Best 10 Primary Schools in Kingston

Primary Schools in Kingston

The choice of a primary school impacts for a lifetime. It has to be deliberate, especially in the historic town of Kingston Upon Thames. In our previous post about the best 10 colleges in Kingston, you must have read about how exciting and rich in history the town of Kingston in England is alongside its comfortable ambiance for learning.

It will also interest you to know that your child can get the best elementary education from Kingston, popularly known as the center of London.

Primary education is so much a fuss that makes it pertinent to ensure that your child enrolls to receive the best available education for their specific need. The emphasis is on particular conditions that may translate to a public school across the street or special education to facilitate effective learning.

As interesting as living in Kingston is, for a parent concerned about the child’s progress, you have to be ready to put up the work of diligent search before enrolment into that primary school. The list below represents our Best 10 Primary Schools in Kingston.

Worthy of note for parents just settling in, most high-performing primary schools in Kingston have a religious affinity, especially with the catholic creed. This may be an assurance for parents, particularly about the morals of their children. 

1. St. Jame’s Roman Catholic Primary School

An excellent primary school that made the top of our helpful list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Kingston is St. James’. This school heartily serves the parishes of St Margaret’s (East Twickenham), St James (Twickenham), St Francis de Sales (Hampton Hill), and St Theodore’s (Hampton). 

Additional Details

If you want a warm and welcoming school where your child can flourish academically and superfluously learn of their Catholic values, St. James’ is the right choice for you. Its capable and experienced staff includes specialist staff in Music, Language, and even learning support.

There are excellent facilities such as large playgrounds for children of every age group, ICT suite, and School halls. The students are nurtured and encouraged to become positive individuals with excellent morals and ambition. It is located at 260 Stanley Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5NP.

The Catholic ethos of this magnificent school is evident in every aspect of school life as it discourages segregation and favoritism among the students.

Their SATs are perpetually above the national and local authority averages at Key Stages 1 and 2. The school strives ceaselessly to provide a high standard of education that ensures each child has the maximum opportunity to realize their full and true potential. 

Contact Information

Phone Number: 0208 744 8860



Twitter: @stjamesrc 

Head Teacher: Lisa Weeks

Chair of Governors: Mary Hutchinson

2. St. Luke’s CofE Primary School

St. Luke’s is a famous Church of England School located in the heart of North West London. It is part of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust, a body that shares its excellent vision of providing an exceptional education for every pupil.

Additional Details

The single-form entry primary school operates with a style of putting the pupils first no matter what. Its broad and balanced curriculum sets up the pupils for definite success in their academics.

The school’s team of experienced staff works tirelessly to provide an intellectually stimulating environment where the pupils can thrive and develop the confidence, knowledge, and skills required to take their place in society as well-balanced young adults. It also has close links to the local Church of England Church, St Luke’s Church.

As a Church of England School, this excellent learning institute works hand in hand with St Luke’s Church to provide an additional dimension to the pupils’ education. It focuses on teaching Mathematics and English as these are the two core subjects needed if a child is to succeed academically.

The pupils’ creative side is also stimulated through art, music, and drama. The School’s SAT results are perpetually high, making it one of the top-performing primary schools in Kingston for attainment at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2. It is located at French’s Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 3JZ, UK.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 020 8546 0902


Website:  www.stlukes.Kingston.sch.UK

Twitter: @stlukesoldham

Head Teacher: Mr. Gareth Dutton

Parent Support Advisors: Mrs. J Slater

School Business Manager: Mrs. J Dickerson

SENCo: Miss A Bolton

3. St. John’s C of E Primary School

Another religiously inclined school on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Kingston is a one-form entry Church of England Primary School that aims to develop confident children and lifelong learners who will always be a source of joy to their parents. It is conveniently located at Church Street, Blackpool, FY13NX, UK.

Additional Details

With the vision statement ‘Together, fly high like an eagle,’ St. Johns commits to providing educational excellence in an intellectually stimulating and aspirational environment as it believes that there is no limit to what a child can achieve.

As a learning institution with a Christian ethos, St Johns’ strives to instill religious values and great morals in the children and provide them with top-notch education and knowledge that will help them thrive in the next stage of their education and life as a whole.

The school has been judged twice by OFSTED in 2009 and 2015 and was marked Outstanding. It is highly inclusive and welcoming to children from all backgrounds, religions, world views, and those with learning differences.

The school offers a wide range of enrichment activities that helps to expand the thinking and scope of knowledge of the young pupils.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 020 8546 7179



Twitter: @​STJKingston

Head Teacher: Justin Hoye

4. St. Mathew’s CofE Primary School

The motto ‘let your light shine’ the next name on our carefully compiled list is St. Mathew’s, a vibrant primary school that caters to the pupils, academically and beyond. It is located at Cottenham Park Road, West Wimbledon, London, SW20 0SX.

Additional Details

St. Matthew’s is a warm and welcoming Christian community that offers high-class education to children from various races, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds. It is an outward-looking school where academic success is very high, and personal development is painstakingly nurtured.

OFSTED described it in 2017 as ‘A place where everyone feels proud to belong.’ The staff’s level of care is exceptional, so the pupils’ behavior is lovely, and they show an encouraging attitude towards learning.   

As a Church of England school, St. Mathew’s encourages love and respect among the pupils and discourages any form of segregation or discrimination. It promotes transparency and a mutually benefitting relationship between the teachers of the school and parents of all pupils.

The school is also in partnership with the ‘Blessed to Bless Charity’ to provide a FREE MOBILE FOOD BANK for families in the community.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 020 8399 3909



Twitter: @​StMathewsSurb

Fax: 0121 333 4392

Head Teacher: Stephen Murphy

5. Christ Church CofE Primary School

Located at Tapton View Road, Stonegravels, Chesterfield, Christ Church is a Voluntary-Aided Primary School where all pupils are welcome regardless of their ability or background. It strives to provide an exceptional education for every child to succeed personally and impact the broader world.   

Additional Details

The school’s vision is to revolutionize education at the primary level by exposing the young pupils to as much knowledge and information as possible about the academic world they are about to dive into. Christ Church CofE ensures to maintain deep, caring relationships among members of its little family.

The teachings of Christ guide its activities, and this permeates through all aspects of school life. Pupils are encouraged to develop and maintain a positive attitude towards their education and their duties as beautiful community members.

Rest assured, the team of staff serves as perfect role models for the pupils as they are a bunch of enthusiastic and ambitious individuals who always aim for the best in all that they do. The school believes every child is unique and, therefore, helps them nurture and develop their abilities.     

Contact Information

Phone Number: 020 8399 8166



Twitter: @CCP_Surbiton

Head Teacher: Ian Williams

6. Coombe Hill Junior School

As we head towards the end of this great list, we bring Coombe Hill Junior School, a state school for boys and girls aged seven to11. It has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Additional Details

Located at Coombe Lane West, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, Coombe Hill is a mixed community primary school with a proud tradition of teaching enviable morals in the young pupils from the beginning of their time in school moment when they finally leave as well adjusted young adults.

Thanks to the school’s hardworking and reliable staff, the students always feel safe enough to express their concerns and desires in a safe, loving, and welcoming environment. 

The school believes that teaching the young ones with the approved and required curriculum isn’t enough. Hence, the teachers always ensure to inject many intellectually stimulating and rewarding activities into the lessons delivered to the pupils.

This helps expand the scope of knowledge of the young ones beyond what is taught within the four walls of the classroom, thereby preparing them for the outside world. Feedback is usually welcome from the parents, and raised issues are swiftly taken care of.  

Contact Information

Phone Number: 020 8949 1743



Twitter: @CHJSchool

Head Teacher: Mark Clutterbuck

7. St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School, Thames Ditton

Another great school to be mentioned on this list is St. Paul’s Catholic, a Voluntary aided primary school with desirable values and tradition, which is usually evident in all that they do. The mixed school is a roman catholic school that offers admission to a child aged 4 to 11. 

Additional Details

Rated ‘Good’ after an assessment conducted by Ofsted in 2008, this exceptional learning institute prides itself in imbibing positive morals in the young ones by encouraging them to learn more about the Catholic way of life.

Although the school is rooted in Catholicism, it also accepts children from different religious backgrounds as it believes in the inclusion of all. It is also important to note that St. Paul’s doesn’t seek academic achievement alone but instead focuses on providing a well-balanced curriculum that assists each child in becoming a better human being.

Located at Hampton Ct Way, Thames Ditton, UK, St. Paul’s is one of the most prominent primary schools in the UK. It is famous for its careful and innovative approach to beginner education.

In a recent survey carried out by the school, 84% of the pupils met expected standards in Reading, Writing and Maths. It is also regarded as community-friendly that strives to add value to its immediate community and the whole of the UK.  

Contact Information

Phone Number: 020 8398 6791


Website: www.stpauls-Thames Ditton.surrey.sch.UK 

Twitter: @StPaulsRCPrimar

Head Teacher: Mrs. Olivia DeMorais

8. Archdeacon Cambridge’s Church of England Primary School

Archdeacon Cambridge is a large and diverse primary school that offers admission to boys and girls aged 4 to 11. It is located at The Green, Twickenham, England.

Additional Details

It is an all-inclusive school that welcomes schools from all areas of life regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background. It is always striving to give its pupils the best of everything to be well equipped for the next stage of their education. 87% of its students meet the expected standard in writing, reading, and Mathematics.

Each child is awarded ample opportunity to grow in a graceful academic environment where they have all required to become the best version of themselves in their school life and the outside world.

The Church of England School was rated ‘Good’ following an assessment in 2018. The voluntary-aided school has a provision for nursery pupils and can adequately care for up to 472 students.

It preaches love and respect among pupils and also between them and their teachers. The school encourages feedback and immediately addresses any concerns expressed by any parent.  

Contact Information

Telephone: 020 8894 4777

 Fax: 020 8893 4762 



Twitter: @ArchdeaconPTA

Head Teacher: Miss Fiona Lambe

9. Thames Ditton Junior School

The penultimate position on this loss is Thames Ditton Junior, a vibrant primary school located at Mercer Close, Thames Ditton, KT7 0BS. It has been rated as Good at its most recent Ofsted inspection.

Additional Details

In 2019, 85% of pupils at Thames Ditton Junior School reached the expected standard in reading, writing, and maths, according to The Pupil to Teacher ratio of this beautiful school is utterly encouraging. Proper attention is paid to every child indiscriminately to ensure that every pupil feels included and no one falls behind.

Absentees are usually monitored and dissuaded from such deviant acts. You will also be glad to know that the school has a zero-tolerance policy regarding any form of bullying or abuse, either among the children or between them and their teachers.  

The above-average-sized junior school has a specialist center that caters to exceptional students who would need a more personal approach to learning. Pupils usually leave this school as successful and ambitious young adults who inevitably flourish in the next stage of their education. The school is a mixture of boys and girls aged from 7 to 11.    

Contact Information

Telephone: 020 8398 3039



Twitter: @TDJuniorSchool

Head Teacher: Mr. Nick Fry

10. St. Mary’s and St Peter’s Church of England Primary School

At the very bottom of our helpful list, we bring to you a voluntary-aided Church of England School, sponsored adequately by the two Teddington parish churches; St Mary’s with St Alban’s, and St Peter’s and St Paul’s. It is regarded as one of the oldest schools in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Additional Details

Located at Somerset Road, Teddington, TW11 8RX, St. Mary’s, and St. Peter’s is a Church of England school with an ‘Outstanding’ rating by Ofsted. The large mixed-gender School prides itself in raising and nurturing bright young minds who will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow.

It strives to create a safe and loving environment where the young can learn safely and achieve academic success. Pupils of SMSP are usually respectful and well-behaved while on the school premises and at home with their peers.

The Governors of St Mary’s & St Peter’s School are responsible for the strategic operation of the school and are very involved in the whole of school life. 

Founded in 1832, this community primary school has been an excellent addition to the community. It offers admission to qualified members of the community without discrimination of any kind. It can adequately cater to up to 630 children.

The school’s competent team of staff works tirelessly to instill positive values and good behavior into the young ones, to make them better members of the community and an excellent addition to society at large.  

Contact Information

Telephone: 020 8943 0476



Twitter: @SMSP_Friends

Head Teacher: John Logan 

School Business Manager: Allison Peach

As we conclude this list of the most vibrant primary schools in Kingston, we urge you to take your time to carefully select a school for your offspring based on the various school’s strengths and weaknesses.

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