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high schools in glasgow

Known for its culture and fun fact, Glasgow should not be only your summer destination but academic as well. Behold in no clear order, our list of Best 10 High Schools in Glasgow.

After worrying about the right primary school for your child, choosing the right high school can pose another round of worry especially for the same child who after some years off primary school, is fast becoming a teenager.

With every teenager comes the need to explore. This need to explore has changed the dynamics of making the right choice.

Rather than worry, it is important to give yourself some credit for getting it right with your child’s primary education and if you think the opposite is the case, relax, you have the opportunity to make right the wrong with the choice of the perfect high school.

Also, you should take courage that the task is more clear-cut now than it was a few years ago. This statement is so true in the sense that with observations from how your child thrived in primary school, you can see the writing now clearer on the wall as to what path they want to follow.

Cut to the chase of making the right choice with this random selection of the Best 10 High School in Glasgow. They are considered for their high standards.

1. The High School of Glasgow

The first of many excellent learning institutes discussed in this list is an independent co-educational school that seeks to promote traditional standards, values, and a concern for others. It provides the students with access to computers so they can be familiar with modern-day technology, a skill that will take them far in life.

There is usually a minimum of three periods per week devoted to Physical Education, including a games afternoon. Its ethos promotes positive relationships and it aims to foster an environment of mutual tolerance and support among the students.

With a Christian background, the great institute has a long history, dating back to the foundation of its original boys’ school, known as the Choir School of Glasgow Cathedral in 1124.

It had its name changed to The High School of Glasgow in 1834. It has great systems in place to ensure that the students are well cared for and are kept safe.

Address: The High School of Glasgow, 637 Crow Road, Glasgow G13 1PL

Tel: 0141 954 9628
Fax: 0141 959 0191

General Enquiries:


2. Hyndland School School

Next on our great list of Best 10 High Schools in Glasgow is a non-denominational state comprehensive school that provides secondary education for children in the immediate community and beyond. It doesn’t require its students to wear uniforms on daily basis.

Its vision and values encompass the challenges of academic excellence, responsibility and leadership, emotional awareness, and participation in a wide variety of activities.

The school was renovated as part of the council’s Project 2002 scheme, when a further 26 classrooms, an enlarged cafeteria, and an indoor games hall were added to the facilities, according to Wikipedia.

It has a Community Theatre, equipped with sound and lighting technology which allows plays to be produced in the school. There were 1,025 pupils enrolled and 73 FTE teaching staff, as of April 2017.

Address: Hyndland Secondary School, 9 Lauderdale Gardens, Glasgow G12 9RQ

Phone: 0141 582 0130
Fax: 0141 582 0131





3. Hillpark Secondary School

Third on this list is a vibrant school located at 36 Cairngorm Road on the south side of Glasgow. It works hard very hard to create a warm and safe environment where students can learn, develop skills and work towards achieving their goals with ease.

It also has an Autism Unit, also known as the Language and Communication Resource (LCR). This is where students with Autism are taught within mainstream classes by teachers who have been specially trained to handle them.

The state-funded secondary school has a swimming pool, fitness suite, football pitch, games hall, library, and a drama studio. It maintains a challenging curriculum that helps stimulate the young ones’ minds and encourages them to aim higher in their academic performance.

Address: Hillpark Secondary School, 36 Cairngorm Road, Glasgow, G43 2XA

Tel: (0141) 582 0110 

Fax: (0141) 582 0116


Twitter: @HillparkSec


4. Cleveden Secondary School

Cleveden is a six-year comprehensive school that strives to provide, in a warm, loving, and orderly environment, a top-notch education that will meet the academic, social, and moral needs of all its pupils.

It strongly believes in cooperation among the staff, parents, students, and community at large, as it is considered crucial to the academic achievement of each student. The school’s qualified and experienced team of staff ensures to create time for the students every time they are needed.

The school offers a very rich provision of extra-curricular activities which encourage pupils to be physically active and develop their talents in areas such as football, basketball, canoeing, and netball to name a few.

Through a system of class representatives and the Student Council, students are encouraged to take an active role in the improvement of the school to make them feel included and valued.

Address: Cleveden Secondary School, 42 Cleveden Road, Glasgow G12 0JW

Call: 0141 582 0060
Fax: 0141 582 0061



5. Hillhead High School

Neighboring the University of Glasgow, Hillhead is a mixed-day school established as Hillhead Primary School in 1885. It is the only school in Glasgow which has implemented Minority Time Activity (MTA).

Several extracurricular activities ranging from football to ten-pin bowling are hosted by the staff on Friday afternoons. It has two buildings, the Main Building and the Terrace Building. It has 1080 students between the ages of 10 and 18. It is regarded as one of the largest schools in Glasgow.

Until 1972 Hillhead was a co-educational selective school that didn’t allow it to open its doors to a diverse range of students that changed when it became a comprehensive high school.

One of its distinctive features of the school is its outstanding library, where a career and exam advisor makes biweekly appearances. They help the students make better choices in their careers and life in general.

6. Notre Dame High School

Midway on our superb list of Best 10 High Schools in Glasgow, we are taking an in-depth look at a co-ed Roman Catholic college preparatory high school founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1947.

It is a warm, loving, and inclusive Catholic school, inspired by the love of God and the teachings of Jesus, specifically faith, hope, forgiveness, and peace. It is committed to providing the students sound education that grooms them into becoming knowledgeable, morally informed, and compassionate young leaders.

Established 74 years ago, the mixed school has affiliations with Roman Catholic Congregation of Holy Cross and its motto is “Educating Hearts and Minds”. It enjoys a diverse range of students who remain enthusiastic and ambitious all through their time in the school. It runs Private, day, and college-preparatory schools.

Address: Notre Dame High School, 13645 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Telephone: (818) 933-3600



7. Castlemilk High School

As we move towards the end of this amazing list, we bring to you a co-educational comprehensive secondary school that was established in 1990 from a merger of the district’s two existing nondenominational high schools due to falling population figures.

It aims to foster a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment that gives the students a feeling of home away from home. It believes in collaboration between the teachers and parents to improve literacy, numeracy, and improve the educational standards of the school.

The school strives to instill moral and ethical values into the young ones so they can grow up to be caring and respectful adults in the community.

Its team of highly qualified teachers delivers top-notch teachings guided by the school’s accredited and widely accepted curriculum. The students are also encouraged to indulge in several extracurricular activities. 

Address: Castlemilk High School, 223 Castlemilk Drive, GlasgowG45 9JY 

Phone: 0141 582 0050

Fax: 0141 582 0051  



8. Smithycroft Secondary School

Smithycroft is a mainstream school that works very hard to become the best place of learning, in all of Glasgow and beyond. It ensures, through the structure of its courses, that the students learn every lesson and acquire every skill necessary to fulfill individual potentials.

It instills in the students a love of learning and a passion for excellence. Each student is treated fairly, equally, and respectfully irrespective of their race, religion, or financial background.

The school has participated in Rugby League championships across the UK for the last 6 years. It was recognised for Achievement in International Education in March 2009.

Its buildings are sited to the immediate northwest of HMP Barlinnie. In 2002, the school relocated to a new building constructed in the playing fields of the old school.

Address: Smithycroft Secondary School, 282 Smithycroft Road, Glasgow G33 2QU

Phone: 0141 582 0220
Fax: 0141 582 0221



9. Knightswood Secondary School

Penultimately, we have a coeducational school that is one of the City’s largest Secondary schools with a roll of approximately 1400 pupils. It enjoys a diverse mix of ambitious and enthusiastic students who are well-behaved and respectful.

Aside from having a head teacher, each school year, the school has an assistant head teacher, who can have more personal contact with students. Guidance teachers are also assigned by registration classes.

The school has a drama studio that has separate performance and audience areas that extend to two floors. Its Home economics class covers the subjects of food and textile technology.

It is affiliated with The Dance School of Scotland, a center of excellence for vocational dance and musical theatre which is fully funded by the Scottish Government.

Address: Knightswood Secondary School, 60 Knightswood Road, Glasgow G13 2XD

Phone : 0141 582 0160

Fax      : 0141 582 0161

Email  :


10. Bannerman High School

Ranked tenth on our carefully compiled list of the Best 10 High Schools in Glasgow is a state secondary school that teaches pupils from years S1 to S6. Together with these six partner primary schools and two pre-5 establishments, the school is part of the Bannerman Learning Community, according to Wikipedia.

It has playing fields, all-weather pitches, a workshop theatre, games hall, and practical classroom areas, which will help provide the students with additional knowledge.

Another redeeming quality of the school is its wonderful facilities for pupils with physical disabilities. The school frowns upon bullying and encourages students to report any issue relating to it.

It also aims to provide a safe, loving and ordered learning community in which every student can attain their potential, socially and intellectually, in a caring climate of mutual respect.

To spare yourself the headache of having to browse the internet all day long searching for a suitable High School for the young ones, we advise you to choose one of the incredible learning institutes listed above. 

Address: Bannerman High School, Glasgow Road, Glasgow G69 7NS
Phone: 0141 582 0020
Fax: 0141 582 0021


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