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Poshest Schools in London

London is popular for housing the highest-ranked, top-performing, most expensive, most successful, and most subscribed private and public learning institutions in the United Kingdom.

The process of picking one of them to enrol the young ones is usually guided by academic needs, budget, proximity, school history, school track record, etc.

To give the little ones the very best of education, most parents often prefer to enrol them in excellent private schools with abundant resources, outstanding facilities, highly experienced and motivated professionals, amazing enrichment programs, and more.

Although the benefits of these schools are numerous and greatly advantageous, enrolling your child there can cost a fortune.

That being said, it should be known that not all expensive schools are costly because of the quality of the education they offer; some are so because they are international schools.

Take the American School in London (ASL); the most important factor that makes it an expensive school is its “International” status. Most British schools cost less, which often causes them to be mistaken for being inferior.

Since the focus of this article is the Poshest Schools in London, let us enlighten you about some of the most expensive, superfluously resourced, and most successful private schools in London and provide you with certain pertinent information about them.

1. The American School in London (ASL)

Appearing first on our list of Poshest Schools in London is a Non-profit, International school located at 1 Waverley Place, London NW8 0NP, United Kingdom.

It provides an all-through education for students from Kindergarten through High school. It is a CIS and MSA-accredited school that was established in 1951.

Additional Details:

The private, independent school provides an outstanding education for over 1,300 students aged 4 to 18 in a warm and nurturing setting. Despite their differences, it admits students from various backgrounds and encourages the children to love one another.

In 2018, the school was inspected by Ofsted and rated “Outstanding” in all areas. It offers a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities that improve every child’s educational experience.

The school seeks to instil confidence and intellectual curiosity in the young ones, so they can grow into lifelong learners.

According to the information published by the school, the total annual fees per grade here is; £29,900 (Twenty-nine thousand, nine hundred pounds) for students in Kindergarten 2 and 3, and Grades 1 through 4; £33,200 (Thirty-three thousand, two hundred pounds) for students in Grades 5 through 8; and £34,700 (Thirty-four thousand, seven hundred pounds) for students in Grades 9 through 12. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +44 20 7449 1221

Email: admissions@asl.org

Website: www.asl.org 

Twitter: @aslnews

Head Teacher: Coreen R. Hester

2. Southbank International School

Following closely is Southbank, a co-educational international school that caters to boys and girls’ academic and social needs from 3 to 18. It was established in 1979 by Milton Toubkin, and its motto is “A school without walls. It is located at 377-381 Euston Road, London, NW1 3AU, England.

Additional Details:

The independent school operates three International Baccalaureate programs through its three campuses: Southbank Hampstead, Southbank Kensington, and Southbank Westminster. Its student population consists of pupils from wealthy families.

This includes families of foreign affairs officials, hedge fund managers, managers of oil companies, and so on. It has students representing 61 nationalities. The school offers numerous outstanding facilities, including several science labs, a computer lab, a hall/theatre, art and music rooms, two libraries, etc.

English is the main language at the school as it is used to teach, address, and instruct the students. However, students can study their native language, and presently, 17 languages are offered as alternative languages.

According to the information published by the school, the total annual fees per grade are; £19,230 (Nineteen thousand, two hundred and thirty pounds) for students in Kindergarten 1.

£26,655 (Twenty-six thousand, six hundred and fifty-five pounds) for students in Kindergarten 2; £29,100 (Twenty-nine thousand, one hundred pounds) for students in Kindergarten 3, and Grades 1 through 5.

£32,250 (Thirty-two thousand, two hundred and fifty pounds) for students in Grades 6 through 10; and £33,930 (Thirty-three thousand, nine hundred and thirty pounds) for students in Grades 11 and 12.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 44 (0)20 7243 3803

Email: admissions@southbank.org

Website: http://www.southbank.org/ 

Twitter: @SouthbankSchool

Principal (Hampstead): Shirley Harwood

Principal (Kensington): Siobhan McGrath

Principal (Westminster): Keith Birch

3. Wetherby School

Established in 1951, Wetherby is an Independent pre-prep day school located at Pembridge Square, London, W2 4ED, England. It is owned and managed by the Alpha Plus Education Group and is an active member of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools.

Additional Details:

Maintained by the local authority of Kensington and Chelsea, this classy learning institution provides an exceptional education for brilliant and able boys aged from 2 to 8.

Its motto is “Care, Share and Be Fair”, and it strives to maintain an inclusive environment that includes every child to aim high and break the glass ceiling.

Notable alumni include Hugh Grant (actor), Julian Lloyd Webber (cellist), Lord Frederick Windsor (son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent), Damian Hurley (son of actress – Elizabeth Hurley), Archie Campbell (Marquess of Lorne, a British aristocrat).

According to the school’s website, the amount charged as tuition fees per annum (including all school supplies, day trips, lunch and snacks, and some school clubs) is $35,700 (Thirty-five thousand, seven hundred pounds) for Nursery students.

$42,840 (Forty-two thousand, eight hundred and forty pounds) for Pre-Kindergarten students; $50,920 (Fifty thousand, nine hundred and twenty pounds) for Kindergarten students; $51,940 (Fifty one thousand, nine hundred and forty pounds) for students in Grades 1 through 3.

$52,980 (Fifty-two thousand, nine hundred and eighty pounds) for students in Grades 4 and above.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 7535 3520

Fax: 020 7535 3523

Email: admin@wetherbyprep.co.uk

Website: www.wetherbyprep.co.uk

Twitter: @Wetherby_Sport

Head Teacher: Mr Mark Snell

4. Pembridge Hall School

As part of the Alpha Plus Group (the Gold Standard in educational provision), Pembridge strives to equip young and promising girls aged 4 to 11 with a top-notch foundational education that adequately prepares them for the academic journey ahead. It is under the local authority of Kensington & Chelsea.

Additional Details:

The independent school aims to help the children achieve excellent academic results that enable them to gain easy admission into top day and boarding senior schools in the United Kingdom and worldwide. It aims to shape disciplined and curious minds that will grow into confident and ambitious achievers.

The single-sex school was established in 1979 and had an enrollment of around 400 vibrant and happy girls. 

Extracurricular activities offered by the school include cooking, fencing, chess, martial arts, or Irish dancing.

For each term spent at the school, students from Reception year to Year 6 must pay £8,165 (Seven thousand, eight hundred and fifteen pounds) per term.

A sum of £150 (One fifty pounds) is required for registration, and upon securing a place in the school, a sum of £4,100 (Four thousand, one hundred pounds) is required as a deposit, and it is usually deducted from the final term’s fee. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 7229 0121

Fax: 020 7792 1086

Email: contact@pembridgehall.co.uk

Website: www.pembridgehall.co.uk 

Head Teacher: Mr Henry Keighley-Elstub

5. Thomas’s London Day Schools

Also referred to as Thomas’s Preparatory Schools and Thomas’s, TLDs is a group comprising four co-educational independent preparatory schools located in Kensington, Battersea, Clapham, and Fulham, and also a kindergarten in Battersea. It was founded in September 2021 in Battersea.

Poshest Schools in London

Additional Details:

The mixed school is renowned for its outstanding music and arts program and the kind of positive influence it has on the children’s academic and social life. It hires a team of chefs who prepare an eclectic menu of vegan, vegetarian, fish, gluten-free, and dairy options.

Examples of lunches prepared for the young ones include chicken and chorizo jambalaya, pepper-crusted salmon with garlic chickpeas, and so on, and it switches menus every three weeks to recognize the seasons.

According to The Good Schools Guide, admission fees for pupils aged from 4 to 7 are £5,868 (Five thousand, eight hundred and sixty-eight pounds) per term and £6,628 (Six thousand, six hundred and twenty-eight pounds) for pupils aged from 7 to 13.

Extracurricular activities offered by the school include ballet, drama, modern foreign language, music, and art.

The school welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and strives to ensure quality care for all. Prince George (son of Prince William and Kate Middleton) is a student at this prestigious private school.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 7361 6500

Fax: 020 7361 6501

Email: kenregistrar@thomas-s.co.uk

Website: www.thomas-s.co.uk 

Head Teacher: Miss Joanna Ebner

6. Garden House School

Leading the other half of our helpful list of Poshest Schools in London is Garden House School, a co-educational day independent school that comprises two major preparatory schools, two pre-prep schools, and a Kindergarten. It educates boys and girls aged from 3 to 11 differently but within the same building.

Additional Details:

The Preparatory school is located at Turks Row, Chelsea, London, SW3 4TW, England, and has sites in the United States, New York’s New York City, and Briarcliff Manor. Reportedly, the school sends a larger proportion of girls to leading Boarding schools in the United Kingdom than other pre-preps in London.

It was established in 1951 by Margery de Brissac Bernard and had been making great strides academically ever since.

Students’ academic achievement at this school is outstanding due to the quality of teachings delivered by its competent team of staff.

Besides English, other languages spoken at this distinguished school include French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Students enjoy numerous enrichment activities such as music, drama, lunch, clubs, trips, etc.

Tuition fees charged per year are $25,500 (Twenty five thousand, five hundred dollars) for students in Nursery classes through Grade 10; $25,700 (Twenty-five thousand, seven hundred dollars) for students in Grade 11; and $25,900 (Twenty-five thousand, nine hundred dollars) for students in Grade 12.

There is also a $500 (Five hundred dollars) discount per sibling after the first child.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 7730 1652

Fax: 020 7730 0470

Email: info@gardenhouseschool.co.uk

Website: www.gardenhouseschool.co.uk/ 

Twitter: @TheGardenHouse5

Head Teacher: Emma Studd (Girls) and Dan Jameson (Boys)

7. Chepstow House School

This is an Ofsted-Outstanding school dedicated to shaping young and brilliant minds aged from 2 to 13 in a safe and serene environment located at 108a Lancaster Road, London, W11 1QS, United Kingdom. It was established and January 2010 and moved to its current location in 2014.

Additional Details:

The school operates a co-educational nursery provision known as the Little Chepstow Nursery, where children are provided with excellent foundational education that prepares them for a future of many possibilities.

It aims to bring the best out of every child and help them realize their full potential by providing superfluous resources and support.

The school values children as individuals and believes in their ability to succeed. It aims to improve their academic, social, and moral skills through various enrichment programs that expose them to new knowledge and memorable experiences.

The school’s wonderful staff team strives to deliver an all-around education in an inclusive and welcoming setting. For the 2022-2023 academic year, students are expected to pay a tuition fee of £7,785 (Seven thousand, seven hundred and eighty-five pounds) per term.

They are required to pay a non-refundable sum of £175 (One hundred and seventy-five pounds) during registration, and a deposit of £2,500 is expected once a place is offered. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 7243 0243

Email: info@chepstowhouseschool.co.uk

Website: www.chepstowhouseschool.co.uk 

Twitter: @ChepstowHouse

Head Teacher: Angela Barr

8. Arnold House School

Founded in 1905 by Miss Hanson, this remarkable learning institution is a preparatory school for boys aged 5 to 13 located at 1-3 Loudoun Road, London, NW8 0LH, England. It has a Church of England affiliation and is under the local authority of the City of Westminster.

Additional Details:

The single-sex school has its motto of “Conquer we shall”, and this underpins all its activities as it valiantly strives to inspire the students to aim high and believe in their ability to succeed.

It seeks to provide the young ones with a full and well-balanced education that prepares them for their next phase of education and life in general.

Students are nurtured as self-sufficient and confident learners who will remain intellectually curious all through their academic journey. Teachers serve as perfect role models through their commitment to achieving excellence in all areas.

The school offers a wide range of phenomenal facilities and an array of enrichment opportunities meant to develop the children. Its first-class educational provision makes it one of the highest-ranked learning institutions in the United Kingdom.

Tuition fees charged per term include £7,328 (Seven thousand, three hundred and twenty-eight pounds) from Reception to Year 8; and £6,595 (Six thousand, five hundred and ninety-five pounds) Pre-Reception. A non-refundable fee of £100 (One hundred pounds) is also required during registration. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 7266 4840

Email: registrar@arnoldhouse.co.uk

Website: www.arnoldhouse.co.uk 

Twitter: @ArnoldHouseSch

Head Teacher: Vivian W P Thomas

9. Eaton Square School

Taking the penultimate on our list of Poshest Schools in London is a co-educational and independent day school located at 106 Piccadilly, London, W1, United Kingdom.

It specializes in the education and advancement of brilliant boys and girls aged from 2 to 18 and strives to help every one of them achieve their full potential.

Additional Details:

The school is located across four sites in Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Pimlico, and Eccleston Square. It has a burning passion for promoting intellect, character, and passion within each child. It strives to provide an exemplar, all-around education that helps young people imbibe a lifelong love of learning.

The school’s highly enthusiastic staff comprises subject socialists with substantial years of experience in foundational education. They are always available to guide and support the children in all that they do.

The school’s goal is to ensure that every child leaves with extensive knowledge and basic life skills that enable them to live a happy and fulfilling life.

It offers a broad array of co-curricular activities, including Football, Cross country, Netball, Swimming, music, drama, dance, Ballet, Painting and drawing, Design and fashion, and more.

The school charges a tuition fee within a range of £18,705 (Eighteen thousand, seven hundred and five pounds) to £23,340 (Twenty-three thousand, three hundred and forty pounds) per year.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 02079 319 469

Fax: 02078 280 164

Email: admissions@eatonsquareschool.com

Website: www.eatonsquareschool.com 

Twitter: @ESMayfair

Principal: Mr Sebastian Hepher

10. Falkner House

The final name on this list is Falkner House, an independent boys’ school dedicated to raising happy and successful boys by providing an outstanding education that builds them academically, socially, and emotionally. It is located at 19 Brechin Place, London, SW7 4QB, United Kingdom.

Additional Details:

The single-sex school provides a warm and supporting environment where every child is valued, cherished, and provided with the support and resources needed to achieve academic success.

It maintains an enviable reputation for producing first-class learners with exceptional academic achievements.

Teachers work tirelessly to deliver wonderful lessons guided by a broad and balanced curriculum that incorporates class lessons with several enrichment activities meant to develop the whole child. They encourage the students to discover and explore their abilities and never stop asking the right questions.

The school endeavours to nurture the young ones as well-mannered, diligent, and ambitious youngsters who will make their parents, school, and community proud wherever they go. It offers several extracurricular activities that include music, drama, art, e.t.c.

Students are charged a tuition fee of £19,890 (Nineteen thousand, eight hundred and ninety pounds) per annum. New intakes are welcomed with open arms by both teachers and students, and they strive to help them with their transition.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 7373 2340

Email: office20pr@falknerhouse.co.uk

Website: https://www.falknerhouse.co.uk/

Head Teacher: Mrs. Anita Griggs

Now that you have familiarized yourself with our relevant list of the Poshest Schools in London, we believe you are equipped to make an excellent choice. 

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