Best 10 Primary Schools in Worcester

Primary Schools in Worcester

Wondering which is the best school for your primary level children in Worcester? Check out our selected Best 10 Schools in Worcester

Popularly known as a non-metropolitan administrative, ceremonial, and historic county, situated in the West Midlands region of England; Worcester boasts of some of the highest-rated primary schools in the West Midlands.

With a whopping population of 592,158 according to the Eurostat of 2019, it may prove a daunting task without the right guide to navigating the massive county when it comes to choosing the appropriate primary school for your young ones that will fit your desired taste.

Knowing the best primary schools in the county is a way to begin when it comes to making this all-important decision.

See below our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Worcester that will make it easy to find the perfect learning destination for children.

Best 10 Primary Schools in Worcester

10. St George’s Catholic Primary School,  Worcester

With the motto ‘Achieve, Believe, Care’, St George’s catholic falls at number one on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Worcester. This Education Giant is situated at  Thorneloe Walk, Worcester, WR1 3JY. There is a warm and positive relationship between pupils and staff, and the care and attention given to pupils are strong features of the school.

There is a wonderful synergy between all in the school to ensure that your children achieve their full potential in all areas of development. They also strive to create a friendly, caring, and supportive environment with a strong Christian ethos where everyone is valued. The mixed school opens its doors of admission to children between the ages of 5 and 11.

9. Beaconside Primary and Nursery School, Worcester

Next on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Worcester is an amazing school that offers a specially resourced provision for special educational needs. There are a school-based nursery and a pre-school nursery on site. Beaconside Primary is a good and improving school where pupils’ achievements are valued, children are cherished and success is celebrated.

The unmatched curriculum operated by the school provides so many opportunities for pupils to try new and exciting things, and discover the joy of learning. This leads to hard work and positive outcomes for the pupils.

Beaconside ensures that your children are prepared for the next stage of their education. There is accountability which leads to transparency on the part of the staff and quality treatment of the pupils throughout their time in the school.

8. Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester

Pitmaston is a large and dynamic primary school with a pre-school, and Nursery on-site, set within St. John’s Community, close to the historic Cathedral City of Worcester. The school is devoted to protecting and promoting the well-being of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to also share this particular commitment.

With such hardworking, well behaved, and enthusiastic pupils, the continued support of families, and the thorough commitment of their professional and qualified staff, the school strives to achieve its vision which is to provide the very best possible education, outcomes, and well-being for each child at Pitmaston Primary School.

7. Wilden All Saints CofE Primary School, Worcester

Of all the great schools in Worcester, Wilden is a unique school that offers a child-centered, personalised curriculum that provides fulfilment and challenge within their wonderful, family centred school community, through a range of teaching approaches and broad opportunities to help the children discover their love of learning and improving important life skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving minds.

At Wilden, Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development is supported and encouraged. The pupils represent their school very well by being, at all times, courteous and polite. Additionally, the school meets the government’s current floor standards, which set the minimum expectations for pupils’ attainment and progress.

6. WolverleySebright VA Primary School, Worcester

Wolverley is a mixed school with 52.8% girls and 47.2% boys. They have a wonderful 96.8% attendance rate which exceeds the typical attendance rate for the country. The school offers the parents of each child the opportunity to assess the academic performance of each pupil at the end of every year, an attempt to receive feedback that helps improve the school’s academic standard.

The staff works tirelessly to equip the pupils with top-notch knowledge through their wonderfully designed curriculum. They believe in treating each child equally and fairly. The pupils are well-behaved, smart, and enthusiastic.

5. ClainesCofe Primary School, Worcester

Located at School Bank, Claines, Worcester, WR3 7RW, ClainsCofe is an average-sized primary school with seven classes, and pupils are taught in single-age groups. The students comprise children from diverse race and ethnic backgrounds. The quality of teaching is consistently good throughout the school, the teachers are not afraid to try out new ideas and they excel at engaging pupils’ interest and attention.

The school meets the government’s current floor standards, which set the minimum expectations for attainment and progress in English and mathematics for pupils at the end of the 6th Year. The school has wonderful procedures in place to keep your little ones safe so you never have to worry about their well-being whenever they are at school.

4. Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School, Worcester

Number 7 on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Worcester is an institution that provides a creative curriculum in which all children flourish and excel academically. They provide a happy, caring environment where the children feel confident and secure.

The school has a system that tracks achievement, pupil progress, teaching, pupil attendance, and whether the school is improving. The pupils are well behaved and their attendance rate is off the chart.

88.4% of the students speak English as a first language and the mixed school offers admission to children between the ages of 2 and 11.

3. Comberton Primary School, Worcester

Enrolling your child/ward at Comberton is one of the best decisions you can ever make as their Pupils thrive at this school, they are safe and well cared for and they develop positive attitudes to learning and behave well. Pupils work and play together happily and treat adults and each other with the utmost respect.

Pupils are very clear about the difference between bullying and bad behaviour. Their trust in the staff means that they are confident about reporting both if they ever happen. Adults deal quickly with incidents and take successful action to prevent them from ever reoccurring. Across different subjects, teachers check on how well pupils are learning.

This includes pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

2. Aston Fields Middle School Worcester

Aston Fields Middle School is a middle school inBromsgrove, Worcestershire. There are currently 610 pupils on roll in the 9-13 age range. With the powerful motto “Striving for excellence”, the school ensures that each child is properly nurtured and cared for. They assess each pupil to ensure none is lagging and rewards the best students every time they excel.

The school is officially a non-denominational institution, though Christian hymns are sung in school assemblies and Christmas is celebrated. The school has 36 qualified teachers who are ready to go above and beyond to give your children the quality education they deserve.

1. BlakedownCofe Primary School, Worcester

At the bottom of our list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Worcester is Blake down, an institution of excellence. It is located in Blakedown, Kidderminster, and falls under the local authority of Worcestershire. Their wonderful pupils learn in a warm and welcoming environment where they can easily assimilate and digest all that is imparted on them by their exquisite set of teachers all day long.

The headteacher works effectively with senior leaders and governors to raise the standards of the school. The quality of teaching continues to improve consistently every year. Their challenging curriculum provides an abundance of rich learning opportunities that helps the pupil soar towards greater heights in life.

With Blakedown, we conclude our list of the Best 10 Primary Schools in Worcester. Thanks for reading.

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