Top 10 Best High Schools in Edinburgh

Best High Schools in Edinburgh

After I did some further research, I discovered more evidence that Primary school education is a system that makes the next generation of world leaders, thinkers, and innovators in every stratum of life.

The challenge primary school Facilitators and Staffs often have is the “how” to prepare kids and impact them with the knowledge to develop instructional strategies to keep them involved in curriculum materials.

Primary school educators are responsible for delivering standardized learning to meet established standards of education.

This set of schools is our list of recommended schools with good educators/staffs. Top 10 Best High Schools in Edinburgh

Best High Schools in Edinburgh

1. Boroughmuir High School

Boroughmuir High School is located in the Fountain Bridge neighborhood of Edinburgh’s south central district. For students in grades 1 through 6, the school offers a non-denominational, co-educational comprehensive education. In 2004, the school became 100 years old, and the new Boroughmuir High School opened in February 2018.

The school’s students are mostly from the three primary schools in the area: Buckstone, South Morningside, and Bruntsfield. Parents’ Charter allows students from beyond the catchment region to attend.
The school now has 1396 students on its rolls.

The current basic personnel level is 95.5 full-time equivalents (FTE). The senior management team comprises of the Head Teacher, three Depute Head Teachers, the Business Manager, and an elected representative from the Curriculum Leaders.

Boroughmuir provides a wide range of academic and extra-curricular activities. S4 students can choose from up to eight National Qualifications. National 4/5, Higher, and Advanced Higher courses are available to S5/6 students. Furthermore, Firrhill, James Gillespie’s, Liberton, St Thomas of Aquin, and Gracemount have access to neighborhood services, and some older students choose to attend Edinburgh College courses..

Students in S1-3 study general education (BGE). At the conclusion of S2, pupils are personalized and selected and concentrate on 8 topic areas to be pursued by them in S4 and beyond.

In November 2018, for the first time in November 2012, Boroughmuir High School was granted Sunday Times State School of the Year Award. We’re really proud of something.

Address: 111 Viewforth Edinburgh EH11 1FL
Tel:0131 229 9703
Fax: 0131 228 9185

2. Dunedin School

Dunedin School is a second-chance school for young people aged 11 to 18 who have been deemed to have improper mainline education.

Dunedin offers outstanding education programs to a limited number of young people, who are educationally challenged and disadvantaged and many of them have had broken study experience. Up to 21 students at all times are enrolled.

School psychologists, social professionals or a private application may recommend pupils to Dunedin. The Dunedin concept is that, regardless of a pupil’s past learning experiences, the individual put at Dunedin should benefit from personalised instruction in a supportive setting.

It is a guiding concept of the school that a great premium is put on addressing the requirements of the individual and developing them. As a result, the teachers operate in a more flexible, mutually collaborative, and cooperative manner than would be the norm in a traditional school.

Dunedin strives to provide organized yet flexible learning options adapted to the individual, in a warm, sympathetic atmosphere that stimulates learning and allows each young person to realize his or her own potential.

The School’s Objectives: Encouraging students to recognize Dunedin as a “second chance” school in which they are accepted as individuals to promote students in the development of self-reliance, self confidence and self-worth.
Returning students to a holistic education environment.

To provide a large and suitable program to support a positive learning position. To encourage students to pursue their full potential and to provide official credentials and/or examinations if appropriate Supporting students to migrate to suitable and sustainable places

Address: Liberton Bank House, 5 Nether Liberton Lane EdinburghEH16 5TY
The school entrance is via Cameron Toll Shopping, Centre carpark, off Lady Road, Edinburgh.
Telephone: 0131 672 2638 website:

3. St Thomas Of Aquin’s High School

Of our list and review of Top 10 Best High Schools in Edinburgh is St Thomas Aquinas which is a community school that seeks to satisfy the needs of every young person from whom they come, whether they have a living religion, whether they are looking for answers to the issues that are asked or whether they declare no religion at all.

They engage with parents, caregivers and other partners to give our young people the greatest possible assistance as they go through school to what school hopes and prayers will bring them joy and achievement in their years beyond St. Thomas.

Address: 2-20 Chalmers Street Edinburgh EH3-9ES
Tel: 0131-229-8734

4. Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools

Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools’ vision is to be a pioneer in Edinburgh in complete education, offering all children the chance to flourish.

Their mission is to build children that are grounded, robust, successful, with strong values and all they need to have full, happy lives across the World.

Aims: They offer a remarkable and comprehensive education for a variety of children and take time to develop solid connections, to assist our children feel happy, safe and secure and to flourish emotionally, socially and universally.
They offer the possibility to explore their innate skills in an unrivaled array of activities outside classroom.

The school is inspired to motivate youngsters to attain high and great academic performance.
They offer children every opportunity to take on and take on every obstacle they face. Teachers encourage inventive thinking people with a life-long enthusiasm for learning.

These values inspire youngsters to have decent hearts, decide well and enhance the world around them.
ESMS is proud of its accomplishment, but its principles are the heartbeat of school life and the bar to our success. They inspire youngsters to grow decent hearts, make decent judgments and better the world around them.

Address: Ravelston Edinburgh EH4 3NT / Queensferry Road Edinburgh EH43EZ
Phone: +44 (0)131 311 1111

5. Holy Rood High School

Roman Catholic Secondary school, Holy Rood High is situated on the outskirts of Holy Rood Park, in the Arthur Seat setting, next to Duddingston Village.

In all areas of school work, kids at Holy Rood are encouraged to be all they can be. In academic matters, in sports, in expressive areas and in every element of school life, we emphasized the importance of success.

Holy Rood High School values high standards and performance.

A highly qualified and dedicated staff supports young people in their learning. Teachers, support staff, chaplain and workers from external agencies work together to create a healthy learning environment where everyone may fulfill its potential.
This school makes number 5 of our list/review of the Top 10 Best High Schools in Edinburgh.

Address: 55 Duddingston Road West, Edinburgh, EH15 3ST
Phone: 0131 661 5871

6. Pilrig Park School

In North Edinburgh, Pilrig Park Special Secondary School is located. The campus is situated in beautiful areas and is bordered by the Park itself on two sides.

The Pilrig Park School which is one of our Top 10 Best High Schools in Edinburgh follows a secondary model that should be underlined. In order to allow students to encounter a wide range of disciplines which form a broad, rigorous and corresponding curriculum, 76 students aged 12–18 years are offered.

Pilrig Park School is connected with other schools, Edinburgh College and many partners to access curriculum areas. Curriculum areas.

This relationship is a crucial element of the school, leading to the development of skills and increasing independence for our schoolchildren. The school meets young people with moderate to complicated needs for supplementary help.

School admission is done through a professional evaluation panel. Many agencies including psychological services, healthcare, social activities, careers, employers and colleges of further education share the connection and support.

Both parents and student councils are involved. There have been numerous partnerships that have improved the quality of support for student experiences and enhanced education quality.

All we do is to prepare youth for a life after school, foster resilience, independence, confidence and realistic attitudes towards more education, jobs and recreation. Young people are encouraged in all four environments to be involved in their learning.

Address: 12 Balfour Place Edinburgh EH6 5DW
Tel: 0131 467 7960
Twitter: @pilrigpark

7. Drummond Community High School

Drummond Community High School is one of Edinburgh’s smaller schools, but it does not prevent the young people who attend Drummond from making great dreams. This is indeed their vision, and it and its principles support all they do.

They are proud to enhance the academic potential, talents, interests and abilities of all their students and provide a great variety of student possibilities from S1 to S6. Their outcomes represent our aspiration for everyone. Drummond Community High School is proud of what they think you are impressed with.

Top 10 Best High Schools in Edinburgh

Address: 41 Bellevue Place, Edinburgh EH7 4BS Tel: 0131 556 2651 or Internal CEC Ext: 86330
Fax: 0131 550 0375
School Email:
Twitter: @Drummond_CHS

8. Tynecastle High School

Tynecastle High School is a 6-year, comprehensive, western central Edinburgh secondary school with almost 100 years of distinction. In January 2010, the school was transferred to an awesome new location with first-class schools. The school is fully entrenched and has students from Balgreen, Dalry and the Stenhouse primary schools.

They are based in their own neighborhoods. The roll is around 630 at the moment. We are a school that is culturally diverse and are happy that our pupils and staff speak approximately forty languages.

A wide selection of topics is offered at the school and student exercises effectively take place in all levels. In the school, kids, teachers and parents / carers show a tremendous feeling of pride.

For many years, the school has effectively assisted large numbers of highly qualified students in numerous universities around the United Kingdom and has had a great track record in aiding young people in the world of employment.

The personnel are familiar to their students, and all personnel prioritize pastoral care and the welfare of the kids. With respectful connections, the atmosphere is friendly and friendly that support purposive learning.

The school recognizes that a professionally qualified and passionate workforce is important to the educational achievement of its pupils. They commit themselves to teaching and learning excellence and to having pleasant and mutually respectful interactions with students, parents and the surrounding community.

Address: 2 McLeod StreetEdinburgh EH11 2ND
Phone: 0131 337 3488

9. The Edinburgh Academy

The Edinburgh Academy is a contemporary, interesting and lively school for 2-18 years of age. The school offers the highest education in the 21st century, housed in two characteristic sites near the center of Scotland’s city.

The ethos, size and authentic personal care make us the sector that leads us to meet all our unique capabilities, requirements and objectives.

Many of the fundamental values of the Academy, which were formed in 1824, remain the same: the dominating motto of their ethos is that of ‘Always Excel.’ At the Edinburgh Academy, we work closely with their learners to locate and unlock their potential and to learn how students are successful in their development.

A emphasis on pupil welfare and the development of character enables our students to always perform their best with confidence, conviction, resilience and determination.

Their procedure of admission is aimed at identifying students with the potential and mindset to make the most of the many opportunities we provide. Edinburgh Academy is not a huge school, and only 600 are located on two different sites in the Senior School, 400 in the Junior School and 100 in the Nursery.

Each pupil is so recognized and appreciated as a person. While an excellent education is at the heart of what they do, they are glad that they can bring value to the education of each student. They gain from inspiring education that is geared to their particular needs to enhance them greatly in school throughout their time.

The added value also includes a wide array of co-curricular options available to the students that all help to build and improve the abilities needed to aid their little ‘accies.’

Address I: The Edinburgh Academy Senior School
42 Henderson Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5BL
Phone: 0131 556 4603 Address II: The Edinburgh Academy Junior School & Nursery
10 Arboretum Road, Edinburgh, EH3 5PL
Phone: 0131 552 3690
Admissions Line: 0131 624 4987
Admission Email:

10. George Heriot’s School

Finally on this list of Top 10 Best High Schools in Edinburgh. With a caring goal they continue to pursue today, George Heriot founded our school in1628.

Heriot is a premier school in Scotland and we welcome students of all backgrounds who prosper in the pleasant, loving and engaging setting.

The students between the ages of 4 and 18 learn together as part of a large family of Heriot. They care for our students and care for each other. It’s an ethology entrenched in the Heriot Foundation and the heart of the school continues beating.

School employees love teaching and their youngsters like learning. Heriot’s national exam scores have been one of the finest in Scotland, with amazing individual triumphs every year. At Heriot, they emphasize in all parts of their character on the potential of each individual.

Each student should feel noticed and listened to, and Heriot’s very modest size guarantees that no pupil is ignored. Knowing each other throughout the year means that students and staff are familiar. Warmth and trust in relationships are invested. This is a family community, it has a true vibe.

Address: Lauriston Place Edinburgh EH3 9EQ
General enquiries
Call 0131 229 7263 or 0131 221 6709
Admission Email:

These are the Top 10 Best High Schools in Edinburgh that are carefully selected based on a lot of factors. We believe this write up is helpful in determining a school.

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