Best 10 Universities in Perth

Perth is acclaimed as the biggest city in West Australia and fast becoming a popular study destination. The Best 10 Universities in Perth boasts of teaching over 134,000 students, including 35,000 outside the shores of Australia.

It is only complementary for an outstanding city like Perth in the heart of Australia to play host to a substantial number of world-class universities.

The Student base in Perth is always on the increase as the city offers so much to see and do for a student with an amazing climate to explore its beaches and parks. QS rates Perth as the 41st best city in the world for students, It also doubles as the perfect city for students to live in.

Due to its nature of boisterousness,  university students in Perth are likely to live in a privately shared accommodation coupled with the fact that universities in Perth do have residences available for students. If excited already, then you need to know the very best universities available in this city and nearby.

This list of Best 10 Universities in Perth will come in two categories, first would contain the 5 main universities in Perth while the remaining 5 will contain universities close to Perth.

10. The University of Western Australia

Located at 35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley WA 6009, Australia, the University of Western Australia by location is the most centralized. Established in 1911 as the State’s first university, UWA doubles as the first free university in the British Empire, actively promoting equal access to tertiary education for all social classes.

An interesting fact about UWA is that according to QS in 2018, Seven of its subjects are ranked in the world’s Top 50.

UWA has different categories of learning path which includes; Undergraduate study (a bachelor’s degree), Honours, Postgraduate study – coursework, Postgraduate study – research, Study abroad incoming to UWA, and Cross-institutional study (not exchange or study abroad)

With the stated facts, we can say UWA is tested and tried.

9. Edith Cowan University

Based in the northern urban centre of Joondalup, Edith Cowan University continues to thrive in the academic world. Earlier this year, ECU celebrated 3 decades of operation since its 1991 establishment. ECU pride itself as a  modern, vibrant university with incredible achievement.

ECU sits comfortably in a spot of the top 100 young universities worldwide without losing its place as the top-ranked among the best in Australia.With more than one admission pathway into an ECU course, applying to ECU is made flexible with online registration. There is also a robust package for a scholarship. The 30-year-old institution is located at 270 JoondalupDr, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia.

8. Curtin University

It will interest you to know that Curtin University is ranked within the world’s one percent and with over 52,000 students boasts as the largest university in Western Australia. With the main campus located in Kent St, Bentley WA 6102, Australia, CU also has other campuses in Kalgoorlie, Margaret River, Malaysia, Singapore, and Dubai.

Industry connection is a key determinant to an outstanding university and Curtain University by track record has built this capacity.

Some of the intriguing courses you can choose to study from the prestigious university include; advertising, animation and game design, architecture, economics, event management, web media, science, speech pathology, geophysics, and occupational therapy.

7. Murdoch University

Mentioning educational bigwigs in Australia is not complete without a mention of Murdoch University, which has been ranked among the top 100 young universities in the world.

With research as a passion for the university, Murdoch located in car park, 4/90 South St, Murdoch WA 6150, Australia, offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which aim to blend academic learning with real-world industry experience.

In this modern-day and time, there is little to be done without the appropriate machinery, this may be why Murdoch University has under its belt some amazing facilities for students, including a fully functioning animal hospital, complete with vet and surgery facilities, an equine center, working farms, a practicing chiropractic clinic, fully equipped nursing wards, and the largest and most successful law mooting program in Western Australia.

6. The University of Notre Dame Australia

Marty Roebuck, Matt Keogh, Ricky Grace, and Toby Kane are some of the notable alumni of the University of Notre Dame Australia that have grown to be the biggest catholic-private university in Western-Australia.

With campuses in Fremantle and Broome in Western Australia, UNDA  boasts of over 12,000 students and offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The 32 Mouat St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia located institution provide students with the theoretical knowledge and professional skills in areas like  Arts & Science, Business, Education, Health Science, Law, Medicine, Nursing & Midwifery, Philosophy & Theology and Physiotherapy with an avenue to apply for funding.

So far, we hope the juice has been worth the squees, let’s take a look at the other half of the list in this article of the Best 10 Universities in Perth.

5. CQ University Perth

Digital compliance is a major yardstick to selecting the perfect destination of study. Located 10 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia, CQUniversity is Australia’s is labeled ‘largest regional university. With a huge online presence for remote learning, CQ is ranked among the world’s top 600 universities.

The institution’s programme includes; Undergraduate Course, Postgraduate, Certificates & Diplomas, short course & skills among others.

4. The University of Sydney

Still in the spirit of universities close to Western-Australia, the University of Sydney Australia with over 170 years of experience has continued to leave a mark in the academic world.

Sydney University has 73,00 students based on student enrolments as of August 2019), 8100 continuing and fixed-term staff (based on University statistics at 31 December 2018) with a whopping, 380,000 alumni in more than 170 countries

The university offer study options across undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees.

3. Sterking Business College

For business-minded academic prospects, Sterking Business College is a choice that comes in handy. Established 1996 in Perth, the 65 Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000, Australia located business college is operated with maximum flexibility, allowing out time for other important aspects of life.

Classes are held over 3 days, so your extra studies, work, or casual jobs can be pursued.

2. Victoria University

Victoria university ranking the penultimate in our list of Best 10 Universities in Perch has got facilities to include purpose-built labs and learning areas, and extend to cafes, recreation areas, libraries, and much more.Services are run for and by VU staff and students and include beauty treatments, massage, osteopathy, a music agency, and childcare.

1. Taylors College Perth

Last but not least of the Best 10 Universities in Perth is Taylors College located in Goldsworthy Rd, Claremont WA 6010, Taylors College provides specialist programmes for international students in secondary school education and university preparation. The institution has over 90 years of experience in education and supports students to achieve their best and go on to success in their careers.

The value added by these institutions cannot be belittled, as they add to the complementary nature of Perth. The Best 10 Universities in Perch has this feature and more.

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