Best 10 High Schools in Manchester


Choosing the right high school in Manchester for that teen you love can be a crossroad. Let’s make that choice easier with our Best 10 High Schools in Manchester.

It is not out of place when it’s time to choose the right high school destination for your teens to hear statements like, It’s a truly terrifying prospect as this is the place my son/daughter will spend most of the next five to seven of his / her life.

I’m living under the fear that if I make the wrong choice, I will have ruined his or her chances of becoming Prime Minister or the next or Professor.

What makes this choice so different from that of choosing your new home appliance is that, you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

You must strictly highlight the goals you are looking out for in changing your teen’s high school. Whether for his or her happiness, child’s uniqueness, the atmosphere of the school, culture of the school, and many more.

With a population of 553,230 according to the Eurostat of 2019, Manchester boasts of several high schools with sterling academic and non-academic records. We present you our Best 10 High Schools in Manchester.

Best 10 High Schools in Manchester

10. St. Mathew RC High School, Manchester

Of all the magnificent learning institutes in Manchester, St. Mathew sets itself apart by being a diverse and lively catholic school with a proud tradition of working closely with the community it serves and nurturing excellent relations with its partner primary schools and parishes.

With the mission statement ‘Pray, Achieve and Care’, the school strives to stay committed to the ongoing pursuit of excellence in every aspect of provision and the delivery of first-class learning opportunities for all our pupils.

The school has an outstanding programme of training and improvement for all its staff to ensure quality teaching and learning in the classroom. Its teaching and non-teaching staff are extremely competent, hardworking, and very supportive of each other.

9. Cheadle Hulme High School, Manchester

As a successful mixed secondary school, Cheadle Hulme is a great institution that strives very hard to guarantee the success of every individual student. Located at Woods Lane, Cheadle Hulme Cheadle, Greater Manchester, the school has been an academy since 2012 and operates as part of The Laurus Trust.

With a large capacity to contain 1,650 students, Cheadle Hulme is a dynamic and hugely oversubscribed academy with a reputation for the tireless pursuit of excellence in all of its endeavors. It encourages students to participate in one extracurricular activity or another to widen their interest and acquire more knowledge about how the world works.

8. Chorlton High School, Manchester

Our list of Best 10 High Schools in Manchester gets even more interesting with the mention of Chorlton High School. The amazing academy school is a boys-only school with around 1500 pupils and admits up to 300 more each year. It is located in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester.

The school’s qualified and hardworking team of staff work enthusiastically to deliver life-changing teachings to well-behaved students in a warm, safe, and welcoming environment.

With powerful teachings guided by a rich and exciting curriculum, students who graduate from this exceptional school easily attain admission into the best colleges in Manchester and beyond.

7. Manchester High School for Girls

Another single-sex school on this interesting list is Manchester High School for Girls. The amazing school offers students a vivacious atmosphere and a welcoming community where each girl feels happy, cared for, and valued as an individual. The girls learn about the importance of social responsibility with charity, voluntary, and community work.

With excellent modern facilities which include a fitness suite, a dance studio, all-weather sports pitches, a multi-purpose auditorium, and a purpose-built Music House; artistic and sporting talents are nurtured and students enjoy a dynamic range of extra-curricular activities.

Students of this school come from diverse backgrounds and this rich social and cultural mix gives the School a warm and welcoming feel.

6. Stretford Grammar School, Manchester

Ranked sixth on our amazing list of Best 10 High Schools in Manchester, is a co-educational Foundation Grammar School with hard-working and enthusiastic students who demonstrate envious levels of care and consideration towards each other and the wider community.

It has a sixth form in addition to years 7 to 11. Academically, the school’s exam results are above national averages, with 92% of pupils achieving A-C in at least five GCSEs (including English and Mathematics), according to Wikipedia.

Parents are usually encouraged to attend the school’s open event in June, this is usually done to give the parents the chance to reaffirm that Stretford is indeed the best learning environment for their child. The school also encourages its students to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities and to actively participate in their local community.

5. Whalley Range High School, Manchester

Another girls’ only school excellent enough to appear on this list is a 1,350 place high-performing school with a thriving Sixth Form. It celebrates diversity and believes strongly in creating an environment where all young people thrive.

It strives so hard to support students of all abilities and backgrounds to develop and maintain high aspirations, believe in themselves, and achieve their full potential.

The multi-cultural suburban girls’ has nearly 1,700 students currently on roll, with 300 students in the 6th Form. It has also been described by the Daily Telegraph as “one of Britain’s top state schools”. The school converted to academy status on 1 September 2014 and forms part of a multi-academy trust.

4. Levenshulme High School, Manchester

Approaching the end of our list is a girls’ secondary school located in the Levenshulme area of Manchester. It has been used on popular Manchester-based TV shows such as Queer as Folk, and in several episodes of Coronation Street, as Weatherfield Comprehensive.

The school ethos is founded on the Co-operative Values, the success of which has been recognized by the International Values-based Education Trust’s Quality Mark.

The school strives for excellence and is very proud of its achievements and affiliations. Graduates of the great institution include notable actresses such as Dorothy Bromiley, Pat Kirkwood, and Beryl Reid. Levenshulme was opened by the Duchess of Atholl in 1929.

3. King David School, Manchester

The King David High School is a magnificent academy founded on traditional Jewish values with a belief in respect, courtesy, self-discipline, diligence, and the pursuit of excellence. It strives to motivate individual students to reach the highest levels of academic achievement, creativity, and personal development.

Its academic results are exceptional at every level. It also strives to create a generation who will be brilliant, committed to their faith and values, and who will grow up to be excellent citizens within the Jewish and wider community.

With an ethos of excellence, academic achievement, and personal development, the school strives to achieve a warm and loving atmosphere where learning becomes a pleasure and the school itself an experience to enjoy. It also believes that not every child has the same natural academic ability, but every child has great potential.

2. Trinity Church of England High School, Manchester

Situated between Higher Cambridge Street and Boundary Lane near the Oxford Road campus in the University of Manchester, Trinity is a Church of England Academy, founded to advance the education of students in a community that is positively Christian, but at the same time, welcomes the children of parents of other faiths.

Its teachers and students work together to create a school with a typical atmosphere, which manifests the hope that parents have for their children.

The school aims to develop a broad range of experience so that, its teachings of science, technology, and mathematics is well balanced by languages, aesthetics, creative subjects, and the humanities. Also, special attention is usually paid to developing students’ abilities and help them improve rapidly.

1. Manchester Grammar School

At the end of our list of Best 10 High Schools in Manchester, comes an outstanding boys’ only school with an international reputation for its excellent academic achievement.

It has been able to build a fantastic reputation as one of the country’s leading educational establishments, a position it still maintains today as an independent day school. Its main mission is to educate the brightest young men in the North of England irrespective of their social, cultural, religious, and financial background.

The school has a long, fascinating history of community outreach, both charitable and academic, and it is also devoted to sharing educational resources beyond the school community. Lessons are delivered by competent and qualified members of staff with a passion for their subject, while guided by an approved and standard curriculum.

You have just learned about the most fascinating high schools in all of Manchester. We are hoping you would take this opportunity to make the best decision for your son or daughter’s academic needs.

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