Best 10 Private Schools in Croydon

Private Schools in Croydon

Selecting a learning institution to enrol your child should depend on certain crucial factors, such as the young one’s academic and emotional needs.

It is common knowledge that every child is unique and should be treated as such if we aim to offer them the best education. 

Tons of outstanding public schools can accommodate every child’s needs and raise them appropriately. Still, sometimes the best option is to enrol them in a private school due to certain unbeatable advantages.

Advantages such as smaller class sizes, individualized teaching, a challenging curriculum, spiritual development, outstanding facilities, enrichment opportunities, proper discipline, and so on are enough to motivate any parent to enrol their child in a private school. 

Is your interest piqued? Are you ready to learn about some of the finest private schools in your proximity? If yes, let us enlighten you with our fantastic list of the Best 10 Private Schools in Croydon

1. The BRIT School

To begin our list of Best 10 Private Schools in Croydon, we’ll be taking a look at a Performing and Creative Arts School that provides outstanding education and vocational training for the performing arts and music media, and art and design.

It is located at The Crescent, Croydon, CR0 2HN, England, under the local authority of the London Borough of Croydon.

Additional Details:

Established in 1991, the highly selective independent school is notable for its celebrity alumni and its track record of incredible academic achievements.

It aims to nurture creativity by providing students with the necessary support and resources to achieve an all-around success through a full and well-balanced curriculum.

Its staff team consists of professionals whose main job is to provide students with the tools and guidance needed to make the right career choice.

Leavers of this school often become titans of the Creative and Performing Arts industry or secure admission into top-performing universities to further their education.

The school maintains strong links with national and international groups and bodies that provide its students with numerous professional opportunities.

Teachers strive to deliver exceptional lectures using a wonderful educational approach that focuses on harnessing creativity and helping every student realize their full potential.

The school offers admission to qualified members from all areas of life and believes that every student is capable of achieving success given the right opportunity.   

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8665 5242

Fax: 020 8665 8676



Twitter: @TheBRITSchool

Head Teacher: Mr Stuart Worden

2. The Robert Fitzroy Academy

Located at 80 Brampton Road, Croydon, CR0 6JN, England. The Robert Fitzroy Academy is an esteemed mixed academy committed to raising diligent, disciplined, and ambitious learners with positive values and excellent academic achievements. It offers admission to boys and girls aged from 4 to 11.

Additional Details:

One of the many strengths of this fantastic learning institution is its highly enthusiastic team of staff who shares the school’s burning passion for excellence and dedicates their lives to nurturing first-class learners in a warm and inclusive environment where every child is valued and cared for, regardless of their background.

They strive to promote the students’ academic, physical, and social skills through a broad and dynamic curriculum that combines classroom lessons with numerous co-curricular activities.

Students often leave the school fully prepared to participate and thrive in the subsequent stages of their academic journey.

The school believes in respecting and celebrating diversity and strives to ensure equity in its affairs. It celebrates success and achievement and seeks to inspire the youngsters through an exciting reward system.

Parents are highly encouraged to participate in school life and never think twice about voicing their opinions or concerns.

The school values them deeply, as it believes their respective contributions can help move the school to greater heights.

It seeks to serve the community by raising responsible learners who will grow into upstanding members of society.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8662 9700



Twitter: @RFitzroyAcademy

Instagram: @robert_fitzroy_academy

Head Teacher: Mr Matthew Clark

3. Ark Oval Primary Academy

Ark Oval is a mixed, two-form entry primary school renowned for providing high-quality teaching, learning and assessment that leads to outstanding success.

It is a well-resourced school located at 98 Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 6BA, England, where it educates young and bright boys and girls aged from 4 to 11.

Additional Details:

The school aims to prepare the young ones for the academic journey ahead by giving them the very best of education and equipping them with enough resources to help them reach their full potential.

Students are raised as brave, confident, respectful, and independent learners committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve academic success.

They are offered the chance to participate in several extracurricular activities that helps to improve them physically, socially, and mentally.

Ark Oval undoubtedly maintains an excellent academic record as one of the top-performing independent schools in the United Kingdom.

The school’s staff team is committed to instilling a lifelong love of learning in the children at such a young age to help preserve their intellectual curiosity and academic aspirations.

They work hard to provide them with an educational experience that can withstand the modern-day world’s demands.

The school prioritizes the well-being and safety of every child by putting in place certain proactive measures that are intermittently reviewed and upgraded.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8688 3000

Fax: 020 8680 3435



Twitter: @ArkOvalPrimary

Head Teacher: Mr Toby Martlew 

4. The Cedars School

Established in September 2013, The Cedars School is an independent Roman Catholic school founded and overseen by the PACT Educational Trust.

It is a happy and successful school characterized by high aspirations, huge academic achievements and good behaviour. It caters for young and able boys aged from 11 to 18.

Additional Details:

Located at 147 Central Hill, Upper Norwood, Croydon, Greater London, SE19 1RS, England, this distinguished learning institution combines a full and challenging curriculum with a wide range of enrichment programs to provide students with an all-around education.

It maintains a friendly and supportive environment underpinned by a certain Catholic ethos.

It seeks to raise the boys in the way of the Church to grow into responsible, reliable, and compassionate young men who will continue to serve as a source of joy and pride to their parents, school, and society at large.

To ensure a solid home-school partnership, the school never misses a chance to collaborate with the parents on every one of its activities.

It strongly believes that preserving the connection between home and school is crucial to the children’s academic, moral, mental, and spiritual development.

Students of this wonderful school are always on their best behaviour, and the issue of bullying is non-existent.

With a student-centred education approach and a wide range of excellent academic facilities, teachers can provide the children with the very best of education.  

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +44 (0) 20 8185 7770



Twitter: @TheCedarsSchool

HeadMaster: Mr Robert Teague

Deputy Headmaster: Dr P Virgili

Chaplain: Rev Fr J Boronat

Private Schools in Croydon

5. Royal Russell School

Patronized by Queen Elizabeth II, another school worth mentioning on our list of Best 10 Private Schools in Croydon is Royal Russell.

It is an independent day and boarding school established in 1853 and has been breaking new grounds ever since. It caters for the educational needs of approximately 900 boys and girls aged from 3 to 18.

Additional Details:

The co-educational school consistently ranks as one of the top-performing schools in the United Kingdom due to the high quality of teaching and learning.

It embraces students from diverse backgrounds and values each of them for their talents and abilities. The school offers an outstanding Boarding provision that makes the school feel like a home away from home.

It encourages the young to imbibe certain positive values that will help them grow into well-rounded community members.

Most students who leave the school often receive successful offers to top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. 

Located at Coombe Lane, Croydon, London, CR9 5BX, England, Royal Russell offers many educational facilities, including state-of-the-art gymnasiums, standard locker rooms, a well-stocked and functioning library, and a spacious hall, dining facilities, and more.

It strives valiantly to enhance the educational experience given to each child.

The school’s highly dedicated staff team understands the importance of the secondary stage of education and works tirelessly to shape the students to the best of their capabilities.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8657 4433

Fax: 020 8657 9555



Twitter: @Royal_Russell

Head Teacher: Mr Chris J. Hutchinson

6. Heathfield Academy

Championing the bottom half of our list is Heathfield, a vibrant learning centre that offers an outstanding education to boys and girls aged from 4 to 11 in a nurturing and supportive environment where every child is cherished, valued, and cared for, regardless of their race or religion.

Additional Details:

Heathfield Academy is located at 7 Aberdeen Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1EQ, England, and is maintained by the local authority of Croydon.

It is strictly dedicated to improving the chances of every child by providing them with equal opportunities and resources needed to achieve academic success.

It strives to maintain a nurturing atmosphere that encourages young people to aim high, face challenges, and acquire new skills and knowledge.

Students are taught with a government-approved curriculum that has been designed to meet individual academic needs.

The school aims to raise the students as independent thinkers, problem solvers and fantastic communicators. It teaches the youngsters to love one another and respect individual differences.

Teachers at the school ensure to track the students’ progress, measure their performance and ability, and then tailor the lessons to help make adjustments.

The school operates several after-school clubs and activities that help to improve the children socially and physically.  

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 02083534250



Twitter: @HeathfieldAcad

HeadMaster: Mrs Rachael Atkinson

7. Cambridge Tutors College

Cambridge Tutors College is an independent school and sixth form located at Water Tower Hill, South Croydon, Greater London, CR0 5SX, England.

It was established in 1958, and it specializes in the education and progression of boys and girls aged from 14 to 23.

Additional Details:

The prestigious college was given three “Good Schools Guide” awards for excellence in Mathematics in 2018, and some of its students were awarded three “Council for Independent Education” Awards in 2015.

It is an active member of the British Association of Independent Schools with International Students, the Council for Independent Education, and the Independent Schools Council.

Its consistent pursuit of excellence in all its activities is one of the many great qualities that set this amazing institution apart.

The school operates small class sizes to ensure that the children get adequate attention and support from the teachers.

CTC boasts of a safe and learning-friendly environment that constantly caters for every child’s academic, social, spiritual, and mental needs. It values every student and believes every child is unique in their way.

Parents continue to praise the school for its unique approach to teaching and learning, an approach that ensures every individual’s overall success.

Teachers endeavour to aid new intakes in their transition and encourage the students to welcome them with complete enthusiasm. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +44 (0)20 8688 5284

Fax: +44 (0)20 8686 9220



Twitter: @CTC_London

Principal: Dr Chris Drew 

Chair of Trust Council: Mr Sampathkumar Mallaya

8. Croydon High School

With “May Her Character and Talents Inspire Others”, Croydon High is a single-sex day school located at Old Farleigh Road, South Croydon, Greater London, CR2 8YB, England.

It is an independent girls’ school that has enjoyed a long-standing reputation of excellence since 1874.

Additional Details:

The school has a proud history of producing excellent learners who often go on to dominate in whichever path or field they choose.

It encourages the girls to embrace challenges and overcome them rather than using them as an excuse for underachievement. It inspires them to aim high and work hard to realize their full potential.

The school offers a wide range of exceptional facilities meant to further enhance the educational experience of each girl.

Every girl is recognized and respected for who they are and is fully supported to be the best they can be.

A strong emphasis is placed on academic success and personal development. The girls are nurtured as reliable and confident learners who will remain intellectually curious for the rest of their lives.

The school aims to equip them with a first-class education and motivate them to chase their aspirations relentlessly.

They often leave the school as independent young adults ready to take on the world. The school offers numerous extracurricular activities such as clubs, art, sport, drama, etc.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8260 7500

Fax: 020 8657 5413



Twitter: @CroydonHigh

Head Teacher: Mrs Emma Pattison

9. Cumnor House School for Girls

Located at 1 Woodcote Lane, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3HB, England, under the local authority of Croydon, the first name on our relevant list of Best 10 Private Schools in Croydon is Cumnor House School, an Independent Girls’ Preparatory School that is dedicated to providing a life-changing educational experience for brilliant girls aged from 4 to 11.

Additional Details:

The single-sex school believes in treating each girl as an individual with different strengths, abilities, personalities, and dreams.

It aims to provide every pupil with the necessary knowledge and basic life skills needed to thrive in the subsequent stages of their education.

It offers a wide range of growth and enrichment opportunities in a warm and nurturing environment where the children are loved, cherished and cared for to the fullest.

It seeks to inspire the girls to discover and explore their abilities and harness them for success.

The school’s staff team is committed to raising exemplar students who will continue to thrive and dominate wherever they may find themselves.

They strive to maintain an inclusive environment where every child is allowed to express themselves without fear of getting chastised or bullied.

The school provides outstanding education and a wide range of extracurricular activities to help develop the girls socially, mentally, and physically. It celebrates success in any form and encourages the girls to be the best they can be.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8645 2614

Fax: 020 8645 2619



Twitter: @WeAreCumnor

Head Teacher: Mrs Amanda McShane

10. Whitgift School

At the very bottom of our amazing list of Best 10 Private Schools in Croydon, we have Whitgift, an independent day school that is fully committed to the success and welfare of students.

It solely focuses on providing an all-around education for brilliant boys aged 10 to 18 in a warm and communicative environment.

Additional Details:

Formerly a grammar school and direct grant grammar school, the mixed Church of England school was established in 1596 and is owned by the Whitgift Foundation.

It is located at Haling Park, South Croydon, Greater London, CR2 6YT, England.

It offers several co-curricular activities that are rooted in music and sport. In 2011, its Hockey team won the National Indoor Hockey Championships at the Under 15 and 18 levels.

The school’s capable team of staff shares the institution’s vision of producing extraordinary students who will make the school proud.

Whitgift is a top-performing school rated as one of the best independent schools in the United Kingdom.

It welcomes students from different backgrounds and maintains a culture of respecting and celebrating diversity.

It is a proud member of the Headmasters’​ and Headmistresses’​ Conference, and its motto is “Vincit qui patitur”, which is Latin for “He who perseveres, conquers”​.

The school strives to ensure that every child leaves the school with a memorable, life-changing educational experience that they will carry with them all through their academic journey.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +44 (0) 208 688 9222



Twitter: @WhitgiftSchool1

Head Teacher: Mr Christopher Ramsey

That brings us to the end of our relevant list of Best 10 Private Schools in Croydon; we hope we have been able to simplify the selection process. 

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