Best 10 Secondary Schools in Ilford

Secondary Schools in Ilford

Despite the care with which you raise your children, single-handedly making informed choices about everything that might infringe on their developing personalities, you are often faced with circumscribed options for education and schooling. 

Although there are many secondary institutions present in the locale of Ilford, it is hard to consider every one of them as viable options, especially when you have to look through a scope of your desired school’s qualities and features. Join us as we take a critical look at the Best 10 Secondary Schools in Ilford.

1. Valentines High School

First on the precious list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Ilford is Valentines High, a co-educational secondary school located at Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6HX, England. It educates over a thousand boys and girls aged from 11 to 18 under the local authority of Redbridge.

Additional Details:

Formerly a specialist school for technology became a teaching school in 2011 and had been producing excellent school leavers ever since. It enjoys a reputation of being a highly successful school, repeatedly ranked as one of the best secondary schools in the United Kingdom.

It is a loving and thriving community where students of every faith and culture are accepted and properly nurtured to realize their full potential. The school has gone through some major improvements throughout its existence.

For example, in 2007, a new sixth-form building was opened with excellent PE facilities, including a new astro-turf pitch, tennis courts, sports hall, and drama studio. 

In 2018, 67% of students achieved Grade 5 or above in English and Maths GCSEs, placing the school in the top bracket of non-selective schools, according to Wikipedia. The community school was graded “Outstanding” by Ofsted in 2021 and has continued to break new grounds ever since.

Occasionally, it provides top-notch training for members of its staff to ensure improvement in the quality of lessons being delivered to the children. Teachers work hard to help the pupils grow into confident and independent young adults with a burning passion for success. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8554 3608

Fax: 020 8518 2621



Twitter: @ValentinesHS

Head Teacher: Mr. Richard Laws

Chair of Governors: Mr. Andrew Bern

2. Seven Kings School

Catering for boys and girls aged 4 to 18, Seven Kings is a comprehensive primary and secondary school located at Ley Street, Ilford, London, IG2 7BT, England. It was established in 1931, and its motto is Friendship, Excellence, Opportunity. It was formerly known as Seven Kings High School.

Additional Details:

Seven Kings is an inclusive school that embraces all areas of life. It received an “Outstanding” grade from Ofsted in 2007 and was rated as one of 12 outstanding schools serving disadvantaged communities.

Students of this school are enthusiastic, confident, and motivated to succeed and cultivate a positive attitude towards learning. They are raised as independent thinkers who will achieve great academic feats in the next phase of their education.

They are also encouraged to participate in various co-curricular activities meant to stimulate their minds and expand their scope of knowledge. The school maintains high standards of behavior and ensures students are always well comported. 

The school’s committed staff team consists of subject specialists with extensive years of experience in their respective fields. They provide an outstanding education for students through a full and balanced curriculum that offers every child the opportunity to succeed.

Courses offered in its sixth form include music, languages, design and technology, drama, etc. Due to the quality of teaching, and its outstanding academic achievements, Seven Kings, is an oversubscribed school that enjoys immense support from parents and the community.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8554 8935

Fax: 020 8518 2975



Twitter: @SevenKingsSch

Primary Head Teacher: Ms M.Mower

Secondary Head Teacher: Ms J. Waters

3. Ark Isaac Newton Academy

Located at 1 Cricklefield Place, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1FY, England, Ark Isaac Newton is a mixed, non-selective school with a three-form entry at primary and six-form entry school for secondary. It cared for over a thousand boys and girls aged from 4 to 18 in a safe environment and was graded “Outstanding” after an inspection by Ofsted in October 2018.

Additional Details:

The non-denominational school is an all-through learning institution that provides fantastic education and is excellent for bright and enthusiastic children from Reception to Sixth Form.

It has a purpose-built building that features many state-of-the-art facilities meant to further enhance the students’ educational experience. It strives to preserve a warm and nurturing community where pupils can develop solid and healthy relationships with their teachers from a very early age.

Teachers serve as role models, and the children are always going to them for advice on achieving success in all areas of life. They work hard to prepare the children for life outside the school by raising them to be independent, smart, and confident.

The school opened in September 2012 and has been grooming excellent learners using a broad and balanced curriculum that covers all relevant subjects and topics.

It also offers golden enrichment opportunities through numerous co-curricular activities to develop active learners who will grow up to be well-adjusted and well-rounded. It aims to create a happy and exciting atmosphere where pupils derive great joy and pleasure from learning.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8911 6666



Twitter: @ArkIsaacNewton

Principal: Mr. Morgan Haines

Chair of Governors: Mr. Gerard Griffin

4. Oaks Park High School

Established in 2021, Oaks Park is a mixed community school that admits boys and girls aged 11 to 18. It is located at 45-65 Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, Ilford, London, IG2 7PQ, England, and is maintained by the local authority of Redbridge. The school educates over 1,500 students in a safe and learning-friendly environment.

Additional Details:

The school added the Sixth Form in 2006 when it also became a Specialist Music School. Over the years, it has received a number of prestigious awards commemorating the valiant efforts of its team of staff and good behavior on the part of the children.

A good example was when Transport for London awarded the Travel Green Team a Gold Travel Award for Sustainable Travel. The school embraces students from every area of life and nurtures every one of them to their full potential, regardless of their race, faith, or culture.

It maintains an inclusive environment where discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. It teaches the pupils to love one another and respect individual differences.

Teachers deliver outstanding education using a rich and stimulating curriculum to challenge the students and help them achieve academic success.

Pupils feel safe and loved in a wonderful haven maintained by the school’s team of staff. Parents are encouraged to get involved in school life and make it a habit of coming forward with any complaints or suggestions regarding the school or their children. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8590 2245

Fax: 020 8590 2246



Twitter: @OaksParkHighSch

Head Teacher: Ms. Joanne Hamill

Secondary Schools in Ilford

5. Loxford School

Midway on our helpful list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Ilford is Loxford, a co-educational academy located at Loxford Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 2UT England. It provides an all-through education for boys and girls aged 3 to 19 in a safe and inclusive environment and is a Loxford School Trust Limited member. 

Additional Details:

Formerly Loxford School of Science and Technology, the non-selective school, is a happy and successful community with around 3,000 students. It aims to help students develop into confident, educated young people with the desire and drive to achieve overall success.

It offers excellent facilities to boost the educational experience and ensure students’ comfort. It seeks to instill great personal qualities such as Courage, resilience, diligence, perseverance, and courtesy in the children.

Teachers deliver excellent lessons in a loving and learning-friendly environment where every child is given a chance to succeed.

The school is dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of every child and expects all members of its staff to share this commitment. It ensures that the students flourish academically and have access to a wide range of opportunities beyond class lessons.

These include music, sport, trips, arts and crafts, and many other adventurous activities. Students are inspired to work hard and believe in their talents and abilities. The school strives to ensure equality and celebrates and respects diversity among its population.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8514 4666

Fax: 020 8514 6257



Twitter: @LoxfordSchool

Head Teacher: Mrs. Anita Johnson

6. Beal High School

Beal High is a large co-educational school located at Woodford Bridge Road, Ilford, Essex, IG4 5LP, England. It provides top-notch education for boys and girls aged 11 to 18 in a warm and supportive environment.

It is maintained by the local authority of Redbridge and is a proud member of the Beacon Multi-Academy Trust Limited.

Additional Details:

Established in 1931, Beal High is a thriving academy where brilliant young minds are nurtured and provided with abundant support and resources needed to achieve academic success. The school operates from Year 7 to Year 11 and has an optional Sixth form for Years 12 and 13.

It also has a Communications and Learning Department for students on the autistic spectrum. It gained its academy status on the 1st of February 2014 and has continued to improve in every aspect ever since.

Beyond class lessons, the school also offers several co-curricular activities, including a radio station known as ‘Radio XL’ that broadcasts locally for a week each year and organizes musical theatre productions.

The school has over 2,500 students and was rated “Good” by Ofsted in November 2021. It has a well-established academic rigor and consistently outstanding student results.

Students are groomed as confident and independent young adults who will achieve great things in the future. The school strives to develop the children academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. It offers exceptional teaching provided by subject specialists who encourage curiosity and innovation.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8551 4954

Fax: 020 8551 4421



Twitter: @BealHigh

Head Teacher: Miss Kathryn Burns

7. Ursuline Academy Ilford

Next on our list is a Roman Catholic secondary school and the sixth form caters to close to a thousand girls aged from 11 to 18 at Morland Road, Ilford, Greater London, IG1 4JU, England. It was established by the Ursuline Order in 1903 and is a member of the Ursuline Academy, Ilford. 

Additional Details:

The Ursulines established the girls’ only school 119 years ago and became an academy in 2011. It maintains an inclusive environment where core Christian values underpin all its decisions and activities.

It seeks to nurture the students with the teachings of Christ and help them build a solid and benefitting relationship with God. It strives to provide equal resources and opportunity for every child, as it believes that given the right amount of support, every student can shine and achieve academic success.

It also understands that each girl is unique, encouraging them to discover and explore their talents and abilities to ensure personal development.

Teachers work hard to maintain the long tradition of trust, harmony, and courtesy among the staff and students. They teach the children a deep and stimulating curriculum that prepares them for the academic journey ahead.

Girls often leave the school as independent and ambitious learners who can take on the world and make something great of themselves. It was rated “Good” after an inspection by Ofsted in October 2021.  

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +44 (0)208 554 1995

Fax: +44 (0)208 554 9537



Twitter: @the_ursuline

Head Teacher: Ms Keran Reilly

8. Park School for Girls

Located at 20-22 Park Avenue, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4RS, England, Park School is an all-through school that provides an outstanding education for girls aged from 4 to 16 in a warm and loving environment where they are groomed as independent and successful learners.

It is an independent school maintained by the local authority of Redbridge.

Additional Details:

The school is fully dedicated to helping every child achieve her full potential and instilling a lifelong love of learning that will remain for eternity. It strives to develop the whole child by not just focusing on intellectual but also moral, emotional, social, and physical development.

Teachers take the time to understand each girl, measure their ability, and tailor their lessons to meet individual needs.

The school believes every child is special and should be treated with absolute respect and provided with equal opportunity for success. It preaches tolerance and unity among the students and encourages them to respect individual differences.

Learning at this wonderful school goes beyond class lessons, as students are often provided with numerous enrichment opportunities through after-school activities and clubs.

This is to ensure their personal growth and help them blossom into well-rounded adults who will achieve great things in life. Parents are encouraged to play a more active role in their children’s education by participating in school activities.

Presently, it holds the 14th position nationally in ‘Independent schools, small or with no 6th form’ for GCSE results for 2020.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8554 2466

Fax: 020 8554 3003



Head Teacher: Mrs Catherine Redfern

9. Palmer Catholic Academy

Formerly known as Canon Palmer Catholic School, Palmer Catholic Academy was established in 1961 and was the first Roman Catholic secondary academy school in Ilford. It is located at Aldborough Road, South Ilford, London, IG3 8EU, England. It admits boys and girls aged from 11 to 18.

Additional Details:

The co-educational school educates over a thousand pupils in a warm and nurturing environment where the academy’s daily life is underpinned by Catholic traditions and way of life. It is a proud member of The Good Shepherd Catholic Trust.

The school sets high expectations, and the students are highly motivated to face and conquer challenges to achieve great academic success. Teachers endeavor to carry every child along in class by ensuring all-around participation. 

Despite being a Catholic school, Palmer welcomes students of all faiths and none and ensures to treat every child fairly and equally. It inspires the children to aim high, believe in their potential, and believe God has a wonderful plan for all of its creations.

It strives to develop each child’s spiritual life by helping them establish a solid relationship with God to grow up to be upstanding members of society.

The academy is a PE, Drama, and maths specialist school and boasts numerous regional sporting achievements. According to Wikipedia, in 2006, more than 60% of its pupils gained 5+ GCSEs.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8590 3808

Fax: 020 8597 5119



Twitter: @Palmer_Catholic

Head Teacher: Mr. Paul Downey

10. Little Ilford School

The final name on our list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Ilford is a co-educational school rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted after an inspection in October 2012.

It educates over a thousand boys and girls aged 11 to 16 at Rectory Road, Manor Park, London, E12 6JB, England. The local authority of Newham maintains it.

Additional Details:

It was established in 1959 and enjoys being a highly successful community school that operates a supportive and inclusive environment where every child feels safe and loved. It encourages the students to reverberate the school’s motto of Courage, Commitment, and Compassion, wherever they go.

Teachers deliver excellent lessons through a rich and challenging curriculum that empowers the students with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the subsequent stages of their education. Students are encouraged to work on their abilities and harness them to achieve their dreams.

The school is a diverse community where tolerance and unity are encouraged, and respect for individual differences. Students are raised to become well-rounded, emotionally resilient, independent, and confident young adults who will thrive and flourish in every area of life.

Teachers strive to prepare them for the next phase of their education by ensuring they are well-versed in relevant subjects and topics. They are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as music, sport, drama, dance, etc.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8478 8024

Fax: 020 8478 5954



Twitter: @littleilfordsch

Head Teacher: Mr. Andrew Finn

That concludes our amazing list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Ilford. We hope you make a great choice!

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