Best 10 Primary Schools in Redbridge

Primary Schools in Redbridge

Primary education is commonly recognized as the foundational level of education in all countries. It serves as a mini-structural framework for ensuring the quality of education at all levels. In Redbridge, there are 56 primary schools, including infant and junior schools, combined infant and junior schools, and faith schools.

The Best 10 Primary Schools in Redbridge have been identified and reviewed by Key schools.

Primary Schools in Redbridge

1. Christchurch Primary School

They take pleasure in offering an excellent education to its students and maintain strong community ties. Their most valuable asset is their students, who make their institution unique. As a school, they strive to guarantee that all students graduate as happy, confident, and autonomous learners who are proud of their abilities and willing to dream big.

Their students must enjoy studying and are motivated to share what they have learned with others. They provide an engaging, rich, and vivid curriculum that allows each child to learn, grow, and achieve their full potential in a safe, supportive, and happy atmosphere.

They are firm believers in encouraging their students to embrace difficulties, take risks, be fascinated by blunders, and become Life-Long Learners.

They are very proud to be a part of a beautiful community at Christchurch Primary School, which contributes greatly to its success. They have a fantastic staff who are eager, engaged, and dedicated to ensuring that every child achieves their full potential.

I hope you enjoy visiting their website and learning about some of the amazing things they do at their school. They are excited to collaborate with you in the future to ensure that their children have a positive primary school experience. The Main building and the Dane building, both three-story Victorian structures, make up Christchurch Primary School.

They also include the Park Building, a two-story Victorian structure that houses the school’s Nursery, and three extra classrooms. They are one of London’s largest schools, with five different entry options for each year group. The main building is bordered on three sides by a playground and has a designated Early Years area.

Contact Info

Address: Wellesley Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 4LQ



T: 020 8478 5560

F: 020 8478 7289

2. St Bede’s Catholic Primary School

They are, first and foremost, a Catholic school, a home, and parish extension. Everything they do revolves around Christ. They are proud of their Catholic faith, which is preached and practiced in their school. They explore the Gospel principles throughout the day, and time is set aside to converse with God.

People are the ‘key’ to their aspirations. They are proud of their diversity. They want to make sure that everyone in their school is growing as a whole person, created in the image of Christ. They want all of their’ people,’ big and tiny, to grow in their love for God and each other. This is reflected in their contemplative devotion and exuberant liturgical celebrations.

The curriculum is extensive and diverse. They aim to improve everyone’s knowledge, comprehension, and skills. They strive for high learning and success standards, ensuring that all children fulfill their full potential. 

They are transparent with children and parents about their progress; high-quality teaching must be at the heart of their efforts. They will put money into each individual’s future. Their school is a structured and compassionate atmosphere where each student has the right to be cherished for who they are and who they will become.

Contact Info

Address: Canon Avenue, Chadwell Heath RM6 5RR

Tel: 020 8590 1376     

Fax: 020 8597 7440


3. Nightingale Primary School

They are a community primary school that educates both boys and girls between three and eleven. They think that with the correct support, environment, and opportunities, all children can succeed. When students, families, and staff work together to create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere, everyone benefits. 

They recognize that, regardless of faith, culture, gender, sexuality, or background, they are at their best when collaborating and learning from one another. Their goal is to provide children with the skills and information they need to contribute positively to their local and global communities as they grow.

Their principles are ingrained in all they do. They are the common thread that binds us. Respect, Confidence, and Excellence are their core principles. They strive for achievement through Maritime behaviors as members of the Maritime Academy Trust.

They are proud of their open-door policy. To keep them engaged, all children are given exceptional learning opportunities and experiences. All of the staff at Nightingale have one goal in mind: to make sure that all of the children love learning and make the best possible progress.

They recognize that children learn best when their families participate as well. They appreciate your suggestions and assistance to help your child reach their full potential.

Contact Info

Address: Nightingale Primary School, Ashbourne Avenue, South Woodford E18 1PL

Tel: 020 8989 9987



4. Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School

Fourth on the Best 10 Primary Schools in Redbridge identified and reviewed by Key schools is Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School. Their children are their most prized belongings at WIJPS, and they work hard to make sure that their time here is enjoyable and productive.

Their school takes a lot of time and effort to make it a truly unique place to learn, work, and play.  Their students have a sense of belonging and are motivated to work to their full potential because of the friendly and caring environment. They have high expectations for all of their children and provide possibilities for them to succeed and achieve.

Every member of their school community strives to make their school a good, challenging, and engaging learning environment that promotes self-respect, respect for others, and community.

Their school encourages a positive connection to modern Orthodox Judaism, a strong sense of Israel’s identity, and a quality Jewish education that is challenging, interesting, and enjoyable.

Their secular education is equally essential to us. They ensure that each child’s individual needs and accomplishments are recognized as they grow their abilities, knowledge, and awareness of the world. They’ve moved into their brand-new facility on the King Solomon High School campus.

This new structure will assist us in continuing to provide the greatest education and amenities to all of their students. There is disability access to the school building via the car lot or playground and an elevator to the first floor on their property. WIJPS is dedicated to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience success and achievement.

Contact Info

Address: Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School

Forest Road, Ilford, Essex, IG6 3HB

Telephone: 020 8498 1350



5.  Highlands Primary School

Highlands’ vision is to create a learning community where each child is at the center of everything they do and say. They value each student’s uniqueness, recognizing the value of everything they bring to the table and its impact on its overall culture. 

They recognize that fostering children’s personal, social, and emotional development benefits their academic performance. They strive to be the best at everything they do, and they believe that by working closely with parents and families, their children will be able to reach their full potential academically and as global citizens.

Their vision of children’s development into independent, lifelong learners with the skills to succeed in the future – persistence, resilience, effort, positivity, and self-awareness – is supported by their learning environment, which is safe, welcoming, and stimulating. They are an inclusive school that celebrates diversity and promotes mutual respect, ensuring that each child is valued and feels a sense of belonging. 

They are a Rights Respecting School, incorporating the United Nations Convention on the Child’s Rights into their planning, policies, practices, and ethos to help children grow into global citizens. They are convinced that the UNCRC reflects the values of their school.

Contact Info

Address: Highlands Primary School, Highlands Gardens Ilford, Greater London IG1 3LE

Telephone: 0208 554 0044

Fax: 0208 518 2322


6.  Aldersbrook Primary School

Aldersbrook Primary School is located in the heart of the Aldersbrook community, surrounded by Epping Forest’s leafy Wanstead Park. Aldersbrook is a co-educational three-form-entry school run by the local authority for children aged 5 to 11, with 52 part-time nursery places. 

The school takes pride in being a part of the Aldersbrook community, welcoming children and families from other neighborhoods. They have two large playgrounds outside, each with safe climbing apparatus, seated areas, game markings, trees, and flower beds. 

They also run an allotment where the kids participate in planting and growing their vegetables and flowers. They make the school a dynamic and lively place to learn, and they instill pride in the buildings and grounds in the students. To make learning a fun and challenging experience for their students while also preparing them for life.

To ensure that all students and employees realize their full potential. Aldersbrook will have a successful learning culture that allows students to become productive, enthusiastic, and self-directed learners for the rest of their lives. Values are guiding principles for behavior.

Adults are encouraged to model principles and provide time for debate and reflection at Aldersbrook. They believe that this will enable people to be more effective learners and citizens.

Their work to actively promote essential British values of democracy, individual liberty, mutual respect, and acceptance of people of all faiths, backgrounds, and cultures is guided by their values-based education philosophy. 

A well-rounded program of assemblies and activities fosters children’s spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development, allowing them to create their own moral and ethical compass to lead them in what is right and wrong.

Each month, they will focus on a different value, promoted through lessons, conversations, and even in the playground. They encourage kids to talk about the value at home and share and celebrate it with adults and other kids, both at home and school.

Contact Info

Address: Harpenden Road, London E12 5HL

Phone: 020 8989 0210

Fax: 020 8518 8993

Email: / 


7.  Redbridge Primary School

They are recognized as a Rights Respecting School at Redbridge Primary School. They collaborate with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), a non-governmental organization dedicated to children’s rights.  Its purpose is to advocate for protecting children’s rights to receive necessities and reach their full potential.

UNICEF UK thinks that these values should be ingrained in their schools’ ethos and curriculum and has created a framework to help them do so. The RRSA’s goal is to achieve this (Rights Respecting School Award). Children learn about their rights and their responsibilities as global citizens in a rights-respecting school.

Children learn to correlate their rights with their needs and differentiate between their rights and their “wishes.” They learn that if they have rights, they must also respect others’ rights. Their school has “Golden Rules” that enhance the individual’s and the school’s well-being. Those norms are reinforced in each lesson and are an integral element of the school’s ethos. 

Some of them are listening to others, sharing and playing safely, and learning in a structured atmosphere. The school has a positive behavior policy in place that outlines rewards and consequences. They teach children about rights and how they are intertwined with responsibilities.

Contact Info

Address: Redbridge Primary School, College Gardens, Redbridge, IG4 5HW

Telephone: 020 8551 7429



8.  Gearies Primary School

The institution has a long history of holding itself to high standards. Their students are known for their good behavior and academic performance, which is only possible thanks to the strong cooperation between home and school. The institution caters to a wide range of students.

This is mirrored in the curriculum, staffing, and governance of the school. We believe that each child deserves to be treated equally and with respect. The major goal of the school is to address the educational needs of the students that attend. These are numerous and diverse.

Eighth on the Best 10 Primary Schools in Redbridge identified and reviewed by Key schools is Gearies. Gearies must continue to be an inclusive school, welcoming all students regardless of their background. Their teaching is informed by relevant research, for which they have an international reputation.

Their task as a learning community will be to work together and use their combined knowledge, skills, and understanding to collaborate with their professional partners, the local community, including parents and carers, to continue increasing standards.

The Gearies children are a credit to the town and dear to all of us. They put their money into their futures and embrace the chance to contribute to an equal society.

Contact Info

Address: Waremead Road, Gants Hill, Ilford, IG2 6TF

Telephone: 0208 550 1803



9.  Grove Primary School

Grove Primary School aims to build a partnership with parents and the community to prepare a varied group of students to be lifelong learners. They will do so in a supportive, safe environment with high standards, allowing them to grow into healthy, responsible, and productive citizens in a rapidly changing society.

Their Educational Objective is to raise healthy, happy kids who can create strong relationships and feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings and to help youngsters gain confidence and abilities, they need to become autonomous learners who make their own decisions.

They set high standards for learning for pupils to reach their greatest potential. In a dynamic setting, give an enriched, creative, and motivating curriculum. They provide life skills to children by becoming proficient in literacy, numeracy, and technology.

By honoring and utilizing the cultural and religious diversity of the surrounding area, children will develop a sense of respect, responsibility, and connection to the school community. Part of the Values at the Core is that They are kind and caring, and they take care of their school. They always tell the truth, listen carefully, and do their best.

Children have the right to feel cherished and appreciated, according to Grove Primary School. Children and parents will create clear expectations and boundaries throughout the school to sustain a learning environment.

Adults play a critical role in equipping children with positive role models. Adults must be polite, consistent, and fair, and they must always encourage appropriate behavior to promote respect for others and school property. As a result, they feel more pride and a sense of belonging in their diverse community.

They believe that working with parents to encourage good behavior is the way to proceed. If good behavior fails, however, explicit processes are required. (For further information, see their policy.) They believe that teachers should instill confidence in learning by understanding the subject and the child’s developmental stage.

Teachers will set clear goals, be motivated, well-organized, and dependable. They think that children perform best in a vibrant learning atmosphere where they are appreciated and safe. This fosters trust and mutual respect in a peaceful and harmonious environment.

They strive to include all parts of the National Curriculum and the spiritual, moral, cultural, and social growth of the students.

Regardless of their needs, including sensory and physical, communication and interaction, learning, emotional and behavioral, or English as an Additional Language, the Governors and staff strive to ensure that all students have equal access and opportunity to learn. 

At Grove Primary School, effective tailored classroom reaching and support, individual and group support from Learning Support Assistants, structured programs in withdrawn small groups, and ‘Outreach’ support from professional agencies are used to ensure access and inclusion for all students.

Individually crafted programs are created to match the needs of each student and are reviewed with their parents. As Grove Primary School is a single-age mixed-ability school, kids are learning in single-age mixed-ability classes.

The class size is limited to 30 students or less. Students are assigned to arithmetic and English classes in years 2, 5, and 6 (wherever resources allow). To deliver all parts of the curriculum, they adopt a subject approach centered on the main text.

Engaging children’s imaginations fosters a love of books and an understanding of authors while also providing a setting for crucial facts and skills to be learned. Students can draw connections between different areas of learning by using a “big picture” and mind-mapping approach.

Their goal is to create a learning environment that is stimulating, quiet, and harmonious. They employ music to engage the children’s moods, provide regular breaks or changes in activities to stimulate them, and ensure they have access to drink to keep them refreshed and ready to learn.

Pupils are encouraged to take ownership of their learning by setting clear objectives, creating goals, and establishing success criteria that allow them to track their progress and become autonomous learners. They are given difficult exercises to investigate and develop autonomous thinking abilities and a problem-solving mindset.

Pupils are allowed to work in various groups, honing their cooperation and negotiation abilities while appreciating and appreciating each other’s contributions. Their school’s ethos revolves around music. All students can improve their knowledge and experience by participating in music courses and assemblies.

The school offers a thriving orchestra and choir and the ability to teach a variety of musical instruments. They perform at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Redbridge Festival, and they host a music performance and termly musical productions for which parents are invited.

Contact Info

Address: Grove Primary School, Chadwell, Heath Lane, Romford Essex


Tel: 0208 590 3611


10.  Henry Green Primary School

Henry Green Primary School, last on the Best 10 Primary Schools in Redbridge identified and reviewed by Key schools. The school complies with the standards for posting specific information on its website. The school is far larger than the typical primary school.

Pupils come from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds, with about a third of the students being White British.  Pakistani, Black African and Eastern European are the other major ethnic groupings. Around two-thirds of students speak English as a second language, much higher than the national average. 

Children in the early years’ program attend part-time in the Nursery in the mornings or afternoons and subsequently full-time in the two Reception courses. The percentage of students with special educational needs and disabilities is slightly lower than the national average.

The percentage of people who have a plan for education, health, and care is below average. The percentage of disadvantaged students who receive pupil premium funding is higher than the national average. 

A local cluster of eight schools partners with the school. The school satisfies the government’s current floor requirements for Year 6 students, establishing the minimum expectations for their achievement and progress. Since the previous inspection in November 2014, there has been a considerable change of senior management and workers.

Contact Info

Address: Henry Green Primary School, Green Lane, Dagenham Essex RM8 1UR

Head Teacher: Mr. M Murphy

Deputy Head: Mrs. H Daley


Telephone: 02082704466


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