Best 10 Primary Schools in Hamilton

primary schools in Hamilton

Hamilton is a great city to behold, choosing the right beginner school among this list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Hamilton for your kids, makes the experience greater.

Certain factors in Canada make a city the right destination for settlers. For Hamilton, it is the closeness to a popular city like Toronto and of course low rent due to its sub-urban nature. By these pointers, this city continues to experience an increase in restaurants, stores, and even elementary schools to serve its population.

The low cost of living available in the city has made it a destination for parents who relocate alongside their kids or wards, making it necessary to seek enrolment into the perfect school for these young lads.

One thing not to lose sight of is the industrial nature of the city making it a side attraction for job seekers which has contributed to the Canadian town being the fifth most populous city in Ontario. All these indices make the city more difficult to navigate, this is why we have curated a list of top-performing schools to chose from.

1. Corpus Christi Catholic School

First among our Best 10 Primary Schools in Hamilton is a religious school that has stood the test of time. It is no other than the Corpus Christi Catholic School, located at 5 Alderson Dr, Hamilton, ON L9B 1G3, Canada.

Additional Details

The school who first opened on September 7th, 1965 began as a country school as many who attended the school lived on farms. Over the years the student population increased and it became necessary to renovate the building to accommodate the larger student body. The school offers a  quiet lifestyle in a strategic position.

Corpus Christi strongly believes in environmental stewardship and has a very active ECO Team that helps to carry out important initiatives and promote awareness. Catholic School Council is actively engaged in the school life of students ensuring the school goal is achieved. 

The school has 8.9 F.I. scores, making it the highest in the public and catholic school boards.  The school’s executive board members as of 2020 / 2021 academics session are; Chair-Carolyn, Vice Chair-Jennifer, and Treasurer-Paula Secretary-Kerry.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (905) 389-3940

Fax Number: (905) 318-6095



Twitter: @CCCSSNews

2. Norwood Park Elementary School

Located in 165 Terrace Dr, Hamilton, ON L9A 2Z2, Canada is Norwood Park Elementary School, our second in the list of Best 10 Primary School in Hamilton. The public school continues to rank between 6.9 – 7.7 in recent times with a niche in French.

Additional Details

If you are looking for a school that is immersive in the French Language, promoting French culture alongside then you should think Norwood Elementary School which has an amazing Google review in this regard. French is used as a language of communication in classrooms, reaching a tune of 80% of the time.

With an impressive F.I score above the national average of 6.9 -7.7, this institution is located in a serene neighborhood of Southern Balfour housing family and school activities. The school’s executives are; Principal: Rhonda Moules, Vice-Principal(s): Nicola Giles, Superintendent: Angela Ferguson, and Trustee: Becky Buck.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 905-575-9808

Fax Number: 905-575-0098

Mailing Address: Norwood Park, P.O. Box 2558, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3L1                 


Twitter: @Norwood_hwdsb

3. St. John the Baptist School

Another catholic School is ranking at the top spot of our carefully selected schools. Located in the historic Eastside of town at 115 London St S, Hamilton, ON L8K 2G6, Canada is St. John the Baptist Catholic Elementary School with a whopping 8 F.I. score that has remained consistent for 5 years now.

Additional Details

Constructed in 1929 with a blend of modern and traditional fittings, the school structurally has experienced quite a several renovations which now feature a gym, computer lab, library, heating, and air conditioning units in all classrooms.

The school boasts of approximately 310 students with hard work as a hallmark, not throwing away its involvement with many extracurricular school activities. 

In collaboration with Catholic School Council, parent community the institution also help to organize the School Barbecue, Pizza, Snack Program, Special Lunch Days, and many other activities. The school has as its Superdendient; Corrado Ciapanna.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 905- 549-8203

Fax Number: (905) 549-2002



Twitter: @Norwood_hwdsb

4. St. Kateri Tekawitha Catholic School

St. Kateri Tekawitha Catholic School is located at 22 Queensbury Dr, Hamilton, ON L8W 1Z6, Canada with a very strong FI score that skyrocked to 9.2 in 2016. This school is an addition to the list of catholic schools making a positive mark in education.

Additional Details

The school has a rich website that has content spanning;  Catholic resources, leassons / activities, encyclopedias, web 2.0 tools, database, digital media among others with a well-rounded approach to education that strives to give children the best possible experience.

You must know that Kateri Tekakwitha was born in Gandahouhague, in the territory of the Mohawks, which later became part of New York. The school location has a neighborhood that affords a different budget. The current Principal is Tracey Brown while Dean DiFrancesco is Superintendent and Joseph Baiardo is Trustee.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 905- 385-8212

Fax Number: (905) 385-1248



Twitter: @stktces

5. R.A Riddell Elementary School

Half the list of our Best 10 Primary Schools in Hamilton is R.A Riddell Elementary School with 200 Cranbrook Dr, Hamilton, ON L9C 4S9, Canada as the current location. The school is of public ownership.

Additional Details

With a massive F.I score of 6.9, the school has a special programme that covers athletes with tons of space for play in Gilkson Park, which sits directly behind the school. The school encourages parents to be part of its council meetings and decision-making process.

A major highlight of the school is its Sports Academy created in 2006 to engage its students by satisfying their unique academic and athletic needs from all districts.  Doug Trimble is the current Principal while BreAnna Kindt is Vice with Laura Roman as Superintendent and Becky Buck as Trustee.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 905-387-3350

Fax Number: 905-387-9188

Mailing Address: R. A. Riddell, P.O. Box 2558, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3L1    


Twitter: @Riddell_HWDSB

6. St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Elementary

St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Elementary is located in 171 San Remo Dr, Hamilton, ON L9C 6P8, Canada with a sterling academic performance over the years. Its F.I score is 7.6 and has maintained this range.

Additional Details

The school adopts the same core principles as the other Catholic schools on the board, so in other words, this is a guarantee of behaviour and integrity. The academic strength is proven by never falling below the national average.

St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Elementary is primarily concerned with the continuous focus to enhance a climate of interpersonal support, growth, and development among faculty, students, parish, and the community. Top officials include; Devia Catania as Principal, Corrado Ciapanna as Superintendent and John Valvasori as Trustee.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (905) 385-7555

Fax Number: (905) 385-0956



Twitter: @sttaces

7. Mount View Elementary School

Mount View Elementary School is a public school located at 59 Karen Crescent and has a 6.6 F.I score, making it one of the best elementary schools in Hamilton.

Additional Details

As for perks to attending this school ranking seventh of our Best 10 Primary Schools in Hamilton, the school realizes the nutritional needs of students that is why it offers 2 – 40 minute Nutrition Breaks.

The school offers full-day, every-day Junior and Senior Kindergarten programs. All classes are JK/SK blended classes. Holly Shanlin is the current Principal, Laura Romano as Superintendent, and Christine Bingham as Trustee.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 905-388-1677

Fax Number: 905-388-4706

Mailing Address: Mountview, P.O. Box 2558, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3L1


Twitter: @Mountview_HWDSB

8. Queen Victoria Elementary School

Located at 166 Forest Ave, Hamilton, ON L8N 0A6, Canada, Queen Victoria Elementary School prides itself as a balanced day school.

Additional Details

The school actively participates in the HWDSB iPad 1:1 program which allows all students in Grades 4 to 8 to have access to an iPad helping students to make active use of the learning commons and can access Corktown Park.

Technology plays a key role in student learning at Queen Victoria School which has to do with opportunities presented to many students to be efficient with the use of gadgets. Kelly Sweeting is the current principal, Sue Pasian as Vice-Principal, Sue Dunlop as Superintendent, and Christine Bigham as Trustee.

Phone Number: 905-667-5880

Fax Number: 905-667-5885

Mailing Address: Queen Victoria, P.O. Box 2558, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3L1


Twitter: @QVHamilton

9. Cootes Paradise Elementary School

Our penultimate school of the Best 10 Primary Schools in Hamilton is Cootes Paradise Elementary school located at 900 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1K6, Canada, with high academic standards.

Additional Details

The school aside from its academic strength offers financial support to eligible families who live in Hamilton and need assistance with child care costs for children ages 0-12 years.

Cootes Paradise Elementary School is French immersive with Danny Fede as current Principal, Susanna Beatrice-Gojsic as Vice-Principal, Sue Dunlop as Superintendent, and Christine Bingham as Trustee.

Phone Number: 905-522-0601

Fax Number: 905-522-4998

Mailing Address: Cootes Paradise, P.O. Box 2558, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3L1


Twitter: @CParadise_HWDSB

10. Benetto Elementary School

To end this list of Best 10 Primary School in Hamilton is Benetto Elementary School located at 47 Simcoe St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 3N2, Canada. The school is known for its diversity.

Additional Details

Bennetto School is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight school to provide quality education for five hundred students. In 2010, a full-day junior/senior kindergarten was introduced.

The school is a combination of s a combination of Centennial School  ( JK-5), Bennetto Middle School ( Gr. 6-8), and Robert Land School ( JK-5). All three schools amalgamated between 2002 and 2004. 

The School has at its Principal Nancy Kucic, Vice-Principal; Sue Pasian, Superintendent; Sue Dunlop and Christine Bingham as Trustee.

Phone Number: 905-528-6341

Fax Number: 905-528-6097

Mailing Address: Bennetto, P.O. Box 2558, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3L1


Twitter: @CParadise_HWDSB

There you have it. Start tailoring your research around these schools and their offerings to determine how suitable for your budget and proximity.

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