Best 10 Primary Schools in Canterbury

Canterbury is not taking the backbench when it comes to quality education. See the Best 10 Primary Schools in Canterbury, England.

If not intentional, one can get carried away with the fact that Canterbury is a cathedral city and UNESCO World Heritage Site without noticing that it also boasts of one of the finest education system inclusive of primary education,

In today’s Best 10 series, we dive into the Best 10 Primary Schools in Canterbury by the Ofsted rating. This rating is highlighted based on the criteria of Effectiveness of leadership and management. Secondly, Quality of teaching, learning, and assessment. Lastly, personal development, behavior, and welfare.

Without much ado, from the bottom to the top, let’s check out the Best 10 Primary Schools in Canterbury and the admission criteria before you apply to see if your child is eligible.

Best 10 Primary Schools in Canterbury

10. Joy Lane Primary School, Canterbury

Joy Lane Primary School, Canterbury is located at Joy Lane, Whitstable CT5 4LT, United Kingdom, and has the capacity of admitting from Nursery to Oysters SRP. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, JLPS boasts of a robust online learning system.

Just like any other formidable schools in the council, Joy Lane Primary School is governed by Kent County Council’s admission procedures. Many join Joy Lane Primary School from Oyster Bay Nursery. The school is so competitive that a place in the Nursery does not guarantee a place in the main School. The benchmark of gaining admission is meeting the Local Authority’s entry requirements.

9. Chartham Primary School, Canterbury

If you are considering choosing a primary school in Canterbury that offers your child an exciting, friendly, and engaging place to learn and work then you should consider Chartham Primary School located at Shalmsford Street, Chartham, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 7QN. The school allows interested students to come visiting before offered admission.

After due consideration from the council, parents who wish to accept a place at Chartham Primary School must provide certain evidence as a document. These documents include; their address (e.g. utility bill dated from the last three months, a council tax bill, or water bill), their child’s proof of address (e.g. doctors letter, Red book, or Child Tax credit letter), and their child’s date of birth (short birth certificate/passport). 

8. Good Barham Church of England Primary School, Canterbury

“The vibrant, exciting curriculum provides pupils with a wealth of opportunities to thrive academically and personally. Pupils achieve highly by the end of Year 6”, this is a comment from Ofsed 2019 about Good Braham Church of England Primary School.

Located in Valley Rd, Barham, Canterbury CT4 6NX, United Kingdom With a mix of religious core, Good Braham Church of England Primary School has continued to make a community impact in children between the 4 and 11 years age range. GBC has 30 places available for new entrants each year in the reception class.

7. Wickhambreaux Church of England Primary School, Canterbury

It may not have the giant of structures but when it comes to a small school that values standards and achievement, Wickhambreaux Church of England ranks top.

Located in Wickhambreaux Canterbury Kent CT3 1RN, Parents/carers can make an appointment with the headteacher to have a look around the school for admissions throughout the year. By 2019’s Ofsed, the school was rated outstanding for the latest overall effectiveness, outstanding for the Early years provision, Outcomes for children and learners Outstanding another outstanding for Quality of teaching.

6. Whitstable and Seasalter Endowed, Canterbury

According to the 2017 OFSTED rating, Whitstable and Seasalter Endowed bagged the ‘Oustanding” remark. The Christian background school is located at High St, Whitstable CT5 1AY, the United Kingdom admitting 48 children from its local infant schools. The school also houses students outside the Christian background.

Founded in 1844 with the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, etc, and foundation subjects in History, Geography, Spanish, Art, Design Technology, Music, Drama, Sports/PE, and PHSE. WSEC believes in extra curriculum activities to make the child more efficient in areas like Netball, Hockey, Football, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, and Athletics. Music is not also left out.

5.Westmeads Community, Canterbury

Westmeads Community School sits comfortably at Cromwell Road, Whitstable CT5 1NA, United Kingdom. Westmead’s is an infant school built-in 1904 and extended in 2004 to provide much-needed space for extra classrooms, a new library, ICT suite, Rainbow Room, and offices. 

For interested prospects, they can join the school when they are 5 years old, and be transferred to one of Whitstable’s Junior Schools or another school of parents’ choice in the September following their 7th birthday.

4. Shurry Church of England Primary School Canterbury

Shurry Church of England Primary School not only follows a thematic creative curriculum as a way of achieving the outcomes set by the national curriculum for Art and Design also in History, Geography, Music and Design and Technology but designed to grip children’s interest from the very start.

The Park View, Sturry, Canterbury CT2 0NR, United Kingdom located Christian school in its most recent Ofsted rating in 2015 bagged outstanding in Leadership and management, Outstanding in Behaviour and safety of pupils, Outstanding in Quality of teaching, Outstanding in Achievement of pupils and Outstanding in Early years provision.

3. St. Thomas Catholic Primary School, Canterbury

Founded by the Catholic Church in 1870 to provide education for children of Catholic families. St. Thomas Catholic Primary School has proven overtime to bring a multi-cultural dimension means for pupils to learn to respect and appreciate other cultures and faiths, preparing them for the bigger world picture.

Entrance into the 99 Military Rd, Canterbury CT1 1NE, the United Kingdom located institution is conducted by its governing body in line with the Catholic Church Deed and instrument of government which places a priority on children of catholic members and those baptised in catholic practice. It admits only 30 pupils to the reception class.

2. Blean Primary School, Canterbury

Just before the number one school in our choice of Best 10 Primary Schools in Canterbury is Blean Primary School located in Whitstable Rd, Canterbury CT2 9ED, United Kingdom. The thriving institution is known for its values that cut across; responsibility, resourcefulness, resilience, curiosity, and collaboration.

Our Blean School Values produce opportunities for every child and adult in our learning community to learn, demonstrate and practice lifelong learning attributes.

The school determines the admission arrangements in agreement with the Local Authority (LA). Nevertheless, the school has its admission policy in comformity with The School Standard and Framework Act 1998.

1. Adisham Church of Englands Primary School

Sitting on our number 1 list of the Best 10 Primary Schools in Canterbury is a catholic own school,Adisham Church of Englands’ Primary School located at Canterbury CT3 3JW, United Kingdom, Adisham Church of England Omary.

The admission number of the catholic school is 60 places for children joining the school in the receptive classes in the September of the academic year in which they become 5.

If the number of children applying for entry exceeds the places available, the institution is bound to comply with the procedure set out by the Local Authority to determine whether a child is accepted or not. During the summer new entrants and their parents are invited to a range of transition arrangements that include a parent meeting, nursery visits, stay and play sessions, lunch with parents, and a home visit.

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