Best 10 Primary Schools in Harlow

Primary Schools in Harlow

A strong education provides a perfect head start in life. This is why choosing the right foundational school for your child is extremely important.

We understand you would want to pick an institution with a safe and secure environment where the young ones can receive a firm foundation to the start of their learning journey.

Harlow is a wonderful and diverse town situated on the border with Hertfordshire and London. It has a population of about 87,000 people, according to Wikipedia. It has a lot of tourist attractions, notable persons, fascinating facilities, and outstanding learning institutions.

You’ll be glad to know that it is home to some of the best options of Private schools, State-funded schools, Community schools, Voluntary-aided schools, Religious schools, and Independent schools in the United Kingdom.

To assist you in picking the perfect choice for your child, we’ve compiled a helpful list of the Best 10 Primary Schools in Harlow, and we’ve included some pertinent details such as Location, Contact information, School capacity, Achievements, and so on. All just to help alleviate your stress and worries. Let’s dive in!

1. Latton Green Primary Academy

To begin, we will be taking a look at Latton Green, a vibrant primary school that was awarded “Good” by Ofsted in November 2017. It is located at Riddings Lane, Harlow, CM18 7HT, United Kingdom. It educates over 200 boys and girls aged from 3 to 11.

Additional Details:

With a student-teacher ratio of 22 to 1, Latton Green is divided into small class sizes and can provide a more personalized tutorship for the students. It is dedicated to nurturing outstanding students and shaping promising futures.

It strives to ensure academic success for all students by providing them with the required support, guidance, and resources. It encourages students to tirelessly chase their dreams, and overcome every challenge that comes their way.

The school has continued to improve in all of its practices, and this consistently rubs off on the children’s academic performance.

Teachers work hard to deliver an excellent education in a loving and inclusive environment, with a broad and stimulating curriculum that combines class learning with beneficial outdoor activities.

Pupils respect their teachers and look up to them as role models. Every pupil is valued as a unique individual who has the potential to succeed.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     020 8597 7576         



Twitter:     @NET_LattonGreen

Head Teacher:       Miss S McCarthy

2. Katherines Primary Academy

Next on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Harlow is a happy and successful school where teachers work with parents to ensure that students are prompted to achieve their best. It is a diverse and friendly environment located at Brookside, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5NJ, United Kingdom.

Additional Details:

It is a learning oasis committed to developing children academically, mentally, socially, and physically. It places the children’s well-being at the heart of everything it does. It believes in an inclusive setting where every child has the right to be successful.

The school strives to maintain a sense of togetherness by teaching the children to love and respect one another. It caters for boys and girls aged from 3 to 11, under the local authority of Essex.

The school’s team of staff works tirelessly to deliver outstanding education, and nurture brilliant and ambitious students who will go on to achieve exceptional feats in the subsequent stages of their education.

It ensures that pupils are rewarded for getting things right and applies consequences when they don’t. Students are properly educated with the guidance of a full and flexible curriculum that focuses on Literacy, numeracy and creativity. The school is dedicated to providing a fun and fulfilling educational experience for every child.  

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     01279 421495          



Twitter:   @NET_Katherines

Head Teacher:  Mrs Annette Norris

3. Water Lane Primary Academy

Located at Broadley Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5RD, United Kingdom, Water Lane is a vibrant learning institution with a successful history of nurturing great minds and enthusiastic learners. It is a proud member of the REACH 2 Academy Trust and was awarded “Good” by Ofsted in June 2017.

Additional Details:

It is an Academic sponsor led school that educates exceptional boys and girls aged from 4 to 11. It cherishes the uniqueness of each pupil and recognizes the worth of all they bring with them. It believes in fostering children’s social, moral, and intellectual development.

The school enjoys a smooth and beneficial relationship with parents and carers who continue to contribute to its rapid development. It strives to raise independent, ambitious, and compassionate learners who will grow up to be upstanding members of society.

The school’s dedicated and competent team of staff works hard to provide the children with the necessary knowledge and life skills needed to thrive and flourish in the next stage of their education.

Values such as persistence, diligence, discipline, positivity, and empathy are instilled in them at an early age so they grow into well-adjusted individuals. Teachers deliver lessons using certain innovative approaches that make learning fun and exciting, and as a result, pupils are happy to sit in class and learn.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     01279 417410             



Twitter:      @R2WaterLane

Head Teacher:  Mr James Kenyon

4. Harlowbury Primary School

Harlowbury is a prestigious learning community that caters for boys and girls aged from 4 to 11 at Watlington Road, Old Harlow, Harlow, Essex, CM17 0DX, United Kingdom. It was established in September 1978 and has been making performing excellently under the local authority of Essex, ever since.

Additional Details:

The one-form entry primary school maintains a serene and learning-friendly environment where equal resources and support is given to every child to ensure all-around success. Pupils are taught with a full and stimulating curriculum that has been tailored to meet specific educational needs.

They have been taught to see the challenge as something to overcome and not an excuse for underachievement. The school has a lot of wonderful facilities meant to provide the students with pleasant and fulfilling experiences throughout their stay.

The school strives to ensure the academic and emotional development of every child, regardless of their background or history. It celebrates diversity and encourages the pupils to respect individual differences.

Teachers continue to come up with different ways to inspire and motivate children to strive for academic excellence. The safety of every child is never taken lightly, and bullying of any kind is swiftly dealt with.

The school enjoys glowing reviews from parents of new intakes, regarding the abundant support and resources provided for their children to ensure a smooth transition.     

Contact Information:

Phone Number:    01279 423444

Fax:  01279 453 202



Twitter:    @HarlowburySch

Head Teacher:   Ms Victoria Early

Primary Schools in Harlow

5. Little Parndon Primary Academy

Rated “Good” by Ofsted in January 2017, Little Parndon is a flourishing primary academy with an overwhelming passion for achieving academic excellence. It is located at Park Mead, Harlow, Essex, CM20 1PU, United Kingdom, and is an active member of Burnt Mill Academy Trust.

Additional Details:

The two-form entry school dedicates its resources to nurturing inspired and ambitious learners who will go on to dominate their second stage of education. It provides pupils with a superb education and a lot of enrichment opportunities that help to equip and prepare them for the real world.

It maintains a secure, exciting and well-disciplined learning environment where pupils attain a wide range of knowledge, skills and practical abilities. The schools also strive to ensure that the children are socially, emotionally, and intellectually prepared for what comes next.

Every activity of the school has been tailored to aid the children’s development. The school’s team of staff shares the school’s passion for achieving excellence and ensures that the children meet the high standard set by the learning institution.

The school encourages the pupils to treat learning as a lifelong endeavor, and to never shy away from academic challenges.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:   01279 425600          

Fax:   01279 626 943



Twitter:  @LittleParndon1

Head Teacher:  Mr Mark Evans

6. Milwards Primary School and Nursery

Midway on our helpful list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Harlow is a mixed academy located at           Paringdon Road, Harlow, CM19 4QX, United Kingdom. It educates approximately 200 boys and girls aged from 3 to 11, under the local authority of Essex.

Additional Details:

With a student-teacher ratio of 23 to 1, the school’s competent team of teaching staff can provide each student with adequate attention and resources needed to succeed.

Children are encouraged to explore and make new discoveries through a wide range of wonderful learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom.

It strives to provide the children with a well-rounded curriculum that ensures their academic, moral, and social development. The school offers an array of social activities meant to excite the children and make learning fun for them.

Milwards maintains a safe and calm environment where students love one another and respect individual differences. Parents are encouraged to play a more active role in school life, and present their concerns and opinions to the management.

The school also places great emphasis upon hard work, a positive learning attitude, being a team player and trying new things. It provides students with social skills and academic knowledge needed to survive in the outside world.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     01279 435850          



Twitter:  @MilwardsPrimary

Head Teacher:  Mr Michael Doughty

7. Freshwaters Primary Academy

Founded in September 2013, this mixed primary school is a happy and thriving place where every student is valued for this unique abilities and talents. It educates over 400 boys and girls aged from 3 to 11 at School Lane, Harlow, Essex, CM20 3QA, United Kingdom.

Additional Details:

Rated “Good” by Ofsted in March 2019, the Academy Sponsor led school admits students from every race, faith and culture. Students with Special Educational Needs (SEND) are provided with additional support to help them catch up with the rest of the class.

Students benefit from small class sizes, which allow the teaching staff to get a better understanding of each child’s individual needs and tailor their learning experience.

Learning at this fine institution goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. The school offers some exciting recreational activities such as sports, tours, excursions, and so on.

With state-of-the-art facilities and an excellent learning structure, Freshwaters Primary Academy aims to create a safe learning environment where every student can peacefully and successfully explore their interests and abilities, hone in on them and use it as a tool for academic success.

Students are raised to be independent and ambitious learners who will make their parents proud. They are usually well-behaved, polite and respectful towards one another.

The school strives to provide a strong foundation for future studies by providing them with top-notch education through a balanced and stimulating curriculum.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     01279454688



Twitter:  @FreshwatersAcad

Head Teacher: Miss Jackie Diggle

8. Cooks Spinney Primary Academy and Nursery

Seventh on our helpful list is Cooks Spinney, a citadel of learning located at Cooks Spinney, Harlow, Essex, CM20 3BW, United Kingdom, under the local authority of Essex. It caters for the education of boys and girls aged from 3 to 11.

Additional Details:

The school was awarded “Good” by Ofsted in June 2017 for being a fantastic learning institution that puts the well-being and development of its students first. Cooks Spinney accepts students from all faiths and culture, and provide the children with equal opportunities and resources needed to succeed.

It currently educates over 400 students in a calm and supportive environment where students are encouraged to face challenges, overcome them and be better for it.

Teachers strive to create a fun and exciting approach to education so as to instill a lifelong love of learning in the young ones. They work tirelessly to equip the students with the necessary knowledge needed to thrive in the future ahead.

Leavers of this wonderful learning institution have been known to perform excellently in the subsequent stages of their education. The school believes in working with parents and carers to give the children the best of education.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01279 437590          

Fax:   01279 431572



Twitter:    @CooksSpinney

Head Teacher: Mr Neil Stirrat

9. Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Harlow

This is a standard and highly successful learning institution that prides itself on being one of the best primary schools in the United Kingdom. It is located at Tracyes Road, Southern Way, Harlow, CM18 6JJ, and a proud member of the Holy Cross Catholic Primary Academy.

Additional Details:

Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic school that educated over 400 boys and girls aged from 5 to 11. It strives to maintain an inclusive environment where every child is considered equal regardless of their faith, race or culture.

It has a student-teacher ratio of 21 to 1, and an impressive percentage of its pupils achieve higher standard in reading, writing & maths at key stage 2.

Teachers are dedicated to ensuring every child’s personal development and academic achievement. It has continued to receive fantastic reviews from both new and existing parents.

Established in 2011, this wonderful institution has consistently produced exceptional learners who have gone on to achieve great academic feats. It believes in nurturing the whole child, by developing them educationally, spiritually, socially, and morally.

High expectations is set, and the students are encouraged to aim high. Students are nurtured and shaped into ambitious learners with a passion for excellence.

They are tutored with an enriched curriculum that combines class learning with a variety of social activities such as residential trips, excursions, special events, and so on.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     01279 424452          

Fax:  01279 421168



Twitter:   @HolyCrossHarlow

Head Teacher: Miss Sue McGuiggan

10. Longwood Primary Academy

The last name on our amazing list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Harlow is a fine institution that was established in January 2015. It is located at Paringdon Road, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7RQ, United Kingdom, and educates boys and girls aged from 3 to 11.

Additional Details:

The Academy sponsor led school is a happy and supportive community where students are valued and their interests are nurtured. It has a proud history of producing exceptional students who have continued to achieve academic excellence.

It continues to enjoy a wide range of reviews and recommendations from impressed parents whose children have been shaped into ambitious and independent learners.

It offers an array of extracurricular activities that include sports, music, games, and so on. The school works tirelessly to maintain a safe and serene atmosphere.

Teachers serve as mentors and role models for the children and care for them in every way possible. They encourage the students to work on personal development by learning new things and asking the right questions.

The school was recently awarded a “Good” grade by Ofsted after an inspection and has continued to improve in all areas ever since. Pupils are proud of their school and are always happy to sit in class to learn. The school has over 300 students and is maintained by the local authority of Essex.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:   01279 866155          

Fax:   01279 866 154



Head Teacher:  Mrs Natasha Nee

After taking a meticulous look at our helpful list of the Best 10 Primary Schools in Harlow, we believe you now have all the necessary information required to make a logical and informed decision.    

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