Best 10 Primary Schools in Birmingham

Primary Schools in Birmingham

Knowing the Best 10 Primary Schools in Birmingham will help you cut to the chase and prevent admission deadline pressures.

It is no news that the right primary school for your child can make all the difference in their successful academic careers. Getting it right can be tedious in a major city like Birmingham. The abundance of options can leave you as a parent at a crossroads over how to choose the best environment for their children to thrive in.

To make this task easier, it is important to know what to look out for in a school to ensure your child receives the best possible education for their specific needs. The choice of the right primary school is a different stroke for different folks, which may lead to the choice of either a public or private school down the street.

It may even be a vocation-structure primary school. If you are after the best, see the Best 10 Primary Schools in Birmingham.

1. Lea Forest Primary Academy, Birmingham

To launch our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Birmingham, we bring you a leading school in Birmingham with an excellent, relevant, challenging, and innovative curriculum that helps children uncover a world of possibilities and inspires each child to achieve academic excellence.

It instills in every child a passion for excellence in everything they do. It believes that the potential to achieve academic success relies solely upon having the right introduction to school life.

Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has come before. Academic learning is underpinned by a strong emphasis on personal development and social skills so that children make and maintain healthy relationships with others.

They learn responsibility and develop a sense of self to understand and value their place in the world and respect the same for others.

The curriculum at Lea Forest Primary Academy’s main aim is to provide a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences. We desire that children and their families value their learning and seize all and use any opportunity wholeheartedly; therefore, we aim to ensure the offer to learn is strong in every classroom.

The school strives to create an environment where the pupils will feel truly happy, make new friends and, of course, develop a deep love of learning which will remain in them for the rest of their school life and beyond.

Students of the school can work with modern electronic devices and technology, which is a motivational factor for them. All classes have access to laptops, tablets, and wireless devices. 

Contact Details                                  

Address: Lea Forest Primary Academy, Hurstcroft Road, Kitts Green, Birmingham, B33 9RD

Telephone Number: 0121 675 3985

Fax Number: 0121 675 3983

Twitter Feed: @lea_forest_aet 

Instagram: lea_forest_aet

Facebook: Lea Forest Primary Academy

Email Addresses:


2. Little Sutton Primary School, Birmingham

To keep the excitement going, we introduce to you a larger-than-average primary school that has been designated as one of the government’s new English Hubs.

It has received several esteemed awards, including the British Council International Award and the Healthy School Award. It works hard to ensure its students are disciplined, ambitious, and enthusiastic in all areas of life.

The school’s team of competent and experienced staff goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding lessons to the pupils in a warm and welcoming environment. Also, students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities to get them excited about life outside the school. 

Contact Details 

Address: Little Sutton Primary School, WORCESTER LANE, SUTTON COLDFIELD B75 5NL

TEL 0121 464 4494

FAX 0121 464 2045


Twitter: @littlesub75


3. Barr View Primary & Nursery Academy, Birmingham

Barr View Primary School is a FAMS school that converted to academy status in September 2012, with inclusion and achievement at the heart of everything we do. This conversion has offered us the opportunity for accelerated improvement, with the school having greater control over its future.

We are not a school that stands still; we constantly reflect on current practices, review their impact and effectiveness and implement new ideas and strategies that enhance the learning experience of our students.

Located at Aldridge Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, Barr View is a magnificent institution that was ranked 3rd best primary school in Birmingham in 2020. It enables its pupils to gain confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, and respect for others. It offers a wide range of learning opportunities and expects the best from each child at all times. 

The school has a diverse community and snatches every opportunity to learn about and celebrate many different cultural heritages. Every year, pupils’ standards in reading, writing, and mathematics improve rapidly. Each staff member is always excited to take responsibility for leading different aspects of the school’s work.

Contact Details

Address: Barr View Primary and Nursery School, Aldridge Rd, Birmingham, West Midlands, B44 8NT


Phone: 0121 464 2251


4. Cromwell Junior and Infant School, Birmingham

Another amazing school on this list is a marvelous learning institute with 53% boys and 47% girls. According to Ofsted, located at Cromwell Street, Nechells, Birmingham, the quality of teaching, learning, and assessment is outstanding.

This mixed-sex primary school has 241 pupils, with a capacity of 326, aged from 3 to 11, and the type of establishment is academy converter.

Cromwell Junior and Infants School, a vibrant mainstream school in inner-city Birmingham. In Cromwell, they say, “If children are happy they will achieve… we seek to educate the whole child, paying particular attention to their emotional and intellectual well-being.”

The school has a highly motivated, qualified, and committed team of staff keen to work together with parents to provide top-notch education for all of its pupils in a safe, warm and welcoming environment. It believes that a positive partnership between home and school is a major factor in encouraging pupils’ academic achievement. 

Contact Details

Address: Cromwell Junior and Infant (NC) School Cromwell Street, Nechells, Birmingham B7 5BA

Telephone: 0121 464 2434

Fax: 0121 464 6705



5. Kings Rise Academy, Birmingham

Ranking 5th on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Birmingham is a school 3 miles to the North of Birmingham city center. With over three hundred pupils, a nursery unit, Full Day Care, and a Breakfast Club, the school is a dynamic multicultural school that is constantly improving.

Its staff is committed to providing a top-notch education for all pupils to ensure academic achievement all over. Kings Rise Academy provides a personalized and holistic education, delivered through partnership, enabling and challenging everyone involved to recognize their achievements and build on their unique strengths.

At Kings Rise Academy, we value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all pupils and families and undertake various events and lessons to celebrate these. We have found this approach enriching for all parties as it teaches tolerance and respect for the differences in our community and the wider world.

Underpinning all of this is a range of curriculum topics linked to the British Empire. Democracy is part of school life. Pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard through our School Council, Class Counsel, and Pupil Questionnaires.

The elections of School Councillors and House Captains and Vice captains and Head Boy and Girl are evidence of this. Our School Behaviour Policy involves rewards and sanctions, which the pupils decide upon.

The school believes that each child’s education is best achieved through an awesome partnership with parents and caregivers. Safety, teaching, learning, and leadership remain as top priorities at Kings Rise to ensure high standards in the school.

Contact Details

Address: Hornsey Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B44 0JL


Phone: 0121 464 4635


6. Whitehouse Common Primary School, Birmingham

Whitehouse Common is a very well-known two-form entry primary school that is highly regarded in the community for its academic accomplishment across the wider curriculum. It strives to achieve excellence as a learning institution and also instills this quality in its pupils.

It works hard towards ensuring that every child has the confidence, enthusiasm, and chance to develop life-long skills and positive attitudes that will enable them to flourish in all aspects of their life.

The school prioritizes close links with parents and the local community as it is vital to the pupil’s social and moral development, helping them grow into responsible and self-reliant individuals who can contribute positively to their immediate community and society. This is why regular contact is both planned and encouraged. 

Contact Details

Address: Cotysmore Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B75 6BL United Kingdom


Phone: 0121 464 1918


7. Four Oaks Primary School, Birmingham

 Next on our amazing list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Birmingham is a loving school located in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, and falls under the local authority of Birmingham. The school has 22 teachers, and the most recent Ofsted inspection was 5 March 2014, resulting in an outstanding rating.

This mixed-sex primary school has 421 pupils, with a capacity of 420, aged from four to eleven. They are proud to be a caring school where the well-being and development of every individual is of paramount importance. They have a friendly school, where children feel valued and secure.

Their enthusiastic and dedicated staff work in partnership with parents, governors, and the community to provide a well-planned and challenging education of a high standard within a caring environment.

Located at Edge Hill Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, the school is a foundation school where each pupil is believed to have unique talents and abilities. The school’s competent team of staff helps pupils to nurture and improve these talents to achieve excellence.  

Contact Details

Address: Four Oaks Primary School, Edge Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield, B74 4PA


Phone: 0121 675 4040

8. St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Birmingham

As we steadily approach the end of this list, let us tell you about a voluntary aided school that believes that home, school, and parish together form a valuable and important partnership that will help improve a child’s life and take them to great places in life.

The pupils are passionately cared for in a loving, Catholic atmosphere to encourage the children to develop and mature in the light of the Gospel values with a Christian concern for others. 

They provide a wide range of learning opportunities for all children to help them grow into independent and responsible young people. They believe that life outside the school is equally important to development. Children may wish to take advantage of a range of extracurricular activities, which they offer.

Pupils of this great school are articulate and speak highly of their school when asked. The school encourages pupils to engage in one extracurricular activity or the other to widen their scope of interests. The school has a close relationship with St Peter’s Parish, where all are welcome.

Contact Details



FAX NO: 0121 464 6533


9. Hall Green Junior School, Birmingham

Taking the ninth position on our ranked list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Birmingham is a school ranked in the top 11% of schools in the country for attainment in Year 6 SATS exams over the last four years.

It was established on its current site in 1964, after moving from the site of Sparkhill Commercial College. Previously a foundation school, the school converted to academy status in February 2012.

The school has an enhanced curriculum with topic-based and thematic teaching for some foundation subjects. It also includes PSHE, French. It offers over ten different sports, and Art and music are taught as discrete subjects to all pupils.

It is also known as one of Birmingham’s best state primary schools and one of the three best independent or state primaries within 1 mile.

Contact Details

Address: Hall Green Junior School, Stratford Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B28 9AJ


Phone: 01214643840


10. Chad Vale Primary School, Birmingham

At the bottom of this list is Chad Vale, a mixed school with 388 pupils between 4 and 11. It has many pupils in the UK but also accepts pupils of diverse racial and religious backgrounds. It has a 96.5% attendance rate which, according to Ofsted, is extremely high and above average for the country. 

The community primary school encourages its staff team to monitor each individual to ensure they are all reaching their true academic potential. The school’s accredited curriculum ensures the pupil’s lessons cut across every required subject to ensure academic success.

Of all the Primary Schools in Birmingham, the above-listed schools have been vetted properly before being declared the best choices for you.    

Contact Details

Address: 91 Nursery Rd, Harborne, Birmingham B15 3JU, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 121 464 7329


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