Top Best 10 Primary Schools in Glasgow

primary schools in glasgow

Glasgow has continued to be very diverse in ethnicity. Formerly, the biggest ethnic community in Glasgow was originally from Pakistan. Check out the Best 10 Primary Schools in Glasgow you can enroll your child in with the perfect diversity.

The worry of the perfect primary school for a child has ranked top for almost every well-meaning parent. In Glasgow alone, many blog sites and other forums have no other topic to discuss but the perfect primary school for a child.

For some, it is moving to an area with the best primary school and prospective high school for possible transfer in the future.

primary schools in glasgow

For some other few, it is getting the best with pocket-friendly costing not to shoot beyond livelihood. While other parents don’t get carried away with the nearness of school to home but the pedigree of such primary school.

The concern shared by diverse parents remains valid as the peculiarity of a child cannot be overlooked. This is why parents must be deliberate about making this all-important choice by choosing a school that their son or daughter will remain grateful for until the end of time.

With this important consideration in mind, let’s dive into our list of the Best 10 Primary Schools In Glasgow.

1. Kelvinside Academy

To introduce our incredible list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Glasgow, we bring to you a top-notch independent school founded in 1878. The number of pupils in each class is usually small to maintain close interaction with each student, which would result in academic success for everyone.

It focuses on creating a warm and welcoming environment where a lot of academic opportunities are provided for the development of the pupils.

Recently, the school was shortlisted for the “Whole-school Community Initiative Of The Year” award. With a capacity to nurture and educate over 600 pupils, the mixed-gender school offers a broad range of extracurricular activities that helps develop young minds and make them great members of society.

Address: Kelvinside Academy, 33 Kirklee Road, Glasgow G12 0SW

Telephone: 0141 357 3376


2. Hillhead Primary School

Recently awarded the prestigious “Green Flag Award”, Hillhead is a day school that places the success of each one of its student pupils above everything else. It believes that every child is special in their way and only needs encouragement and guidance to blossom.

It is an environmentally conscious school that encourages the pupils and society at large to reduce, reuse and recycle.

With an accredited curriculum, the wonderful institution takes the pupils on an intriguing ride through the dynamic academic world. It is a mixed school and has no preferred religion.

Address: Hillhead Primary School, 110 Otago Street, Glasgow G12 8NS
Telephone: 0141 339 1365


3. Garnetbank Primary School

Another top-notch school in the great Glasgow is a mixed-gender school that provides top-notch education to pupils in its immediate community and beyond.

It’s an excellent team of qualified and experienced staff that teaches and nurtures the student in a loving way that makes the school feel like a home away from home for the pupils. It currently has over 250 pupils.

The school treats every child fairly and equally irrespective of their religious or ethnic background. Bullying is intensely frowned upon, so you never have to worry about your child being victimized in any way whatsoever.

The loving team of staff takes every report seriously and peacefully resolves the matter so as not to lose harmony among the children. 

Address: Garnetbank Primary School, 231 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G3 6TX

Phone: 0141 332 5158


4. Hyndland Primary School

Hyndland Primary School is an educational institute whose vision and values embrace the difficulties of academic excellence, responsibility, and leadership, emotional awareness, and participation in a wide variety of activities.

Designed by H E Clifford in 1910, the school is a non-denominational state comprehensive school that goes beyond and above to ensure the academic achievement of each pupil.

Hyndland provides education for the local pupils and also for students outside the community. It is part of the Hyndland New Learning Community, along with feeder primaries and other local children’s services.

It celebrates its uniqueness by permitting its pupils to not wear the official uniform on some days. The school is housed in two separate buildings at either end of a small playground.

Address: 44 Fortrose St, Partick, Glasgow G11 5LP, United Kingdom

Telephone: 0141 339 7207



5. The Glasgow Academy

Number five on our amazing list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Glasgow is a coeducational independent day school that was deemed the third best secondary school in Scotland according to its Higher exam results in 2016.

With a strict rule against homophobic bullying, the school is an LGBT initiative that provides training for its staff on how to handle all forms of bullying. It was the first school in the UK to be awarded the Diana Gold Award for Anti-Bullying.

It is widely considered the oldest continuously independent school in the West of Scotland. It offers Nursery, Kindergarten, Prep, and Senior school education.

It maintains a smooth relationship with Parents, which is why there is a mutual trust which helps to put the individual pupils on the right path, as they are both instilling in him/her the same positive values.

Address: The Glasgow Academy Colebrooke St, Glasgow G12 8HE, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 141 334 8558


6. Holy Cross Primary School

Crossing over to the other half of this list, we will be taking an in-depth look at a warm and welcoming catholic school that is part of the St John Paul II Multi-Academy Company.

It has a very large playing field, a forest area, and an additional outdoor learning area surrounded by meadow grounds. It aims to raise the academic standards by encouraging the development of the child as a whole.

The great school strives to create a loving and encouraging environment where every child can learn, grow, and flourish.

It instills moral values into the pupils so they can grow up to become independent, ambitious young adults. It strongly believes in excellent teamwork between the staff, support staff, parents, and the pupils.

Address: Holy Cross Primary School, 316 Calder Street, Glasgow G42 7NH

Phone: 0141 423 2538

Email: mailto:””


7. Dunard Primary School

Located at 65 Dunard Street, Glasgow, Dunard is a blooming learning community that welcomes pupils from every area of life.

It believes in equipping a child with both academic knowledge and basic life skills that help prepare the pupils for the real world. Its accredited curriculum is designed in a way that helps the children have fun as they learn.

At Dunard, parents’ concerns are always considered and resolution is usually applied where necessary. The school strives to create a warm, loving, and welcoming environment where the pupils can learn and develop skills that will prove to be useful to them in the future.

Address: Dunard Primary School & Nursery Class, 65 Dunard Street, Glasgow G20 6RL
Telephone: 0141 946 1417


8. Croftfoot Primary School

Ranked number eight on this list is a dynamic public school where every pupil is allowed to learn, develop their ability, and accomplish their life-long goals.

With a wonderful team of experienced staff and support staff, you can always count on Croftfoot to take excellent care of your child. It caters to every need of your child in a warm and supportive environment that gives room for growth.

Located at 265 Croftpark Avenue, Glasgow, Croftfoot accepts pupils of every religion, race, and ethnic background. There is a wonderful collaboration between the staff and parents. This helps to ensure that all hands are on deck and both parties can be counted on when the time comes.

Address: Croftfoot Primary School, 265 Croftpark Avenue, Glasgow G44 5NT

Telephone: +44 141 637 4007

9. Oakgrove Primary School

As we approach the end of our amazing list of Best 10 Primary Schools in Glasgow, we take a look at a child-centered, all-inclusive, integrated school that focuses its entirety on developing every individual child’s potential.

Maintained by Stockport Local Authority, the school cares for primary-aged pupils with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Difficulties. This coeducational school is the flagship school of the Kingsbridge Educational Trust.

Before now, the school had roughly 60 students of both Year 7 and Year 8, before it expanded further to include a primary and nursery school section.

It has undergone four full inspections conducted by Ofsted and has received Gradings which have varied from Outstanding to Good. It is widely regarded as one of the most popular schools in terms of applications from prospective parents.

Address: Oakgrove Integrated Primary School and Nursery, 19 Limavady Road, Derry~Londonderry, BT47 6JY
T: 028 7134 9644



10. Battlefield Primary School

At the very bottom of this carefully compiled list is an average, public school with an insatiable drive to achieve excellence. It has 513 students and it is in Catoosa County.

It has produced a lot of outstanding undergraduates who have gained admission to the best high schools and colleges in the state and beyond. It is regarded as one of the best primary schools in Glasgow.

The school’s classes are exceptionally small, which is an advantage as pupils will always enjoy more time with their teachers. This is done to ensure that each pupil is attended to and none is lagging.

It maintains a challenging curriculum that helps stimulate the mind of the young ones and raise continually raise the academic standards.

Providing you with the Best 10 Primary School in Glasgow is the biggest help we can render, we can’t possibly help you make a pick. This is why it would be very logical on your part to choose one of the amazing schools listed above.

Address: Battlefield Primary School, 2204 Battlefield Parkway, Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

Telephone: (706) 861-5778


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