Best 10 Primary Schools in Newport

Beyond frequently hosting the U.S open tournaments between 1930 and 1983 for its age long hospitality, Newport County also boasts of a robust education system. The Best 10 Primary Schools in Newport competes favorably with others across the country.

As a parent, you want to look up to your children thriving in their chosen career when they come of age and beat your chest that you made the right decision, especially with their education.

On the other end, as an adult with a solid educational foundation, taking a deep inventory into your career journey to success, there is every possibility that you relish your early education the most.

All the above happy ending scenarios can only play out with the appropriate primary education which starts with choosing from numerous available options.

The need for choosing the right education especially in an ever-growing county like Newport with a population of 24,672has become a key determinant to a solid foundation for your child and ward.

So instead of getting online reviews on a few schools, make a few visits, choose a school by its reputation, that is, by what other parents have to say about it, do check out for yourself in this series of The Best 10 Primary Schools in Newport to know for sure who is what.

Best 10 Primary Schools in Newport

10. Millbrook Primary School

Positioned at the bottom of our list of The Best 10 Primary Schools in Newport is a school where every child is considered an important individual, with specific qualities, needs, and talents for us to recognize and nurture.

With a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils to achieve excellence, the school believes in working together, to create the best opportunities for your child to succeed.

They value learning and see it as a lifelong process, and strive to create an open and creative school where all children are valued, supported, and challenged.

This learning community was built on honesty, motivation, and responsibility borne out of mutual respect. The school also has a passion for outdoor learning and sports, an avenue to help the kids learn outside the academic curriculum.

9. Bassaleg School

Next on this list is a comprehensive secondary school for pupils aged 11–18. At Bassaleg, pupils are encouraged and challenged to do whatever it takes to succeed both in their academics and in the real world. Their staff is qualified, competent, and disciplined.

With the motto “A Tradition of Excellence”, the school is standard in every aspect you could think of. There are club and sports activities after every school day. This is a way to help expand and stimulate the young one’s minds so they can think beyond what they are taught in class.

The school has large and safe playing fields, lawns, and gardens where the children play safely during break time.

8. Charles Williams Church in Wales Primary School

Located in the town of Caerleon in the Newport local authority, Charles Williams is a marvelous institution that goes above and beyond to create a warm, safe and serene environment where your child can receive standard education.

The school ensures to imbibe in their pupils the moral codes of the society so they can become respectful, cheerful, and successful adults in the future.

With English as their first language, this institution believes that being computer literate is of great importance for its pupils in their future as IT skills are needed in a majority of jobs.

They have made a substantial investment in technology at this school – from nursery to Year Six which means pupils now have guided but unlimited access to phone books and iPads.

7. Clytha Primary School

With 240 pupils on the roll between the ages of three and eleven, including 31 who attend the nursery on a part-time basis, nearly all pupils at Clytha Primary School live locally.

With English as its first language, the school sees itself as a village school in the centre of a city with a ‘family feel’, where many of the families have been with the school for generations.

Diversity is very crucial at Clytha as they believe that festivals and significant events from all religions are part of the children’s education. They believe it is important for children to understand the thoughts and beliefs of others to help them live together in a community and a multicultural society.

Rest assured, your child’s wellbeing, literacy and numeracy skills are the school’s priorities.

6. Crindau Primary School

Taking the 6th position on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Newport is an institution located in central Newport, has 360 pupils ranging from three-years-old to 11, with mixed abilities and needs.

They ensure to meet all pupils’ learning and emotional needs, using the Thrive approach, plus they have fully-trained emotional literacy support assistants (ELSA) and all their staff are trained to value children’s emotional wellbeing.

The school is extremely pro-active, often engaging with outside agencies, as well as running workshops and clubs to help pupils learn whilst having fun.

At Crindau there is usually no oversight when it comes to how important families are in making the school a success which is why the school established they “Be HAPPY club” which parents and children are welcome to attend.

The club focuses on promoting healthy eating and exercise amongst families, and its attendance rate is usually excellent, with BBC Wales recently visiting a session to interview parents and pupils about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Eveswell Promises Primary School

Halfway through our list of The Best 10 Primary Schools in Newport in Newport is a Friendly and ambitious Primary School that aims to bring out the best in its pupils by tasking them to take ownership of their learning.

Rather than numbing pupils with drilled structured and boring lessons on timetables, all the main subjects are taught in a fun and engaging way, with students encouraged to suggest ideas for their learning.

Eveswell has an active school council and PTA which carries out fundraising events and they make sure to address all aspects of health and wellbeing which ranges from fitness to environmental and mental health.

Pupils have the option to take part in 26 different clubs including a first aid club, choir, dance, and various sports including cricket and football as part of the social and wellbeing focus of the school.

4 Gaer Primary School

Next on this list is a learning-driven international community where experienced and dynamic teachers enable every student to develop their academic potential. They are committed to providing premium learning opportunities to every pupil irrespective of their religion, race, or ethnic background.

The school successfully blends its British educational heritage with respect and awareness of its host country’s beliefs and norms and those of the expat community.

The school sets high academic expectations for all students based upon the requirements of the English National Curriculum and ensures that their moral, social and cultural development is a priority.

They strive to create a truly engaging learning experience throughout the school that is inclusive, challenging, and fun.

The school’s international curriculum will imbibe and cultivate in your child a genuine interest in the world around them, encouraging them to become investigative learners with the confidence to take risks.

3. Maindee C.P. School

While getting close to the end of our list of The Best 10 Primary Schools in Newport is a magnificent institution that aims to provide Equity, Excitement, and Excellence in all they do.

They are passionate about providing all of their pupils with the best foundation in their education and believe that creating excitement through real-life learning experiences and pupil-led learning is crucial in engaging the pupils.

The staff works hard to cultivate in the pupils’ positive attitudes to learning that they will take forward with them throughout their lives.

The school has pupils from a wide range of different countries with over 40 different home languages in the school. They celebrate diversity and value the rich cultural influences that families bring to the school community.

2. GlanUsk Primary School

Clan Usk is a proud school whose main aim is to develop pupils’ intellect by stimulating their fresh minds with a wide-ranged and challenging curriculum.

It provides education for 683 pupils aged from three to eleven years old, including 64 who attend the nursery class part-time. Pupils at GlanUsk speak 16 different languages in addition to English.

The school is currently a pioneer school and is working with the Welsh Government and other schools to take forward developments relating to the curriculum and professional learning.

GlanUsk School strives to achieve excellence at all costs. They are quick to intervene whenever any pupil may be at risk of falling behind and ensure that nearly all pupils acquire the skills that they need to succeed in their learning.

1. Glasllwch C.P. School

Sitting at the top of our list of The Best 10 Primary Schools in Newport is a flourishing learning centre situated in a residential area on the north side of the city of Newport.

A very few pupils come from minority ethnic backgrounds and learn English as an additional language. The school has 238 pupils, aged from 3 to 11 years, including 32 part-time nursery pupils.

Staff at this mixed school takes their time to get to know each student on a deeper level so they will know the strength and weakness of each one of them.

This enables them to design targeted lessons to boost the strength of the pupils and improve on their weaknesses so they can become the best version of themselves.

With this list, we hope we have helped equip you with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision regarding your child’s academic needs.

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