Best 10 Primary Schools in Stevenage

Primary Schools in Stevenage

Life is full of risks and uncertainties, but there are a few areas that we as parents should have substantial control of. One of them is being able to decide on the primary learning institute that gets to shape the future of our young ones’ academics.

Although there are lots of great schools in the community of Stevenage, it is hard to whittle down the list to schools that would be perfect for them. We have taken it upon ourselves to put together a helpful list of the Best 10 Primary Schools in Stevenage and some pertinent information that we think you might like to know.

As you go through this list, look out for the qualities that best qualify the type of learning institute you have in mind and make a great choice.

1. St Nicholas CofE (VA) Primary School

We will be opening with a prominent Church of England school that caters to boys and girls aged 3 to 11. It is located at Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 0PZ, England, under the local authority of Hertfordshire.

Additional Details:

St Nicholas CofE is a voluntary aided primary school famous for producing outstanding students who have continued to achieve excellence in and outside of class. 72% of pupils achieved a higher standard in reading, writing & maths at key stage 2, according to Snobe.

The school caters to the pupils’ academic needs from the early years till they graduate. The quality of teaching at this beautiful school is incredible, and expectations are set high, so pupils’ achievement keeps getting better.

At St Nicholas, it is believed that every child has a unique gift that should be nurtured and developed all through their time in school. Pupils are taught to obey God and respect their elders.

Teachers strive to instill discipline and hard work in them by often presenting them with new challenges to sharpen their skills and increase their knowledge. The school believes in developing the children spiritually, educationally, socially, and physically.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01438352706

Fax: 01438 233 227



Twitter: @StNicholas120 

Head Teacher: Miss Adelaide Yarwood

2. The Leys Primary & Nursery School

Taking the second position on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Stevenage is The Leys, a thriving, diverse, and inclusive school located at Ripon Road, Stevenage Hertfordshire, SG1 4QZ, England. It was rated “Good” after an inspection by Ofsted in March 2018.

Additional Details:

The Leys is a mixed community primary school that offers learning opportunities to boys and girls aged 3 to 11 in a warm and friendly environment.

The school believes that a primary school’s main job is to equip the students for the future ahead and, as such, strives to provide an abundant learning experience for the young ones. By Year 6, pupils are already prepared to survive and thrive in the secondary stage of their education. 

With the school’s motto “Learning today, Leading tomorrow” ringing in the children’s ears, they understand the importance of good education and know better than to take it for granted. Every academic achievement is greatly rewarded to motivate others to rise to the challenge.

With adequate support from parents, teachers can understand and communicate with the students better. They tutor them with a broad curriculum that helps them develop rapidly. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01438314148

Fax: 01438 721364



Head Teacher: Mrs. Davinder Khangura

3. Longmeadow Primary School

Third on our prestigious list, an accredited primary school is a large but tight-knit learning institution where every child genuinely matters. It provides education for boys and girls aged from 3 to 11.

Additional Details:

The school is located at Oaks Cross, Broadwater, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 8LT, England, under the local authority of Hertfordshire. It strives to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment that gives every child a sense of belonging.

Students of this school are always eager and motivated to learn new things, as it has been infused in them at an early age. Expectations are set high by the school, which pushes them to put in a lot of effort and hard work to achieve academic success.

The teachers remain committed to educating the young ones and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills required for the subsequent stages of their education.

The school believes in developing the whole child and strives to inculcate in them several positive values such as Persistence, Diligence, Honesty, Empathy, and Resilience. Tolerance and unity are encouraged among the students, and discrimination is prohibited.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:           

01438 351087

Fax: 01438 723 729



Twitter:  @LongmeadowPSch 

Head Teacher: Mrs Emily Howley

4. Shephalbury Park Primary School

Rated “Good” by Ofsted after an inspection in March 2017, Shephalbury is a mixed community primary school with a burning passion for excellence and an enviable will to see every one of its students succeed. It is a thriving, happy, and growing community where students are always happy.

Additional Details:

Shephalbury opened its doors on the 1st of September 2005 and has produced excellent School Leavers. It educates over 200 boys and girls aged 3 to 11 in a safe and communicative environment where every student is well catered for and given a chance to succeed.

The school management is always working hard to improve the conditions of the school and make it more comfortable for its teachers and students. It educates them with a broad curriculum that contains everything they should know in preparation for their secondary education.

The school is located at Burydale, Broadwater, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 8AX, England, under the local authority of Hertfordshire. The school’s staff team shares the institution’s passion for excellence and strives valiantly to infuse a lifelong love of learning in the pupils.

They serve as mentors for them and are always working to keep them safe. The school offers a lot of extracurricular activities meant to entertain the children and maintain the positive energy of the school.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:   01438 235454

Fax: 01438 235 757



Head Teacher: Mr. Ben Conway

5. Aston St Mary’s Church of England Aided Primary School

Midway on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Stevenage is a Church of England school located at School Lane, Aston, Stevenage, SG2 7HA, England, under the local authority of Hertfordshire. It was rated “Good” by Ofsted in a recent inspection.

Additional Details:

Aston St Mary’s is a co-educational primary school that values every child and believes God has a purpose for all. It is dedicated to serving the community by providing outstanding education for boys and girls aged 4 to 11.

The school has over 100 students and a student-teacher ratio of 19: 1. With competent school management that loves the children at heart, students receive the best of education in a warm and friendly environment where they are allowed to be their true selves and make use of their unique God-given talents.

As a Church of England school, Aston St Mary’s believes in raising the children in the church’s way and instilling in them good morals and positive attitudes. As the years go by, the school keeps improving in all areas, enhancing the student’s school experience.

With a balanced curriculum that features a wide range of subjects, the teachers can properly equip the students with the necessary knowledge to survive in the next stage of their education.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01438 880212

Fax: 01707 262640



Head Teacher: Mrs. Julie Winwood

Primary Schools in Stevenage

6. Woolenwick Junior School

First on the bottom half of our list is Woolenwick, a happy, innovative, and thriving place that believes that education can only be successful when there is a smooth partnership between home and school. It is located at Woolenwick Junior School, Bridge Road West, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2NU, England.

Additional Details:

With its core values, “Respect, Resilience, and Achievement,” Woolenwick teaches its students to work hard and aim for success. It believes that every child has the potential to succeed given the right amount of support.

New intakes are welcomed with open arms by both the teachers and the students. Expectations are high, and the students never shy away from challenges.

They are taught to be respectful, polite, and honest wherever they are. The school strives to develop them both academically and socially to grow up to be well-rounded members of the community.

Woolenwick has a range of fantastic facilities meant to make the children very comfortable as they learn. Parents are highly encouraged to get involved in school life and voice any concerns or opinions that they may carry.

The school takes the issue of safety very seriously and takes the time to educate both its staff and students on certain safety measures. It opens its doors to students from all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01438 216565

Fax: 01438 315 560



Twitter:  @WoolenwickJ 

Head Teacher: Mr Richard Pallant

7. Ashtree Primary School and Nursery

Next on this list is a wonderful learning institution with over 400 boys and girls aged from 3 to 11. It is a community school under the local authority of Hertfordshire. It was rated “Good” by Ofsted in a previous inspection.

Additional Details:

Located at Chertsey Rise, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 9JQ, England, Ashtree has valiantly served the community of Stevenage by providing a top-notch education for pupils in a loving and serene environment where every child is valued.

It is well known for being a fantastic foundational education provider and has enjoyed such an enviable reputation for a long time. It inspires the young ones to face challenges confidently and aspire for greatness in everything they do.

It strives to develop the children’s confidence and self-esteem so they can thrive in their second stage of education.

Teachers evaluate the students often to measure their performances and make adjustments wherever needed. This helps them identify pupils who are lagging and tailor their lessons to improve their performance.

At Ashtree, students are always eager to acquire knowledge and gather new experiences. The school rewards being present in class with a trophy called the” Weekly Attendance Cup,” which has helped minimize the rate of absenteeism among the children.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01438 351090

Fax: 01438 353 464



Twitter:  @AshtreeSchool 

Head Teacher: Mrs Maria Janes

8. Benington Church of England Primary School

Located at Walkern Road, Benington, Benington Primary School, Stevenage SG2 7LP, England, Benington is a close-knit Church of England school with a warm and learning-friendly atmosphere. The local authority of Hertfordshire maintains it.

Additional Details:

Benington offered quality education to over 100 boys and girls aged from 4 to 11 and was rated “Good” by Ofsted after a thorough inspection in December 2018.

The school has a wide range of excellent facilities meant to improve the school experience and make learning more comfortable for the young ones.

It believes that education is about unfolding each child’s potential and motivating them to work hard for success. It strives to develop the students in the educational sense and socially, emotionally, and physically. 

The school’s staff team works tirelessly to prepare the students for the ever-changing world by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to thrive. They strive to instill a lifelong love of learning in them, so they will always remain enthusiastic and ambitious.

The school aims to nurture brilliant students who will grow up to become the leaders of tomorrow. Positive values such as Empathy, Honesty, and Resilience are imbibed in them at an early stage, and the parents have always attested to this.

Contact Information

Phone Number:  01438 869254

Fax: 01438 869 254



Twitter:  @BeningtonSchool 

Head Teacher: Mrs Jennifer Munns

9. Fairlands Primary School

Ninth on this fantastic list is Fairlands Primary School, a larger-than-the-average sized primary school that caters to the education of boys and girls aged from 3 to 11. It is located at Pound Avenue, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 3JA, England.

Additional Details:

Fairlands is a three-form entry primary school that believes in providing equal opportunity for every child. It offers high-quality childcare that operates from 8 am–6 pm, five days a week, merged with a wide variety of clubs & activities meant to improve the pupils’ achievements and widen their interests.

It has a wide playing field and some other interesting facilities open to every student. The school accepts students from every culture, race, and ethnic background. 

With the motto “Reaching High,” Fairlands encourages its pupils to aim high and reach for the stars. The school’s staff team works hard to deliver outstanding lessons using different innovative methods. Students are taught to tolerate and respect one another.

The teachers help them develop a positive attitude towards learning, and this remains with them for the rest of their lives. The pupils are also engaged in many extracurricular activities to help develop them socially and physically.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:   01438 351053

Fax: 01438 750 116



Twitter:  @fairlands 

Head Teacher: Mr Robert Staples

10. Larwood School

At the very bottom of our fantastic list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Stevenage is Larwood. This outstanding learning institution is a member of the Larwood Academy Trust. It is located at Larwood Drive, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 5BZ, England.

Additional Details:

The school aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for pupils struggling with their academics. It strives to be an inclusive school where every child can feel a sense of belonging. Students are motivated to do better with a reward system that includes Trips, medals, certificates, and raffle prizes.

The school’s motto is ‘Achieve, Believe, Expect, Enjoy.’ Adequate attention is paid to each child, so the teachers can often measure their performance and help them get better.  

Larwood is a happy place where children always want to learn and grow. The school’s staff team shares the school’s vision of ensuring every child’s success and works tirelessly to make it happen.

They teach the pupils with a dynamic and challenging curriculum that focuses on literacy, numeracy, and creativity.

Pupils are handled with a firm hand, and discipline is consistently infused in them throughout their school time. There is a solid partnership between the parents and the teachers, which has always been one of the main factors responsible for the school’s rapid growth.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01438 236333

Fax: 01438 236 363



Head Teacher: Mr Pierre van der Merwe

After taking a tour of our wonderful list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Stevenage, we hope you’ve gained better clarity about which primary school your child should be enrolled in. 

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