast Model School For Girls

An incredible all-girls school that deserves to be at the top of our amazing list of Best 10 High Schools in Belfast is Belfast Model School. It was awarded specialist school status for ICT in 2006, and it is one of only a few schools in Northern Ireland to have achieved this. 

Additional Details

The inclusive learning community is located at Dunkeld Gardens, Belfast, County Antrim, BT14 6NT, the United Kingdom, where it educates enthusiastic girls ages 19. It maintains a happy and welcoming setting that encourages all girls to aim high and never settle for less.

It seeks to raise the students as well-mannered and reliable learners capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.

The school sets high expectations and maintains high academic and moral standards. Its population consists of students from various races, cultures, and faiths, and it admonishes them to respect and tolerate one another. 

The school’s wonderful staff team works hard to ensure no child lags by providing incredibly comprehensive lessons and ensuring that every child receives adequate attention and support. They encourage the young ones to believe in themselves and never stop chasing their dreams.

Students often leave the school as resilient, diligent, empathic, and confident young adults ready to make their mark on the world. 

Contact Information

Phone Number: 028 9039 1768

Fax: 028 9071 6828



Twitter: @GirlsModel

Head Teacher: Mrs. J Graham

2. St Colms High School

Coming second on our helpful list is a Roman Catholic secondary school located at 2 Magherafelt Road, Draperstown, Magherafelt, Co Londonderry, BT45 7AF, United Kingdom. It was established in 1961 and is regarded as one of the most successful non-selective schools in Northern Ireland.

Additional Details

The co-educational school received The Irish News School Wellbeing Award in 2018 and was given “the most sustainable school in the U.K.” prize at the TES awards.

It is a dynamic and energetic place where every child is provided with the resources and support needed to achieve their full potential.

It maintains a well-deserved reputation for excellent academic achievements and inspires the young ones to uphold the school’s remarkable record. Its staff team is always willing to help the young ones find their way, both in their academics and in life.

As a Roman Catholic school, the learning institution strives to nurture the children as God-fearing and honest youngsters with great ambitions.

It offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities that enable students to learn both inside and outside the classroom.

It aims to revolutionize the academic world through its innovative approach to teaching and learning. It instils an inextinguishable thirst for learning in them at such tender age to encourage ambition.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 02879 628 377

Fax: 02879 628 973



Twitter: @StColmsHigh

Instagram: @stcolmshighschool

Head Teacher: Sinead McAllister

3. Bloomfield Collegiate School

Another all-girls school on this wonderful list is Bloomfield Collegiate. This controlled grammar school was founded in 1905 and has acquired an unblemished reputation for maintaining high standards in all of its endeavours. Its vision states “excellence in a caring community”.

Additional Details

The fantastic single-sex operates a house system comprising four houses named after previous headmistresses: Clarke, Curran, Spencer, and Walker. It is located at BT5, Astoria Gardens, Belfast BT5 6HU, U.K., United Kingdom.

It seems to nurture the young ones as confident and successful learners by providing them with a massive amount of unwavering support in all that they do.

It prioritizes the overall success and well-being of the students and sets high expectations to challenge the youngsters to do better. They are encouraged to discover and develop their talents, skills, and abilities.

Students at this school understand the importance of hard work and its relevance to overall achievement. Teachers are dedicated to providing abundant care, guidance, and support for every girl to ensure everyone succeeds.

Students compete in various co-curricular activities such as sports and dance teams, music, drama, etc. Bloomfield maintains a comfortable and rewarding environment where children are happy to learn new things and acquire new experiences.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 028 90 471214

Fax: 028 9065 1252



Twitter: @BloomCollegiate

Head Teacher: Gary Greer

4. Methodist College Belfast

Worthy of a spot on this remarkable list is a co-educational school located at 1 Malone Road, Belfast, County Antrim, BT9 6BY, Northern Ireland. It educates boys and girls aged from 11 to 18, and it is affiliated with HMC, ISC, and ISBA.

Additional Details

The voluntary grammar school was established in 1865 by the Methodist Church in Ireland and is one of eight Northern Irish schools represented at the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference.

It has a strong sports and music presence, and its teams have received numerous accolades.

Its rugby team won both the Ulster Schools Cup and the Medallion Shield 37 times, and the choirs have won Songs of Praise “Choir of the Year” and Sainsbury’s “Choir of the Year”, and RTÉ All-Island School “Choir of the Year”.

The Interdenominational school welcomes students from all areas of life and discourages all forms of segregation or discrimination among its students.

In 2018, it was ranked as one of the top 100 schools in the United Kingdom and the top 10 in Northern Ireland in “The Sunday Times” Parent Power Best U.K. Schools Guide.

Its students’ performance in public examinations is invariably far above both Northern Ireland’s and the United Kingdom’s average, and the school prepares them for spots at top-performing universities in the U.K., including the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and the University of Durham.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +44 28 9020 5205 

Fax: 028 9020 5228



Twitter: @MethodyBelfast

Chairwoman: Revd. Dr Janet Unsworth

Head Master: Scott Naismith

5. Lagan College

Created in 1981 as the first integrated school in Northern Ireland, the fifth name on our extraordinary list of Best 10 High Schools in Belfast is Lagan College. It educates about 1,500 boys and girls in a warm and learning-friendly environment.

Additional Details

Located at 44 Manse Road, Belfast, County Down, BT8 6SA, Northern Ireland, Lagan College is a remarkable learning centre where students are raised as confident and ambitious learners with a burning passion for academic excellence.

Even though its student population mostly comprises Roman Catholic and Protestant faiths students, the school welcomes students from other faiths and none. The school is one of the most oversubscribed secondary schools in Northern Ireland.

Some of its notable alumni include Clare Bailey (politician), Adam McGibbon (environmentalist), Matt McGovern (sailor), and Brian Milligan (actor).

The co-educational school aims to provide a good Catholic education that equips the children with the knowledge and skills to live a full and honest life.

It places the students at the centre of all its activities and strives to provide equal opportunity for every child. Its competent staff delivers exceptional lessons using a creative and engaging curriculum.  

Contact Information

Phone Number: 028 9040 1810

Fax: 028 9070 3269



Twitter: @lagancollege


Principal: Amanda McNamee 

High Schools in Belfast

6. Strathearn School

Ranked the top girls’ grammar school in Northern Ireland in The Sunday Times’ Parent Power Report, the single-sex school is dedicated to educating and advancing enthusiastic girls aged from 11 to 18 in a warm and welcoming setting. It is divided into four houses: Barbour, Boucher, McCaughey, and Watts.

Additional Details

With the motto “Encourage – Empower – Excel”, the voluntary grammar school strives to provide a well-balanced education that prepares the youngsters for a future of many possibilities.

It inspires them to pursue excellence in all they do and never give up on their dreams and aspirations. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities such as music, sports, and a dram to ensure all-around development.

It aims to help the children developmentally and improve their social skills. It also holds Inter-house sports competitions and house plays every year.

The school’s incredible team of staff aims to help every girl achieve her full academic potential and shape them into a responsible and reliable young woman who will contribute enormously to the development of the community.

They seek to promote the well-being and happiness of the girls by guiding them toward making informed decisions. The school is located at 188 Belmont Road Belfast, County Antrim, BT4 2AU, Northern Ireland.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 02890471595

Fax: 02890 650 555



Twitter: @Strathearn_Sch

Head Teacher: N Connery

7. St. Patricks College

With the combination of a rich curriculum and a series of enrichment activities, St Patrick provides an outstanding education for young and bright boys aged from 11 to 19 in a serene and inclusive place located at 116 Antrim Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Additional Details

The Roman Catholic secondary school was founded in 1956, and it was the first Catholic secondary school in Belfast to offer A-Levels.

It offers numerous sporting activities, including football, hurling, soccer, handball, boxing, cross country, and golf. Students participate in friendly competitions from time to time and have received several accolades.

The school maintains an excellent track record and is recognized as one of the highest-ranking schools in Northern Ireland. 

It offers the students a full and well-balanced education that caters to their academic, social, mental, and emotional needs. Its staff team works hard to mould the students into well-rounded members of society.

They work closely with parents and carers to better understand their children and use this knowledge to tailor their lessons to meet individual needs. At St Patrick’s, students are encouraged to strive relentlessly to become the best version of themselves. 

Contact Information

Phone Number: 028 9077 0011



Twitter: @BrightonCollege

Chairman of the Governing Board: Rev. M. Sheehan

Headmistress: Paula Stuart

8. Belfast Royal Academy

B.R.A is a distinguished co-educational, voluntary grammar school located at 5-17 Cliftonville Rd, Belfast, County Antrim, BT14 6JL, Northern Ireland.

It is regarded as the oldest school in Belfast and is one of eight schools in Northern Ireland whose leader is a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference.

Additional Details

The non-denominational school was established in 1785 by James Crombie and educated about 1,400 boys and girls aged from 11 to 18. After admission, each pupil is assigned to one of its four houses; Shaw, Currie, Pottinger, or Cairns.

Each house has its colour, and students are expected to wear a tie with a strip of their house colour. The school has produced numerous successful students who have achieved great things in life.

Some of them include Alexander Mitchell (blind civil engineer and inventor of the screw-pile lighthouse), James Lawson Drummond (professor of anatomy and medical physiology), John Thomas Romney Robinson Former director of Armagh Observatory), Robert Patterson (naturalist), and so on.

Pupils are encouraged to imbibe a lifelong love of learning, make friends and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered by the school.

They are taught with a full and dynamic curriculum that covers a wide range of relevant subjects and topics. They occasionally engage in several co-curricular activities to develop them physically, socially, and mentally. 

Contact Information

Phone Number: 028 9074 0423.

Fax: 02890 750 607



Twitter: @BelfastRoyalAc

Warden of the Board of Governors: Moyna Bill

Headmistress: Hilary Woods

9. St Malachy’s College

St Malachy’s College is a Roman Catholic school founded in 1883 by Bishop William Crolly. It is a single-sex school located at 36 Antrim Road, Belfast, BT15 2AE, Northern Ireland. It is regarded as the oldest Catholic diocesan college in Ulster.

Additional Details

The grammar school provides outstanding education and excellent nurturing for young, vibrant boys aged 11 to 18.

It maintains an inclusive setting where every child is valued as an individual and provided with every resource required to succeed in all their endeavours.

Through a solid partnership with priests and local parishes, the school strives to establish and maintain a strong sense of spiritual awareness in its pupils and raise them way good values such as discipline, diligence, honesty, and empathy.

The school encourages its students to effectively participate in assemblies, group worship, retreats, fundraising for charity, and community work.

They are also offered a broad range of co-curricular activities such as Badminton, basketball, Cross country running, Gaelic, golf, hurling, rugby, soccer, swimming, etc.

The school is also renowned for its remarkable music department and is regarded as one of the first specialist music colleges in Northern Ireland.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (028) 9074 8285

Fax: (028) 9074 1066



Twitter: @St_Malachys

Head Teacher: Paul McBride

10. Wellington College Belfast

Commonly referred to as WCB, the final name on our beneficial list of Best 10 High Schools in Belfast is Wellington College, a prestigious grammar school located at 18 Carolan Rd, Belfast BT7 3HE, United Kingdom. It was named after Arthur Wellesley (First Duke of Wellington).

Additional Details

The co-educational school was formed in 1989 after the amalgamation of the all-boys Annadale Grammar School and the all-girls Carolan Grammar School. It received the International School Award in 2005, and in 2007, its KLQ team won the Kids’ Lit Quiz at the world final in Oxford.

It offers many after-school activities, which are often supervised by its staff team. Some of its wonderful facilities include; two new rugby pitches, a gravel pitch, an Astro pitch, and a running track. 

Since its inception, the school has enjoyed a massive success due to the valiant effort of previous principals, who have worked tirelessly to ensure its greatness.

Its motto “Una Discamus”, Latin for “We learn together”, underpins all of the school’s activities as it strives to ensure unity, tolerance, and togetherness among its staff and the students.

The school continues to rank high for its students’ amazing academic performance, and it continues to inspire the young ones to do more.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 028 9064 2539

Fax: 028 9069 3736



Twitter: @Wellington_BT7

Principal: Dr. David Castles

That concluded our list of Best 10 High Schools in Belfast; remember to make a selection for your child based on their academic, social, and emotional needs.

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