Best 10 Primary Schools in Milton Keynes

best primary schools in milton keynes

Milton Keynes is known for the opportunities to learning new things, explore our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Milton Keynes, and help that child grow intuitively in the perfect environment.

It is sure a difficult choice when it comes to the perfect primary school to enhance your child’s academic performance. The choice is more difficult when you have to pick from numerous options in Milton Keynes; the largest town in Buckinghamshire, England with a population by the 2011 census of almost 230,000.

Furthermore, deciding on where your child has their primary education has to be dependent on your residence, personal value/conviction, the need of the child, and more.

Also, for the right primary education, you can also look at factors like before-school and after-school care as kids thrive better in a tender atmosphere.

With these factors in mind, check out our carefully picked Best 10 Primary Schools in Milton Keynes.

Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Milton Keynes

1. Middleton Primary School

Middleton Primary School is a member of the Kingsbridge Educational Trust (KET). The KET is acommunity-academy trust group of strong performing, like-minded schools dedicated to high student commitment and standards. Middleton has the core mandate of encouraging children to develop the skills they need for later life, putting basic skills in English and Maths at the forefront.

By 2017 Ofsted report, inEffectiveness of leadership and management. Middleton was rated  Outstanding, in Quality of teaching; outstanding, in learning and assessment; outstanding, in personal development, behaviour, and welfare; Outstanding, in Outcomes for pupils; Outstanding, in Early years provision; Outstanding.

The stated record and its consistency are why Middleton is ranking top in this article of Best 10 Primary Schools in Milton Keynes.

2. Brookward School

Inquiries, Virtual Visits, Application, Submission of Supporting Document, Virtual Parent Interview, Virtual Students Visits, and Assessments are the major requirements to gain admission into the prestigious Brookward School.

The non-denominational, coeducational, non-profit day school was founded in 1956 to satisfy the demand for a new independent school following the massive childbirth across the nation after World War II. Admission into Brookward is always open for grade 1 to grade 8 and based on academic and personal qualifications.

3. Caroline Haslett Primary School

On the third spot of the Best 10 Primary Schools in Milton Keynesis Caroline Haslett Primary School which is a two-form entry school admitting 60 children into the Foundation Stage. The school is ICT compliant as an admission application can be completed online around late September/October of the year before the child is due to start. Although, All admissions are coordinated by Milton Keynes Council.

Caroline Haslett Primary School’s catchment area includesShenley Lodge and the following roads on Shenley Brook End: Braford Gardens, Bremen Grove, Burdeleys Lane, Chalwell Ridge, Charbray Crescent, Chartley Court, Chillingham Court, Cressey Avenue, Curtis Croft, Dorking Place, Egerton Gate (properties east of Chillingham Court), Gayal Croft, Orpington Grove, Roscombe Place.

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4. Jubilee Wood Primary School, Milton Keynes

Based on the 2019 Statutory assessment in 2019 as non was conducted in 2020, as the number of children eligible for EYFS Assessments from Jubilee Wood Primary School was 55 and overall 66% achieved a good level of development (GLD).

Also, 67% of Y2 were working at the expected standard in reading, 62% of Y2 were working at the expected standard in writing, 64% of Y2 were working at the expected standard in maths, and 73% of Y2 were working at the expected standard in science.

The above as some of the sterling records of Jubilee Wood Primary School in recent times. The catchment area includes The Hub, South Central Milton Keynes, South-West part of Fishermead. Oldbrook for pupils in years 3 to 6 only.

5. Stanton School

Stanton School has proven to have a track record of winning several commendable awards. It won theOfsted judgment in March 2016 which was “Outstanding” in all areas.

It became the first school in Milton Keynes to be awarded the prestigious and Ofsted recognized ‘Quality Mark for Physical Education & Sport’ award with Distinction for demonstrating outstanding commitment to improvement in Physical Education and Sport.  It was also awarded Arts Mark Gold in 2018 in recognition of commitment to art, music, and drama.  

The standard admission number of Stanton School is 90. Admission criteria into the school, include; Pupils who live in Stantonbury and Bradville area, Pupils who attend Pepper Hill and Wood End feeder schools,among others.

6. Bushfield School

A junior school for children aged between 7 to 11 years old (academic years 3 to 6), Bushfield has the allocation of 120 students yearly with catchment areas including; Wolverton except roads like Old Wolverton and Wolverton Mill north of Ridgeway, Stacey Bushes, Haversham Village, Haversham Estate and Little Linford.

Also, the following roads in Wolverton are not in the defined area of Bushfield School: Addington Avenue, Carter Grove, Frank Atter Croft, Franklins Croft, Goddards Croft, Horners Croft, and Marron Lane, Meacham Mead, Skyward Row, Vickers Way, Wilkinson Crescent, and Whiting Close.

Suffice to note that admission into the institution is handled by The admissions process is coordinated by Milton Keynes council.

7. Two Mile Ash School

With at least teachers possessing over 10 years of academic experience, Two Mile Ash School boasts of 680 children and 114 staff. It also doubles as a haven for sports lovers due to its extra-curricular clubs each week to include horse riding, squash, skiing, and golf.

Admission into TMA opens in Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 with a curriculum of Maths, English, Foundation Curriculum, Extra Curricular, and extended clubs.

8. Great Linford Primary School

Going the record way, Great Linford Primary School in reading, writing and maths continues to rise, seeing the number of children achieving expected standards exceed the national average in all three subjects at the end of both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Staying with the record, the number of children who achieve a higher standard also exceeds the national average in reading, writing, maths, and grammar.

Great Linford Primary School by the end of Key Stage 2, reading, writing, and maths is above the national average, placing the school within the top 20% of all schools nationally. All admissions are coordinated by Milton Keynes Council.

9. Summerfield School

Summerfield Schoolis known to be a two-form entry primary school situated in Bradwell Common near Central Milton Keynes.  By the school’s curriculum, students should be taught in small classes from EYFS through to Year 6.

With a strong team of dedicated and enthusiastic minds working as employees across the school, Summerfield School celebrates diversity.

10. St. Monica’s Catholic Primary School

Following Ofsted’s visit to St. Monica’s Catholic Primary School on 28 November 2018, it was discovered that Staff morale is high with a strong sense of teamwork. As a result, the school’s capacity to maintain, develop and deliver improvements was labeled ‘effective’.

There you go, our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Milton Keynes. Before you make a destination final decision for your kids, critically examine the track records as highlighted above according to the peculiar pain points.

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