Best 10 High Schools in London

London city, the capital of the United Kingdom as the oldest of the world’s great cities continues to pull its weight with quality education as reflected in the Best 10 High Schools in London.

The cosmopolitan nature of London spans trade, commerce, culture, and even education. This is why as a prospect with a passion for study, you are likely to get a little confused in the choice of a suitable school of destination if not properly guided.

It is often associated with the privileged Londoner to say they either go to or send their child to one of the best schools in the English capital of London. Certain factors have been taken into consideration when highlighting these schools as the Best 10 High Schools in London.

These factors include GCSE results and Ofsted ratings among others. Check them out.

Best 10 High Schools in London

10. Wallington High School for Girls, Sutton, London

Despite being a single-sex school, Wallington High competes gallantly with virtually every standard learning institute in Sutton. The School for Girls complies with the co-ordinated Admissions Scheme which is administered by the London Borough of Sutton.

To get admitted, applicants have to take the entrance test and also place Wallington High School for Girls on their Secondary Common Application form. The test is broadly based on the KS2 curriculum and it is not considered necessary for applicants to be tutored to gain access to the entrance test.

The school first opened in 1888 and moved to its present site in 1965. The school is heavily oversubscribed and many external students also apply for the sixth form.

Over 47 different first languages are spoken, which brings a rich diversity to the school. The school uniform consists of a navy and green kilt, a baby blue shirt, a green v-neck jumper or cardigan, and a navy blazer.

9.  Sacred Heart Catholic School, Southwark, London

Almost at the bottom of our list of Best 10 High Schools in London is a dynamic school with high expectations and great ambitions for every one of their pupils. It believes that discipline, structure, and common purpose are concrete foundations for success both in academics and in life.

The school was converted to academy status in November 2012 and was previously a voluntary aided school administered by Southwark London Borough Council.

At Sacred Heart, there is a rich and broad range of extra opportunities for students to learn both inside and outside the classroom, including trips and charity work. It also places a strong emphasis on spiritual values, reflection, and service to others.

8. Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton, London

Another single-sex school on this list is a specialist science college and languages school which is currently ranked as the 9th best-performing state school by GCSE results in 2019.

Nonsuch was founded in 1938 and conducts two entrance examinations that must be passed to get admitted into the school. The school has won various awards such as Beacon status, Sports mark Award, Schools Achievement Award, and Education Extra.

The school provides support for students who wish to pursue a career in Medicine, Veterinary, Oxford University, or Cambridge University. It also has an observatory on the roof where the astronomy society frequently meets.

7. The Tiffin Girls’ School, Kingston Upon Thames, London

Located in Kingston upon Thames, south-west London, Tiffin is an all-girls selective school with approximately 1000 pupils aged between 11 and 18, including approximately 300 in the sixth form.

Pupils in Years 7–9 study Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Studies, Spanish, and the likes. In Years 10 and 11, pupils continue 10 subjects to GCSE level, and in Year 12, pupils choose four subjects to begin their A level studies.

Admission into the school is by the academic selection, using a Mathematics and English test and the school assigns priority to girls from its catchment area. The number of children admitted into the school each year has increased from 150 to 180.

6. Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney, London

Right in the middle of our list of Best 10 High Schools on London is Mossbourne. Its teaching and learning method is outstanding. Lessons are planned and delivered with attention to detail to ensure the success of its pupils.

Its pupils are honest, hard-working, perfectly behaved and proud of their achievements and aspirations. Its music avenue provides an amazingly wide range of musical opportunities to nurture and improve talent and potential.

They also have an exciting range of extra-curricular activities like rowing, the Combined Cadet Force, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students usually leave Mossbourne armed with the confidence and qualifications needed to walk the path of their choosing.

The school is regarded as one of the top-notch inner-city schools in England and is usually used as a yardstick to measure the success of the academy model for schools in general.

5. Woodford County High School, Redbridge, London

Woodford County High School (WCHS) is a secondary all-girls selective grammar school in Woodford Green of the London Borough of Redbridge, England.

It has an excellent reputation for intellectual, artistic, and sporting achievements. Students are encouraged to explore their potential, nurture their talents and interests, and always yearn for success.

The school offers a wide range of GCSE subjects, including Classical Civilisation, psychology, and business studies, among many others. There are many roles that students are encouraged to volunteer for among the day-to-day running of the school, this includes representation of peers on the ‘school council’ and becoming ‘Silver Badges’.

4. Wallington County Grammar School, Sutton, London

The motto ‘Through Difficulties to the Heights’ is a school ranked as one of the top-performing state schools in the country based on its GCSE and A-level results. Its Academic performance is outstanding, with students entering gaining admission with very high levels of attainment.

Many extracurricular activities are offered, including debating, public speaking, chess, Islamic Society, art, drama, music, trips abroad, cricket, and rugby union.

The school was opened on 19 September 1927 on the 33rd birthday of its founding headmaster, W.T. Hutchins, with 71 pupils, half a mile from the current site. In 2005, the school was awarded “science college” status for its excellence in science and mathematics.

This brought extra funding for the school, which helped to further raise the standard of the school’s science department.

3. Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet, London

Founded in 1573 by Queen Elizabeth I, this school is a boys’ grammar school that is consistently ranked as one of the most academically successful secondary schools in England. It is held in very high esteem by the vast majority of students and parents. It has also been a Training School since April 2009 and specializes in Music.

Queen Elizabeth’s School is divided into six houses, named after famous old boys, patrons and former teachers. They are Broughton, Harrisons’, Leicester, Pearce, Stapylton and Underne. It engages in many inter-house competitions, from rugby to creative writing.

There is usually much competition in the summer term when various competitions between houses are held before the summer examinations begin in June, including the QE Sevens Tournament which takes place in the school for the U14s and U16s.

2. Wilson’s School, Sutton, London

Ranked by The Telegraph as the 4th highest performing school nationally for GCSE results, Wilson’s educates approximately 1,250 pupils, with admission by academic selection based on performance in a two-stage process. It is known to be one of the country’s oldest state schools. It is an excellent school that deserves its high reputation.

The school has an established programme of free vocal tuition or specialist instrumental tuition on a different instrument for every pupil in Year 7. This is an attempt to get the students involved in and excited about other areas of life that can prove to be useful to them in the future.

They can choose from various musical instruments such as percussion, oboe, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, French horn, and bassoon.

1. Wembley High Technology College, Brent, London

At the top of this amazing list of Best 10 High Schools in London is an outstanding institution that has been the highest achieving non-denominational school in Brent for many years. It was established in 2003 and is a popular and heavily oversubscribed secondary school. It is recognized as an institution that provides top-front graduates year in year out.

 The college has outstanding facilities, an excellent science block, and a sixth form block. It has an established reputation for a solid focus on academic excellence. Its Chair of Governors is Councillor Ruth Moher, and the school’s ward is located at Northwick Park.

London is a great country that provides you with lots of options for your children’s academic needs.  Hopefully, this list has been helpful enough to help you make the best choice.

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