Best 10 Secondary Schools in Orpington

Secondary Schools in Orpington

Now that your little one is through with their primary education, the next task as a parent is to help them secure a top-performing secondary institution capable of receiving the baton and taking the race further. 

During this process, it is important to select a school that can meet your child’s academic and emotional needs, just as much as the former was able to, or even better.

This shouldn’t be too hard to pull off, especially in a sophisticated town like Orpington, which features some of the highest-ranking secondary schools in the UK.

We believe the numerous school options in the locale of Orpington, combined with our relevant list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Orpington, should be more than enough to get things up and running. Let’s begin already! 

1. St. Olave’s and St. Saviour’s Church of England Grammar School

To commence our list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Orpington, we’ll be taking a close look at St. Olave’s Grammar School, a highly selective secondary school for boys that was founded by royal charter in 1571, and operates a co-educational sixth form.

Additional Details:

Located at Goddington Lane, Orpington, Greater London, BR6 9SH, England, St. Olave’s cares for the overall needs of over 1,000 students aged from 11 to 18 in a safe and warm environment where children are considered a top priority.

It was named “School of the Year” by the Sunday Times State in 2018 and was also ranked as the 4th best-performing state school in the UK at A-level by the Financial Times in 2011.

Entry into the oversubscribed school is based on a two-stage entrance process that entails one part of Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and a second part of writing English and Maths papers. 

The voluntary-aided grammar school benefits greatly from the charitable acts of St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Schools Foundation. It strives to deliver excellent education that reflects its Christian values and adequately prepares the young learners for the academic journey ahead.

Its highly dedicated staff works tirelessly to educate the pupils using a rich, government-approved curriculum designed to meet individual needs. They consider every child important and aim to go the extra mile to help them realize their full potential.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01689 820101

Fax: 01689 897943



Twitter: @stolaves

Head Teacher: Mr. Andrew Rees

Chair of Governors: Mr. A. Boyd

2. Newstead Wood School

As the first girls’ only school on this interesting list, Newstead Wood is a heavily oversubscribed secondary school with a zeal for academic achievement and a co-educational Sixth Form. It is located at Avebury Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 9SA, England, where it educates brilliant pupils aged from 11 to 18.

Additional Details:

Rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted after an inspection in February 2022, this fantastic academy specializes in engineering and psychology. Its motto is “Fortitudine Crescamus,” which is Latin for “May we grow in strength,” which signifies the idea of growth.

It was in September 1954 as Orpington Grammar School for Girls and moved to its current location on 23rd September 1957.

It features a number of academic facilities, including a Music Block, a Technology Block, an Engineering suite, a Sports Hall, etc. Its team of competent staff strives to provide a warm and nurturing environment where every child is supported and valued.

The school encourages pupils to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities, including but not limited to sport, music, culture, and drama.

Students also can travel on academic trips to Japan, New York, Borneo, and Malta. The school offers admission to students from diverse backgrounds and strives to maintain an inclusive environment where every pupil feels inspired to chase after their dreams.  

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01689 853626

Fax: 01689 853315



Twitter: @NewsteadWood

Head Teacher: Mr. Alan Blount

Chair of Governors: Mrs. N. Khalid

3. Bromley High School

Next on our helpful list is a girls’ independent day school located at Blackbrook Lane, Bromley, London, BR1 2TW, England. It was established in 1883 and enjoyed a long-standing reputation for nurturing brilliant young minds aged 4 to 18.

Additional Details:

The school aims to further the children’s social, intellectual, emotional, and motor skills within a calm and serene environment. It strives to ensure every pupil leaves the school with a range of accredited qualifications and basic life skills to follow their chosen pathways.

Teachers keep close tabs on every student to monitor individual progress and figure out ways to help them do better.

They strive to provide adequate care and guidance for the young ones to help them grow into well-rounded adults who will continuously be a source of pride for their parents, the school, and the nation.

Records have it that new intakes often get easily acquainted with life at this school, regardless of their previous educational experiences or challenges. This has consistently motivated new parents to enroll their young ones in this wonderful institution for their secondary education.

The safety of every child is guaranteed as the school maintains several safeguarding protocols, which its team of highly competent staff takes very seriously. It has high expectations and aspirations for all its students, and this has continued to challenge them to aim higher.     

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8781 7000

Fax: 020 8781 7002



Twitter: @bromleyhs

Head Teacher: Mrs. Angela Drew

Chair of Governors: Mrs. N. Khalid

4. Bullers Wood School

As one of the top-performing schools in the United Kingdom, this list wouldn’t be complete without including Bullers Wood, a Comprehensive girls’ school with a mixed Sixth Form academy. It is located at St Nicolas Lane, Logs Hill, Bickley, Chislehurst, Greater London, BR7 5LJ, England.

Additional Details:

Established in 1940, this successful learning institution provides an outstanding education for over a thousand bright and able girls aged 11 to 18, using a full and balanced curriculum that ensures the overall development of every student.

It acquired academy status in May 2011 and has been performing excellently ever since. It is a proud member of the Bullers Wood Multi Academy Trust and was rated “Outstanding” after a thorough inspection by Ofsted in May 2011.

It features a wide range of excellent facilities including a big canteen, a functioning library, computer rooms, a new drama studio, and more.

The school’s ambition is to revolutionize education by applying new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the school environment. It maintains the belief that every child is capable of achieving great academic feats and therefore provides equal opportunity resources for them.

Students are offered a broad range of enrichment activities that will help improve their social life and expand their scope of thinking. Bullers Wood has an excellent track record of producing first-class university/college materials, and this continues to be a source of strength for the institution. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8467 2280

Fax: 020 8295 1425



Twitter: @Bullerswood

Head Teacher: Mr. Simon Hardwick

Chair of Governors: Mr. P. Selby

Secondary Schools in Orpington

5. Darrick Wood School

Taking the fifth position on our relevant list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Orpington is Darrick Wood, a fantastic co-educational secondary school where teachers gently guide and instruct the young ones, answer their questions and promote their self-confidence. It is located at Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington, Kent, BR6 8ER, England.

Additional Details:

The mixed academy opened in 1975 and acquired a Teaching school qualification in 2013. The larger-than-average school, which gained academy status in 2010, has a hearing impairment resource provision within the school.

It offers admission to students from all areas of life and encourages love and respect among the children. It has Technology College Status and has received numerous awards in recognition of its exemplar achievements, including the Healthy School Award and Sportsmark Award.

It strives to provide top-notch education in a calm and welcoming environment. Students of this fantastic learning institution are well-behaved, polite, and diligent in their academic work.

The teachers strive relentlessly to help them cultivate a positive attitude towards learning, which often shapes their academic performance in the years to come. Pupils often achieve excellent results at GCSE and A levels, which has earned the school a wonderful reputation, locally and internationally.

They are raised as Courteous, Independent, and ambitious learners who understand the importance of academic success.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01689 850271

Fax: 01689 857257



Twitter: @DarrickWoodSch

Head Teacher: Dr. Martin J. Airey

Chair of Governors: Mr. D. Wilcox

6. Bishop Justus CofE School

Next on the list is a mixed Church of England school established in 2004. It is located at Magpie Hall Lane, Bromley, Kent, BR2 8HZ, England, and specializes in educating young and able boys and girls aged from 11 to 18. It is U part of the Aquinas Church of England Education Trust Limited.

Additional Details:

The non-selective academy received a “Good” rating from Ofsted in January 2020 and has been making great strides in the education world ever since. It gained its academy status in February 2012 and is recognized as a specialist in Music.

The school prides itself on providing a fulfilling learning environment where every student can flourish as high achievers. It is locally and internationally renowned for its innovative approach to educating and developing the whole child.

It maintains the belief that educating a child shouldn’t just be about their academics. They should also be developed socially, emotionally, and physically to grow up to be well-rounded.

The school’s competent team staff consists of diligent teachers with extensive experience in their respective fields. It strives to maintain an inclusive place where every pupil has a voice and is respected for who they are.

It offers them numerous opportunities to follow their interests and aspirations through various enrichment activities. The majority of its students often progress to top colleges and universities in the United Kingdom.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8315 8130 



Twitter: @BishopJustus

Head Teacher: Ms Samantha Thompson

7. Langley Park School for Girls

LPGS is a reputable girls’ secondary school with excellent academic facilities and a highly committed team of staff whose main goal is to nurture young and bright minds and help them achieve their full potential. It has a co-educational sixth form and is maintained by the local authority of Bromley.

Additional Details:

The school is located at Hawksbrook Lane, South Eden Park Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 3BE, England, where it caters to over 1,500 students within a safe and learning-friendly environment.

It officially opened in September 1919 as Beckenham County School for Girls and has gone through many changes since then.

It takes sole responsibility for overseeing the children’s education and overall wellbeing by providing them with an all-around education that develops them intellectually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

The school maintains the belief that a solid home-school partnership is pertinent to the success of the students, which is why it encourages its team of staff to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with parents and carers.

Teachers pay full attention to every pupil and ensure to track their progress daily to successfully measure their capabilities and shore up their weaknesses. The school is regarded as one of the highest-ranking non-selective schools in the United Kingdom.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8663 4199

Fax: 020 8663 6578



Twitter: @LGPSBromley

Head Teacher: Ms Katie Scott

8. Browns School

Browns School is a specialist independent school located at Hawstead Lane, Chelsfield, Hawstead Lane, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7PH, England. It is a prestigious learning haven where students are equipped with abundant knowledge, support, and guidance required to shape them into higher institution materials. 

Additional Details:

The mixed school strives to provide an exceptional education to boys and girls with learning and language difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, etc.

It maintains a welcoming and nurturing place where every child is considered unique and accepted for who they are. It is committed to high standards, evident in the quality of education provided. Teachers tutor the young ones using a rich curriculum that affords equal success opportunities.

The school places a strong focus on boosting academic attainments and improving the children’s behavior. It strives to raise them as obedient, respectful, tolerant, and compassionate youngsters who will become upstanding members of society.

It operates a number of after-school clubs and activities that helps to improve the students socially, physically, and emotionally. The school’s main objective is for all children to leave as happy and confident youngsters ready to take on the world. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01689 876816

Fax: 01689 827118



Twitter: @BrownPSPanthers

Head Teacher: Mr. George Mitchell

9. Harris Academy Orpington

Another school that deserves a spot on this amazing list is Harris Academy, a prestigious secondary school formerly known as The Priory School. The non-selective school was established in 1990 and became a part of the Harris Federation in September 2016.

Additional Details:

The co-educational secondary school offers spectacular education for local and international boys and girls aged 11 to 18. It converted to academy status in May 2012 and changed its name to Harris Academy Orpington in September 2016.

It aims to prepare the youngsters for a dynamic and ever-changing world that presents many opportunities.

The school’s diligent team of staff shares the institution’s vision of achieving academic excellence and works tirelessly to provide abundant support and resources for every child to realize their full potential.

The school is located at Tintagel Road, Orpington, Kent, BR5 4LG, England, and is maintained by the local authority of Bromley.

It encourages and inspires the students to aim high and go beyond what they think they can do. Students are raised as well-behaved and respectful learners with high self-esteem and big aspirations.

The school offers a number of fascinating facilities that help further enhance each child’s educational experience. It ensures that every student receives the very best of all that the school offers.  

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01689 819219

Fax: 01689 600842



Twitter: @haorpington

Head Teacher: Mr. David Astin

Chair of Governors: Ms. J. Tomlinson

10. Riverside School

At the bottom of our list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Orpington, we have Riverside School. This specialist school educates and makes special provision for boys and girls aged 4 to 19 with social and communication difficulties. It maintains three campus sites across St Paul’s Cray, Beckenham, and West Wickham.

Additional Details:

Located at Main Road, St Paul’s Cray, Orpington, Kent, BR5 3HS, England, Riverside is a successful learning community that teaches children to value hard work and inspires them to aim for high-academic attainment.

It strives relentlessly to ensure the success of every child, regardless of their race or faith. Over time, it has gathered an enviable reputation of being a top-performing school that stays committed to achieving excellence. 

The school’s competent team of staff works hard to impart certain positive values that enable the young ones to grow into responsible and well-adjusted individuals who will love their community and strive valiantly to contribute heavily towards its growth and development.

The endgame of everything taught to the children ensures that they leave the school as independent learners with extensive academic knowledge and basic life skills that make it easy for them to fit into the outside world. The school received an “Outstanding” grade from Ofsted after an inspection in May 2019.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 01689 870519

Fax: 01689 898 818



Twitter: @weareriverside1

Head Teacher: Mr. Steve Solomons

Chair of Governors: Mrs. G Christian

Now that you have gone through our helpful list of the Best 10 Secondary Schools in Orpington, it is now left to you to make the best selection for your child. Good luck! 

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