Best 10 Secondary Schools in Sidcup

Secondary Schools in Sidcup

After receiving an outstanding primary education, it is vital to build upon the solid foundation by getting the young ones into the right kind of Secondary school. Getting this crucial step wrong could easily cause a setback that would be almost impossible to recover from.

This is why it is important to have some pertinent information regarding the Secondary Schools available in your locale. Armed with the right knowledge and facts, picking the right school to further your child’s smooth academic journey will be a very easy decision.

Join us as we take a critical look at the Best 10 Secondary Schools in Sidcup.

1. Townley Grammar School

Rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted in November 2015, the first name on our wonderful list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Sidcup is Townley Grammar School. It operates Years 7 to 11 as single sex (girls) and a mixed sixth form, at Townley Road, Bexley, South East London DA6 7AB, England.

Additional Details:

Established in 1937, the academy was formerly known as Bexley Technical High School for Girls.

It is a learning community that caters for over 1,500 students in a safe and learning-friendly environment where children are given room to grow and flourish. It has a Student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1 and it educates boys and girls aged from 11 to 18.

Pupils are taught with a dynamic and flexible curriculum that combines class lessons with several co-curricular activities that helps stimulate the children’s mind and expand their scope of thinking.

The school believes that education should motivate the young ones to value learning for its own sake, and derive joy from the pursuit of knowledge.

It aims to help students explore and develop their individual potentials and personal qualities. Students are made to understand the importance of hard work and commitment towards achieving academic success and overall development.

Teachers prepare the young ones for the ever-changing world by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge required to navigate any path they choose to follow. The school seeks to promote the welfare, and ensure the total well-being of each girl.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020-83048311

Fax:  020 8551 4421



Twitter:  @TownleyGrammar

Facebook: @TownleyGrammarSchool

Head Teacher:  Miss Kathryn Burns

2. Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

Next on our list is mixed academy located at Hurst Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 9AG, England. It educates over a thousand boys and girls aged from 11 to 18 and the pupils are compartmentalized into six houses; known as Davies, Edlmann, Lester, Townshend, Williams, and Staff. It was rated “Good” by Ofsted in September 2017.

Additional Details:

The highly selective grammar school was originally founded as the Sidcup County School for Boys in 1931. It operates an inclusive atmosphere with the belief that given the necessary support and resources, every child has the ability to succeed.

Teachers strive valiantly to inspire the young ones and push them to go beyond what they think they can achieve. Successful students are often celebrated, and the struggling ones are assisted in every way possible to help them do better.

It aims to cultivate resilience, courage and compassion, and enhance communication skills so the students can grow up as well-rounded adults.

The school has a long and successful history as a high performing, outstanding school with world-class status. Its team of staff is dedicated to the children’s development, and is ready to go the extra mile just to ensure their success.

They teach the pupils to view challenge as something to overcome and not used as an excuse for underachievement.

With an array of state-of-the-art facilities, and an excellent learning structure, Chislehurst and Sidcup aims to create a thriving learning environment where every student can peacefully and successfully explore their individual interests and abilities, so they can hone in on them and use it to make something for themselves.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     020 8302 6511

Fax:  020 8309 6596



Twitter:  @Chis_and_Sid

Head Teacher:       Mr Nigel Walker

3. Beths Grammar School

Formerly an all-boys grammar school, Beths is a top rated academy that specializes in the education and progression of students aged from 11 to 18, and also has a mixed sixth form. It is located at Hartford Road, Bexley, Kent, DA5 1NE, England, and was established in 1945 as Erith Technical School.

Additional Details:

Beths Grammar School is a four-form entry school that recognizes the uniqueness of every child, and aims to ensure an inclusive environment where fairness and equality is a priority. It strives to maintain a long standing tradition of trust, harmony, and unity.

Pupils are raised as independent and confident learners who are fully prepared to thrive and succeed in the ever changing world.

They are always eager to learn new things and acquire new experiences. The Catholic school is deeply rooted in the spirit of St. Angela, and seeks to nurture the children with the teachings of Christ.

Teachers strive to develop the intellectual and spiritual lives of the children. They educate them through a full and stimulating curriculum that covers a broad range of relevant subjects and topics meant to prepare them for the subsequent phases of their academic journey.

Students are also provided with the opportunity to participate in various co-curricular activities so as to encourage their full involvement in school life.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     01322 556538

Fax:  01322 621212



Twitter:   @BethsGS

Head Teacher:  Richard Blyghton

4. Farringtons School

Located at Perry Street, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 6LR, England, Farringtons is a highly selective Co-educational Day and Boarding school that educates over 600 boys and girls aged from 3 to 19 in a warm and learning-friendly environment.

It maintains a supportive Christian atmosphere where every child is inspired to achieve all-round success.

Additional Details:

The school strives to provide students with the facilities, resources, and support required to make the institution feel like home away from home. It seeks to raise independent and confident learners who will grow up to achieve great academic feats.

Students are encouraged to explore, develop and harness their individual skills and abilities, so as to ensure significant academic progress and personal development.

By the time they leave the school, a great percentage of the pupils have been equipped with the necessary life skills and intellectual tools needed to thrive in the subsequent stages of their education.

The school offers an array of interesting facilities such as relaxation spots, sports centers, IT equipments, and so on. This is done so as to improve the educational experience of every individual child and help to develop them intellectually, emotionally, physically, artistically, and spiritually.

They are raised with core values such as compassion, discipline, resilience, and honesty. The boarding at Farringtons offers every child the space, time, values, support and education to grow into well-adjusted young adults who will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     020 8467 0256

Fax:  020 8467 5442



Twitter:  @OneFarringtons

Head Teacher:  Mr. David Jackson

Secondary Schools in Sidcup

5. Blackfen School for Girls

Taking the fifth position on our fantastic list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Sidcup is Blackfen, a highly successful modern school for girls, located at Blackfen Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 9NU, England.

It caters for more than 1,300 students aged from 11 to 19, and was rated “Good” after an inspection by Ofsted in December 2019. It is maintained by the local authority of Bexley.

Additional Details:

Over the years, the single sex school’s sixth form has become mixed. It is a thriving and supportive community where every child is considered unique, and is valued for their individual talents and qualities.

It became an academy the on 1st April 2012, and has remained one of the highest ranking schools in the United Kingdom.

The school strives to stay dedicated  to the tireless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of its provision and the delivery of top notch learning opportunities for all its pupils.

According to Wikipedia, Blackfen is one of the highest achieving in terms of GCSE and A-level results. The percentage of students gaining five or more A* to C, including English and Mathematics was almost 64% in 2011, an 8% increase on the previous year.

Students feel happy and loved, and are always excited to attend classes. They are taught with a broad and balanced curriculum that also includes stimulating co-curricular activities that are meant to boost their knowledge and expand their scope of thinking. They are taught to love one another, and respect individual differences.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     020 8303 1887

Fax:  020 8298 1656



Twitter:  @BlackfenSchool

Head Teacher:  Mr Matthew Brown

6. Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is a top rated, co-educational learning institution built upon the land that was formerly King Henry VIII’s hunting grounds. It is located at 145 Bexley Road, Eltham, London, SE9 2PT, England, and educates boys and girls aged from 11 to 18. It is a member of the Leigh Academies Trust.

Additional Details:

Rated “Good” by Ofsted in June 2017, the school has continued to experience improvement in all aspects.

It was founded in 1958 as Crown Woods School, and has successfully established a great reputation of producing exceptional young learners who are confident, ambitious, and inspired to achieve success in all ramifications.

It was renamed in 2014 after it gained Academy status, and joined the Leigh Academies Trust.

It seeks to integrate the latest digital technology into its wonderful curriculum, and also develop a multimedia centre that will provide exciting opportunities for pupils, and equip them with the necessary skills required to succeed outside of the school.

The school caters for over 1,500 students in a safe and nurturing environment, and its wonderful motto “Aspire, Strive, Thrive, Relentlessly pursuing excellence” underpins all of its activities.

It offers GCSEs, BTECs and vocational courses as programmes for pupils below Year 6, while those in the sixth form are provided with the option of choosing from a range of A Levels as well as further BTECs, GNVQs, and other vocational courses.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:   0208 850 7678



Twitter:  @officialSCWA

Head Teacher:      Mr Wayne Barnett

7. Coopers School

Seventh on our list is Coopers, a co-educational secondary school located at Hawkwood Lane, Chislehurst, London, BR7 5PS, England.

It is a safe and thriving community where boys and girls aged from 11 to 18 are provided with outstanding education, and nurtured into lifelong learners who will remain ambitious and intellectually curious throughout their academic journey.

Additional Details:

The school is a successful academy that was established in 1939 and currently has an enrollment of over a thousand students whom it caters for in a serene and supportive environment. It became an academy in February 2012, and has continued to evolve ever since.

It won a national award for ICT in 2006, for being an innovative learning institution that integrates the use of computers into its daily activities.

It offers a wide range of facilities that include a big sports hall, with a high ceiling and good lighting, a wide gym space meant for certain clubs and physical activities, and a large drama/dance studio meant for theater and rehearsals.

The school was awarded “Good” by Ofsted in March 2018, and is a member of Education for the 21St Century. Teachers create time to acquaint themselves with pupils, measure their capabilities, and then tailor the lessons delivered to meeting individual needs.

They encourage the pupils to work hard and believe in their individual abilities. Every child is provided with equal support and resources needed to achieve success. Students feel safe at the school, and they love to sit in class and learn new things.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     02084673263

Fax:  02082950342



Twitter: @coopersschool

Head Teacher:       Miss Claire Bessa

8. Chislehurst School for Girls

Located at Beaverwood Road, Chislehurst, Greater London, BR7 6HE, England, this single sex school offers quality education to girls aged from 7 to 11, and operate a co-educational sixth form. It was established in 1896 as Sidcup High School, and has an enrollment of over a thousand brilliant students.

Additional Details:

The school converted from being a grammar school to a comprehensive school in 1982, and then became an Academy in March 2011. It maintains four houses which are paired with charities that they must fundraise for, these houses include; Angelou, Yousafzai, Turing and Cabrera.

Its team of dedicated staff is comprised of subject specialists with extensive years of experience in their respective fields. They are committed to catering for the children, and helping them realize their full potential.

They teach the children with a dynamic and flexible curriculum that is designed to improve the children’s abilities, and challenge them to do better.

Parents have always praised the school for being a safe learning haven where every child is given room to grow. Students are always encouraged to participate in one co-curricular activity or the other, so as to help them mingle and develop personal relationships with their peers.

They often leave the school as well-rounded students who are fully equipped and ready to face and overcome any challenge that may come their way.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 020 8302 6511

Fax:  020 8309 6596



Twitter:  @ChislehurstSchool

Head Teacher:  Mrs Maria French

9. Cleeve Park School

Established in 1986 by the amalgamation of Parklands School for Boys and Sidcup School for Girls, Cleeve Park School is a mixed learning institution that specialising in the education and progression of boys and girls aged from 11 to 18.

It is located at Bexley Lane, Sidcup, Greater London, DA14 4JN, England, and caters for close to a thousand pupils.

Additional Details:

The school’s motto “Commitment, Pride, Success” underpins all of its activities, and it encourages the students to imbibe all of the values. It has a long and successful history as a high performing, outstanding school with world-class status.

It accepts students from all areas of life, and strives to ensure fairness and equality in all it does. It teaches the students to love one another, and respect individual differences.

Students are raised as confident young adults, and a lifelong love of learning is instilled in them at a very early age, so they can remain intellectually curious for as long as they live.

The school’s team of dedicated staff teaches with a broad and balanced curriculum that ensures the success of every individual student. Students are also provided with access to a wide array of enrichment opportunities meant to widen their interest and equip them with various life skills.

New intakes are often provided with a lot of support and resources, so as to help ease their transition. The safety of every child is very important, and bullying of any kind is strictly prohibited. Teachers serve as great mentors who often guides the students towards making informed decisions.

Contact Information;

Phone Number:     020 8302 6418

Fax:   020 8308 1571



Twitter:   @cleeveps

Head Teacher:      Mrs Alex O’Donnell

10. Kemnal Technology College

The final name on our amazing list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Sidcup is a great academy with a burning passion for excellence.

It was established in 1954 as Cray Valley Technical School, and has been renamed a couple of times before it got it’s academy status in February 2012. It is located at Sevenoaks Way, London Borough of Bromley, Greater London, DA14 5AA, England.

Additional Details:

The school educates over 500 boys and girls aged from 11 to 16 in a welcoming and inclusive environment where every child is perceived to be unique, and treated as such. It is proud of its past achievements and the numerous advancement opportunities it is able to provide for the young ones.

It seeks to ensure the students’ academic and holistic development by guiding and inspiring them to realize their full potential.

Students are encouraged to go above and beyond, go the extra mile when it comes to achieving their goals. They are raised with core values such as resilience, resourcefulness, compassion, and discipline.

The school’s enthusiastic team of staff educates them with a rich and exciting curriculum that covers all that they need to know in order to successfully advance to the next stage of their education.

Pupils also have several choices of extracurricular activities including sport, music, and drama. The school welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, and ensure that every child is treated fairly and equally.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:     020 8300 7112

Fax:   020 8300 5619



Twitter:  @KemnalTC

Head Teacher:  Mr Christian Cavanagh

As we conclude our list of Best 10 Secondary Schools in Sidcup, we hope you’re ready to make an informed decision.

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