Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff

The Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff is based on students’ performance and track records.

The reaction is mixed for both parents and teens especially after the successful completion of the British primary education. As a parent, the worry is to ensure your kids/teens continue on a solid path while for the 11 or 12-year kiddo, the aim is to seek transfer to a school he or she can be proud of.

As a capital city, Cardiff boasts of hundreds of high schools for its teeming teenage population to pick from. Before we highlight our Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff, it is pertinent to note that certain factors should be duly considered when choosing any high school in Cardiff such as the school costs.Our ranking of the Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff will start from the top and it is driven by the data from Estyn.

Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff

1. Cardiff High School

After due consideration of the data available and age-long impact, our number one pick in this category of the top-rated schools in Cardiff is Cardiff High School. With a population estimate of 1,650 students and located at Llandennis Rd, Cardiff CF23 6WG, United Kingdom, the high school continues to pull its weight of academic excellence.

According to Estyn recent rating, the institution boasts of pupils achieving 5+ grades including Maths and English with 83.9% and 98.4% success rates respectively. In 2016 CHS reached a 100% rate of pupils that attained at least 5 GCSEs with 92% achieving both Maths and English, this has contributed to why it is the school making it to our top list among the Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff.

You should also know that CHS is one of the hardest schools to seek transfer to in the Welsh capital of Cardiff.

2. Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales School

Founded in 1960, Bishop of Landaff Church in Wales School has continued to blaze the trail since the commencement of operations in Rookwood Cl, Cardiff CF5 2NR, United Kingdom.

With an estimate of 1,245 students, the secondary school was not only rated ‘excellent’ in all five criteria by the Estyn report of standards, wellbeing, teaching, leadership, and care, but the Real Schools Guide of 2018 named it the then best school in Wales.

It is important to note that, it is one of the most achieved schools in Wales. We rank this school 2nd of the Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff because  84.8% of Bishop of Llandaff pupils gained 5+ GCSEs of grades, including English and Maths as well as an A-level average points score of 921.9, which are both well above the national averages of 69.7% and 730.6.

3. Fitzalan High School

With a location of  Lawrenny Avenue, Cardiff CF11 8XB, United Kingdom, In 2017, Fitzalan High School to the amazement of all, attained the height of a ‘double excellent’ rating by Estyn, which is scarce progress.

It is important to say the Fitzalan High School has a huge number of pupils who come from areas with high levels of social and economic disadvantage in Cardiff such as Ely, Canton, and Butetown with an attendance level of above the national average at 94.6%.

For this third-ranking high school, students who achieve at least 2 A-levels are at a high 99% which for the records is above the national average of 97.1%. Uniquely, Fitzalan High School doesn’t require extra support from local education services. Over 60 languages taught in the school.

4. Radyr Comprehensive School

High demands for placement have added up to why Radyr Comprehensive School is one of the best deals you can make. The HeolIsaf, Radyr, Cardiff CF15 8XG, the United Kingdom located institution was labeled Sunday Times’ Best State Secondary School of The Year for Wales 2019.

The school has about 1307 pupils coming from areas outside of Cardiff such as Taffs Well, Church Village, and Nantgarw. Going by data, Radyr achieved in recent times at least 2 A levels, and 72.2% of pupils achieved 5+ A*-C grade GCSEs.

5. St. Teilo’s Church in Wales High School

With 1 in 6 pupils coming from minority ethnic backgrounds and 16% having a special educational need, St. Teilo with its religious touch to education according to Estn report has the national average of 96.9% of its pupils achieved at least 2 A levels.

Located in Circle Way East, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff CF23 9PD, the United Kingdom by popular reports ranks 378, which is above the national average of 344.6.

Below are the remaining 5 of the Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff

6. Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf

You should know that the name ‘Glantaf‘ means ‘The bank of the river Taff in Welsh. Founded in 1978, of the three Welsh-medium secondary schools serving Cardiff, it was the first to be established.YsgolGlantaf accepts 11-year-old pupils who are capable of receiving their education through the medium of Welsh. The standard admission number is 240. The school is located at Bridge Rd, Cardiff CF14 2JL, United Kingdom.

7. Cathays High School, Cardiff

Cathays High is an 11-19 mixed comprehensive school serving the heart of Cardiff. Located at Crown Way, Cardiff CF14, United Kingdom. It is on record that 60% of Cathays High School students come from outside the designated primary school catchment area. The school also has 240 students that enter year 7 each year and the other population continue with their education post-16. 

8. Cantonian High School

Identified as one of the hardest high schools to gain entrance among the Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff, as the time of writing this post is only opened to distance learning. Cantonian is an English-medium mixed with 11-18 comprehensive schools within a sixth form. There are currently over 800 pupils enlisted in the Fairwater Rd, Cardiff CF5 3JR located school.

9. Willows High School

Belong, Believe, Achieve are the famous slogan of the institution. With 17 subjects, Willows High School is one of the hardest schools to gain transfer to in the UK. Sitting on Willows Ave, Tremorfa, Cardiff CF24 2YE, since its 1967 establishment in recent times has A*-C grades rose from 14% to 50%.

10. Cardiff West Community High School

Cardiff West Community High School is a perfect instance of rising to the top in the blink of an eye as it was established in 2017. The school moved to a new building located in Penally Rd, Cardiff CF5, the United Kingdom in 2019.

The school is in partnership with, AmgueddfaCymru-National Muslims Wale, BBC, Cardiff, and Vale College among 9 others.

A wrap-up

So whether for its sterling records or stunning stats, the choice of the right high school is an all-important task.

Suffice to note that among our list of Best 10 High Schools in Cardiff, Fitzalan High School, Cardiff High School, Contonian High School, Cathays High School, and Willows High School ranks as the most competitive high schools to seek a transfer. They are also beehives of academic activities.

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