Best 10 High Schools in Huddersfield

High schools in Huddersfield

Just moved to Huddersfield? Worried about which high school is the best for your child, and you don’t even know if there are any good high schools in Huddersfield? Unsure of where to begin.

Well, quit worrying! Because we are here to provide you with helpful answers to your questions. We understand how hard it is to find your footing in a new area, especially when securing a great school that will be a perfect fit for the young ones.

To help with that, we have taken the liberty of compiling this helpful list of the Best 10 High Schools in Huddersfield, and we can assure you that every one of them has its distinguishing qualities that make them the perfect choice.

1. King James’ School

At the very top of our list is a Co-educational secondary school established in 1547. King James offers GCSEs, BTECs and Cambridge Nationals as programs of study for students. It provides admission to students aged from 11 to 16.

Additional details:

Located at St Helen’s Gate, Almondbury, Huddersfield, HD4 6SG, King James’ is an accomplished comprehensive school that has served the community of Almondbury in the English county of West Yorkshire for 475 years. 

The school has a great tradition and identity, combined with a broad and stimulating curriculum to bring out the best in the students. Several extracurricular activities are also introduced, so the students can have fun as they learn. 

Rated “Good” by Ofsted after an inspection in November 2019, King James’ has a competent team of experienced teachers whose sole aim is to help every child achieve their purpose and fulfill their potential. 

Students are provided with massive support from the teachers and management altogether. The school believes in doing things the King James’ way, which has also been instilled in the students.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01484 412990



Twitter: @kingjames_tweet

Principal: Mr. Ian Rimmer

2. Newsome Junior School

Following King James’ on this list is Newsome Junior, a Community primary school regarded as one of the most prestigious schools in Huddersfield. 

It is a friendly environment where diversity is embraced and celebrated. This wonderful learning institute offers admission to boys and girls aged 7 to 11.

Additional details:

Located at Newsome Junior School, Castle Avenue, Newsome, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD4 6JN, Newsome is a learning oasis where every child is cared for and groomed to become their best self. 

Lessons are delivered to pupils by qualified teachers with extensive experience in their fields. They are taught with a standard government-approved curriculum covering a wide range of subjects.

The management has provided many relevant books to help the children develop their writing and speaking skills. The team of enthusiastic teachers has taken it upon themselves to read these books regularly. 

This helps students see reading as a pleasurable activity that they would always want to engage in. This has helped improve their reading skills over time, leading to improved fluency in their reading. The school also has a non-selective admission policy, which it takes seriously.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01484657541



Twitter: @snhsacademy

Principal: Mr. Darren Christian

Vice Principal: Mrs. J Hornsby

3. Colne Valley High School

Ranking third on our prestigious list of Best 10 High Schools in Huddersfield is Colne Valley, an outstanding mixed secondary school in Linthwaite, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. It was established on the 11th of January, 1956.

Additional details:

Rated “Good” by Ofsted in September 2019, Colne Valley has enjoyed glowing reviews from parents who have been lucky enough to get their child enrolled in this magnificent learning institution. 

Transition is usually made easy for the year seven students by the competent teachers who devote their time to making the new students comfortable and ready to learn. Parents have also praised the school for its consistent effort to rid the school of bullying. 

Extracurricular activities such as Music and Sports are introduced to help the children have fun and feel at ease in the school environment. Academic achievements are usually celebrated to boost morale. 

Teachers are well versed in their respective fields, which they share with their students lavishly. Students are groomed to become independent, self-reliant, and ambitious.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +441484848680



Twitter: @ColneValleyHigh

Principal: Mr. James Christian

4. Moor End Academy

Fourth on this list is Moor End Academy, an excellent learning institution rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted in 2012. It is located at Dryclough Road, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield, HD4 5JA. The school offers admission to students aged from 11 to 16.

Additional details: 

With 47.4% boys and 52.6% girls in its population, Moore End is a learning-friendly environment where every child is adequately cared for and tutored to achieve academic excellence. 

The record shows that students of this wonderful institution make remarkably more progress in their academics than students nationally, especially in English, Maths, and Science. 

The school’s team of qualified staff works tirelessly to deliver top-notch lessons and inspire the young ones to achieve their full potential and become successful.

Initially known as Moor End High School, this great learning oasis acquired its academic status in September 2011 and was renamed Moore End Academy. It was rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted after a thorough inspection in June 2012. 

The school sustains a culture of high expectations by pushing the youngsters to set the bar higher for their junior ones. It also strives to build and maintain healthy relationships between students, staff, parents, and the community.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01484 222230



Twitter: @moor_end

Principal: Mr Kash Rafiq

high schools in huddersfield

5. North Huddersfield Trust School

As an accredited world-class institution that has served the community of Kirklees, West Yorkshire, for a very long period, North Huddersfield earns a spot on our list of Best 10 High Schools in Huddersfield. It is a co-educational secondary school that offers to educate students aged 11 to 16 years. 

Additional details:

Located at Woodhouse Hall Road, Fartown, Huddersfield, HD2 1DJ, this state-funded school strictly values respect, innovation, determination, professionalism, and enrichment.

It offers GCSEs and BTECs as programmes of study for students and some vocational courses offered in partnership with Kirklees College. The school can comfortably contain 900 students. 

The school believes that every student should be offered equal opportunities and resources to help them achieve success in their academics. 

Its team of qualified teachers is dedicated to raising the leaders of tomorrow by encouraging the young ones to aim high in everything they do. It preaches unity, respect, and tolerance among the student, and any form of Indiscrimination is quickly stamped out. 

Contact information:

Phone Number: 01484 452100



Twitter: @NHTSchool

Principal: Mr. Andrew Fell

6. All Saints Catholic College

As the first Roman Catholic secondary school on this list, All Saints is a voluntary-aided school that offers admission to students aged from 11 to 16. 

Its sole mission is to put Christ at the center of its community by injecting the Bible’s teachings into every one of its activities. It is located at Bradley Bar, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD2 2JT.

Additional Information:

The co-educational school is a safe and loving atmosphere where every child is given opportunities to try again even if they fail. It maintains the belief that every student can achieve success and, therefore, should be encouraged to do better. 

It also strives to instill positive qualities such as respect, teamwork, integrity, and aspiration in the students to prepare them for the world better they will be going into. 

The school’s enthusiastic staff team leads by example and works hard to create an inclusive environment where every student feels safe enough to share their thoughts and concerns. 

The students are taught with a standard curriculum that is meant to challenge the student’s intellect and push them to do better. The school’s motto is “love, serve, learn,” and it can contain 900 students.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01484426466




Principal: Ms. Karen Colligan

7. Huddersfield Grammar School

Another outstanding school at the bottom half of our list is an esteemed, independent school that offers admission to students aged 3 to 16. It has a long-standing record of providing a top-notch education for boys and girls in the community of West Yorkshire, Huddersfield.

Additional Information:

Established in 1995, Huddersfield Grammar School is a non-selective institution that maintains a safe and stimulating environment where students are groomed to become independent and ambitious. 

It believes in developing every aspect of a child’s life by focusing on their academics and working on them emotionally, morally, and socially. The school’s pupil-to-teacher ratio is 11 to 1. 

The school’s competent team of experienced staff has dedicated their time to teaching, guiding, and mentoring the students from Early year classes to Senior school.

The school has a state-of-the-art outdoor learning area and a forest school space that helps the children better connect with nature.

Students are taught with a well-balanced curriculum that combines the core subjects with rewarding extracurricular activities that help stimulate the pupils’ minds and push them to do more.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01484 424549



Twitter: @huddsgrammar_pe

Principal: Mrs. Donna Holmes

8. Joseph Norton Academy

As we approach the end of this list, it is pertinent to mention a state special school located at Busker Lane, Scissett, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD8 9JU. Joseph Norton Academy is a wonderful learning institution with a calm and positive atmosphere where students learn and prosper.

Additional Information:

The school’s vision is to become a center of excellence for students with SEMH needs. The lessons delivered by the teachers are solely tailored to adequately address the needs and interests of the students to aid early development and improvement in their academics. 

Students are encouraged to embrace learning and work hard to achieve great results. They are imparted with the knowledge and skills necessary to make their mark in the professional world.

The school is always open to admitting students during the school year, and the new intakes are usually welcomed with open arms by both the teachers and the students. 

Equal opportunities are provided for every student as the school understands that every child has unique gifts, which should be nurtured and developed. Diversity is usually embraced, and the students are taught to love and respect one another.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 01484 868218



Twitter: @JosephNorton001

Principal: Mr. Ryan Gladwin

9. Share Multi-Academy

As a member of SHARE Multi-Academy Trust, teachers at this wonderful institution have access to a broad range of training and development opportunities that include internal training sessions and external courses. 

It is one of eight schools within the trust, and it maintains a close relationship with the community within which it resides. Its students are encouraged and motivated to aim high and challenge themselves to achieve more than is expected of them.  

Located at Luck Lane, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD3 4HA, England, Royds Hall Academy is an open-minded school that puts the safety and welfare of its staff and students first. 

The school’s team of well-experienced staff has been known to stand as reliable mentors for the kids in every way possible. Discipline and respect are instilled into the young ones at a very early age, so they can go on to become wonderful members of the community. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +441484463366



Twitter: @Royds_Hall

Principal: Mrs. Jenny Carr

10. ES Independent School Kirklees

To round off, we will be taking a look at a mixed secondary school with a burning passion for excellence. It is located at 20 Prospect House, Greenhead Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD1 4EN. It accepts students aged from 11 to 19.

Additional details:

ES Independent school is a cozy, intimate community that cares deeply for its students and wants to see them succeed. The management strives to maintain a happy school where students feel comfortable and confident enough to discover and improve upon their abilities. 

Great emphasis is placed upon a good relationship between the parents and the teachers, as this helps foster unity and, at the same time, the school’s progress.

The school discourages bullying and also the use of bad language on the school premises. 

Good morals are taught to the young ones to help them become better community members. It was rated “Good” by Ofsted in 2021. The teachers are always willing to help the students in any way they can. 

Special attention is paid to students who seem to be lagging, and strategic measures are usually taken to help such students do better.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01484506307


Principal: Mrs. Gayle Worswick

Now that you’ve gone through our list of the Best 10 High Schools in Huddersfield, we hope we’ve been able to alleviate your worries by providing you with lots of options. 

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