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If not properly guided, the choice of the perfect primary school in Manchester can be in futility. Cut to the chase with this list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Manchester.

Changing primary schools for your children most times can be due to work and the quest for a better standard of living, as a parent, it can become so difficult especially when you have to move with the whole family. 

Also, when relocating, it is necessary to get to a point where you consider several factors like schools that meet your children’s needs and the affordability of catchment areas.

To cut to the chase of making the right choice of primary school in Manchester, we have created this guide on the Best 10 Primary Schools in Manchester with data from the Independent Schools Inspectorate, ISI, and Ofsted.

So on settling in before searching for a suitable primary school, scan through our helpful list to discover the schools that will consolidate on your children’s educational journey. 

Best 10 Primary Schools in Manchester

10. Varna Community Primary School

Of all the great primary schools in Manchester, Varna stands out as a Community Primary School that seeks to provide the highest standard of education for every individual pupil it admits. It is an inclusive, safe school where every child matters. It strives to instill in pupils enjoyment and thirst for learning so that they can fulfill their potential.

The school comprises a diverse community that believes that all children have unique talents and abilities they possess, and one of our roles they play is to help these pupils discover and develop them.

It values the partnership that exists between parents, children and staff, and holds the belief that through thorough collaboration, they can ensure pupils at the school experience the best possible start in life.

9. Chowbent Primary School

Another amazing school at the top of our helpful list of Best 10 Primary School in Manchester is Chowbent, a learning centre that prides itself in being a school where every child matters and is helped to discover and enhance their potential in a warm, safe, and caring environment.

Effective systems are in place to record concerns about pupils and Information about vulnerable pupils is only disclosed to relevant personnel. This is to ensure that every pupil who needs help are adequately assisted.

With the Motto ‘Never be less than your best, the students are highly motivated and enthusiastic about learning. It has a rich curriculum that meets every pupils’ needs and helps harness their potentials.

8. St. Richard’s Roman Catholic Primary School Atherton

Located at Flapper Fold Lane, Atherton, Manchester, St. Richards’s is a mixed-sex primary school that has 174 pupils, aged from four up to eleven.

It is regarded as a voluntary aided school. Its team of staff work exceptionally well together to motivate pupils and ensure progress in their academics. Its pupils are scrupulous, enthusiastic and confident learners, that strives to be the best in all they do.

With 45.4% boys and 54.6% girls, the school has a stimulating and challenging curriculum that motivates its pupils to aim higher and never settle for less when it comes to their academics. There is also a wide range of extracurricular activities that help broaden the mind of every pupil to help them develop interests in other areas of life.

7. St. Mary’s RC Primary School

St Mary’s is a dynamic, excellent and developing school with a happy, safe and warm environment, where a lot of exciting things happen in and out of the classroom.

It has managed to be a success in areas of sport, cultural activities, charity fund-raising, and exciting trips. It is a caring school with a marvelous team of staff dedicated to the education and welfare of all the children.

The school encourages all children to be ambitious, eat healthily, be responsible, behave well and contribute to making the community a better place. It is deeply rooted in the gospel values and the vision of Saint Mary. 

6. New Moston Primary School

Right in the middle of our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Manchester is one of the best state primary schools in Manchester and one of the 3 best independent or state primaries within 2 miles.

It has 571 pupils, which far exceeds the country’s average. The school maintains a record of attendance through a series of registration sessions at the beginning and the end of the school day.

The mixed school offers over 10 different sports, and Art and music are taught as distinct subjects to all pupils. On the other hand, foundation subjects such as geography and history, are taught as half-termly topics with cross-curricular links to other subjects where appropriate.

The school has also been In the top 18% of schools in the country for pupil progress, over the last 4 years.

5.  King of Kings School

King of Kings School is an independent Christian school based in Manchester. It is located a little over 300 metres from Manchester Victoria station and it is easily accessible by car, tram and bus. It strives to assist parents and families by educating, improving, and supporting children for this life and eternity.

The school is a co-educational supportive, warm and friendly school, committed to giving your child the proper educational foundation for an everlasting and exciting learning experience.

This applies to the Creche, Preschool, Pre-Nursery, and Nursery and Primary sections of the school. Teaching is conducted in a unique multi-grade classroom setting, a natural extension of life in the real world and home life.

4. Trinity CofE High School

Rated ‘Outstanding’ by the education watchdog Ofsted, Trinity is an academy school located in Hulme, Manchester, North West. The school admits pupils from Manchester and surrounding areas and its motto is ‘Faith in the City, Value in People, and Excellence in Education.

It takes a leading role in the training, equipping and professional development of teachers, support staff and head teachers.

Another feature that sets the school apart is its ferocious commitment to its students’ well being and education, as well as the authoritative expertise of teachers at the school. Students are given very clear boundaries which help to ensure their feel safety and security, and you will be delighted to know that bullying is a rare occurrence at the school.

Several extracurricular activities such as dance, athletics, badminton, tennis, swimming, gymnastics and trampolining are conducted to help the students have much fun while learning.

3. Abbey College Manchester

Ranking third on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Manchester is a small, warm, and caring community that provides innovative and flexible courses that majors in informal and highly personalised learning.

It is an amazing school where teachers and students work collaboratively to achieve academic success. It is a magnificent, exciting college, which provides high quality, rich programmes of study.

Their enrichment activities include sports, voluntary work, charity events and many other avenues led by the students and staff. The school motivates students to raise their expectations and standards to the highest possible level. It also offers a unique alternative to conventional school whilst maintaining a strong academic ethos. 

2. Loreto College

Almost at the end of our list comes a Roman Catholic sixth form college in Hulme, Manchester. It has achieved the AoC Beacon Schools Award and has also had 5 students gaining places on the prestigious Prime Minister‘s Global Fellowship programme.

It is ranked as the first sixth form college in the country for value-added, according to Government legal tables, three years on the run. The school is an oversubscribed college and a thorough system exists for processing applications. 

Established in 1912 by the Religious of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the school admits students from other Roman Catholic Schools, Roman Catholic pupils at Non-Religious Schools and basic pupils from other schools as well. At Lore to, students’ well being and success are the two most important things.

1. Chetham’s School of Music

Taking the first position and being the only music school on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Manchester, is an independent co-educational music school that educates students between the ages of 8 and 18, all of whom enter via musical auditions.

It offers a year-round programme of concerts at the school, Manchester Cathedral, the Royal Northern College of Music, Band on the Wall and Bridgewater Hall. After becoming a boys’ grammar school in 1952, the school turned to music as its specialty, at the same time becoming an independent school and accepting its first female students.

Students are admitted to the school solely based on musical ability and talent. The application process usually involves an audition, and advance ‘advice auditions’ which are offered to help potential applicants prepare. It requires all students to study a curriculum that concentrates on music and other subjects by the National Curriculum. 

Rest assured, picking one out of the above list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Manchester will be the best decision you ever made concerning your child’s academics.

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